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Juana Javier

Position: Bilingual Education Teacher
School: School #10
School District: Paterson Public Schools
City, State: Paterson, NJ

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Juana Javier was nominated by an anonymous member of her community.

Mrs. Javier is the kind of teacher who brightens up the lives of her students and school each day through her constant smile, exuberance, and positive attitude. Not a day passes by where she doesn't have a kind word and smile for her lucky students, and they look forward to seeing her and spending time learning.  She is a veteran educator who is highly skilled and knowledgeable about current trends in education. She is able to find her students where they are and enthusiastically lead them to do their very best. Her students thrive in her care, and she recognizes them in so many ways which, in turn, causes them to try even harder. It works because her students perform at their best level! 

"Juana Javier is a true believer in educating the whole child. She does everything to provide the critically important nurturing atmosphere while always being the perfect role model and professional presence," said her nominator. "Win or lose---she IS a LifeChanger!"

Comments (21)

geordaniel Posted over a year ago

es famosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rosa Munoz Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Juana!!! A well deserved nomination for such a wonderful person. Everyone who knows her know how passionate she is about teaching. She truly deserves this award.

Isabella Javier Posted over a year ago

A very welcoming teacher to her students from a different country, to make them feel comfortable in a learning environment. Constantly bringing a smile with her to school every single day. My mama and my best friend! I love you.

Julio perez Posted over a year ago

Do you are a touch of light since your birth. And you carry that to the school and students. God bless you. Forever that gonna be my feeling.??

Kathy Lapi Posted over a year ago

I know Juana as a parent. She is raising two respectful children which is reflective of what she is as an educator. Kindness, love, fairness and believing that everyone can succeed. Her smile will make every child feel safe and valued. She deserves this award.

Nancy Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on being nominated!

Damali Spence Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mrs. Javier!!!!! You are truly an inspiration. Your love and passion for teaching is priceless.

Bertha Campo Posted over a year ago

Juana is such a wonderful person as a friend and colleague. For either one, She is always there for you no matter what. Always available to help and support her friends, parents and most importantly her students. She has a great personality and sense of humor making us laugh all the time, even in those difficult times, she will have some thing to cheer us. I am very honored to have her in my circle of friends. All my best wishes in your nomination! You deserve only the best in life! Your friend Bertha Campo

Lily Sibrian Posted over a year ago

You show love, compassion and professionalism in everything that you do Juanita! I am so proud of you my dear friend ... Congratulations!!! You’re a great teacher and you truly deserve this nomination!

Karen Patterson Posted over a year ago

What an honor and much deserved! Congratulations Mrs. Javier!

Kimberly Johnson Posted over a year ago

When you change the life of a child for the better, it is a step in changing the world for the better. Thank you, Ms. Javier for your outstanding service to the students in your care! And thank you for being such a bright light and support to our staff!

JENNIFER BAHOMDA Posted over a year ago

I agree with everything stated here. I worked with Mrs. Javier in the past and she is a wonderful teacher!!!

Catherine Posted over a year ago

Juana!!! So proud of you my friend! Such a well deserved nomination for a kind, passionate and definite life changer. Keep fighting for what you believe in! Stay smiling!

Edward Javier Jr Posted over a year ago

The definition of beautiful inside and out. Always willing to listen and be compassionate towards others, putting them first rather than herself.

LaToria Posted over a year ago

From the day I met you I recognized that you had a kind spirit. I knew that you would be an intricate advocate for our community and students. Congratulations on this award, you truly deserve it.

Dana Castellitto Posted over a year ago


PattiAnn Cadet Posted over a year ago

Juana is an outstanding teacher, mother, sister, wife, daughter and sister in law. She goes above and beyond in all she does. She touches the hearts and lives of those she meets. She is a true asset to School 10. I am glad to call her my friend.

Irene Malena Posted over a year ago

Juana is a true life changer ! Her positive attitude, beautiful smile and willingness to help others are key factors to her success as a teacher and in life. Congratulations Juana! Well deserved nomination!

Kelly Pina Posted over a year ago

Calling for the best and affirming what a great teacher and person Juana is!

Elba Garcia Posted over a year ago

Congratulations ! ????You are a wonderful human being and it’s not a surprise that you are also a wonderful teacher!! The world needs more teachers like you!!! Your deserve this nomination!!! Being a great teacher makes wonders in a child’s life!!??????????????

Melani Esquivel Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on being nominated!!! You’re so compassionate and definitely deserve this role!!!