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Robert Booth

Position: Fine & Performing Arts Teacher
School: Spaulding High School
School District: Barre Unified Union School District
City, State: Barre, VT

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Music that Describes Robert

Robert Booth was nominated by his former student, Aslin Trepanier.

"I am nominating Bobby Booth for LifeChanger of the Year because he was an influential teacher in my life, and I know he has and continues to be this for so many other students," said Trepanier. "Educators have such an important job as they instill knowledge and prepare people for their futures. Bobby (as we all call him) is the kind of teacher who inspires students to tap into their creativity, pushes them to achieve goals, encourages students to get out of their comfort zones, and creates an inclusive learning environment."

"When I was a student, I did not believe I possessed any musical talent. However, Bobby convinced me to join chorus and band," said Trepanier. "In music classes, Bobby's contagious energy and passion for what he does allowed me to find a safe place.  I learned new skills and the art of counting to four.  I got the opportunity to be one part of making collectively beautiful music with my peers while also challenging my ability to learn and grow. The skills I learned in Bobby's classes were about more than music. They were skills that have helped me throughout my pedagogical journey."

"Beyond this, Bobby is a natural educator who is passionate about what he does, and about helping his students," said Trepanier. "During one of the hardest days of my high school career, Bobby was there for me.  I remember I was in a history class when I got a phone call from my mother relaying to me that my uncle passed away.  I did not know how to interpret or digest the shocking news...but I knew I could go to Bobby’s classroom for support.  Bobby had fostered a positive atmosphere that felt safe. I was able to talk to Bobby about the heavy news and was glad that there was a place I could go.  Life tends to throw many curveballs our way, and it does not stop when we go to school or our jobs.  At the end of the day, it's educators like Bobby who really stand out and make a lasting impact in people’s lives."

"So, thank you Bobby for pushing me to join music classes even when I thought it was a crazy idea; you taught me meaningful experiences can come from stepping outside my comfort zone," said Trepanier. "Thank you for putting cymbals in my hands and a bass drum over my shoulders; you taught me music is an outlet.  Thank you for the test where you made each student stand up in front of the band to conduct; you taught me how to embrace the discomfort of leading peers.  Thank you for patiently teaching me that bongo drum solo and laughing with me when I got off beat in concert; you taught me that it is okay to make light of our own failures especially when we put the effort in.  Thank you for bringing your sense of humor into your teaching; you taught me that while there is a time to be serious, there is always room for humor."        

"Most importantly, thank you for being an impactful educator in my life, and thank you for the dedication you have towards your work, and towards helping students become better people," Trepanier concluded. "You make a difference and are the embodiment of a LifeChanger."

Comments (5)

Angela Bisson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Bobby on a well deserved nomination! Your passion for music and teaching has influenced countless students! The community also benefits from the band’s performances at local parades and Spaulding sporting events! Spaulding and it’s students are lucky to have your talents! Proud of you for receiving this nomination!

Jan Trepanier Posted over a year ago

I was (and still am) speechless, as well as teary-eyed after reading this wonderful tribute about Bobby. I am overwhelmed with a strong sense of pride for Mr. Booth. Many of us know how gifted Bobby is and we know and we recognize his many wonderful talents. Yet, so few take the time and the effort to put those thoughts down on paper and turn those thoughts into relatable, real-life words that touch our hearts! The students here at Spaulding (and beyond) are inspired by Bobby and they truly love him as their teacher. Both of my children, Jake and Aslin, have been forever touched by the talent and the teachings of Mr. Booth. I am grateful that they had him as their kind, caring and guiding musician teacher. I am grateful that I have the continued opportunity to work here at Spaulding with Bobby. I am delighted that my daughter nominated Bobby Booth. I am extremely proud of the eloquence and the wisdom that Aslin shared with all of us all as she placed her appreciation of him into words for all to read, embrace and take notice of. As Aslin states, "At the end of the day, it's educators like Bobby who really stand out and make a lasting impact in people’s lives." Bobby Booth deserves this wonderful award!

Jim Ferland Posted over a year ago

Bobby is a teacher who builds and sustains relationships with his students as well as anyone in our building. My son, who graduated five years ago, is a perfect example of this. My son was a member of both the band and the jazz band under Bobby and maintains a strong relationship with him to this day through their mutual interests. Bobby is deserving of recognition for this honor! Jim Ferland Spaulding High School Assistant Principal

Alicia Tosi Posted over a year ago

Whenever one of my students talks about music, they mention how Bobby's love of music and teaching has influenced them. At our school, band takes place before the regular school day, so our students have to arrive to school about 50 minutes before the rest of the student body. With just any teacher, this would mean the end to our music program, but our band students can't wait to get to school to play. I think this speaks volumes for Bobby's teaching style and passion for music. I feel a great sense of pride when I hear our band play at parades, games, and concerts. They sound AMAZING, and I thank Bobby for that.

Michelle Posted over a year ago

I'm proud to be Bobby's colleague and also a fellow alum who returned to teach at their alma mater. Bobby echoes Tide Pride and inspires his students to not only to be musicians, but responsible and mindful citizens. Congrats!