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Celine Fernandes

Position: Before and After Care Program Director
School: Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School
School District: Cherry Creek Schools
City, State: Centennial, CO

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Celine Fernandes was nominated by her colleague, Jennifer Lemoine.

Ms. Fernandes, who is known by her community as "Miss Celine," has been the heart of our before and after care program for fifteen years. She is very small in stature, but her service heart, giving spirit, and empathy for others could fill the deepest canyon.

Over the years, Miss Celine has built lasting relationships with her school community. She not only takes care of the children in the B&A program, but she also supports the entire family and school community.

"Many people within our own building have no idea about all the amazing things she does, because she is not one to boast about all her acts of kindness," said Lemoine. "I am sure because of her anonymous giving nature, that there are so many things she does for others that none of us know about. What I do know is Celine creates a culture of love and acceptance for all of our families."

Several years ago, Miss Celine started a single mothers group to help single moms find support and friendship among each other. She spends hours of her time each spring collecting donations for pampering baskets. She uses the donations to arrange beautiful baskets as Mother’s Day gifts because these moms may not receive a gift otherwise.

Miss Celine creates so many opportunities for families to build lasting memories. She hosts movie nights at Red Hawk Ridge with popcorn and treats so families have a free form of entertainment they can enjoy together. For many families, this is a great way to spend an evening out together. She also seeks out unique experiences and funding for summer B&A kids, so they can feel like they have had a vacation, too. Summer campers get to go on field trips to amusement parks, restaurants, and museums. This is a great opportunity for kids to have new experiences and feel a sense of belonging within the community.

Knowing that many families need extra support, Miss Celine sets up a food and clothing drive at her home to help her neighbors and the school community. Families can come and take what they need. She builds relationships and gains the trust of families, and they feel comfortable confiding in her and accepting her support.

Each year, there are a large amount of unclaimed lost and found items at the school. Miss Celine takes it upon herself to clean everything and find people and organizations who could use the items. This not only helps her school, but the greater community.

Miss Celine has also been known to give her own time to babysit children outside of B&A when families cannot afford a babysitter. She makes home cooked meals for families who need extra help and is always the first one to lend a helping hand. Miss Celine goes above and beyond for families everyday.

"Celine inspires all of us to be better and to do better. She has faced many hardships in her own life, but you would never know it," said Lemoine. "She gives all she has to the students and families at our school, and we are all better for knowing her. She is the most self-less and optimistic person you will ever meet, and I am so proud to work alongside her."

"So many quotes remind me of all the wonderful things Miss Celine does for the people around her, but this one from Leon Brown sums her up to me perfectly: 'Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch, for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow,'" said Lemoine. "Celine’s impact ripples throughout our entire community and will leave a lasting effect on our hearts and souls."

Comments (74)

Verena Pereira Posted 4 months ago

I knew Celine in Dubai as we worked in the same school. She is A Wonderful and very Helpful Lady and goes out of her way to help you. She always has a sweet and charming smile God Bless my dear Celine.

Michael Lollis Posted over a year ago

I first met Celine when I just shy of turning 19, in a room being interviewed for the Before and After care Assistant position at Red Hawk Ridge Elementary and boy was I nervous and shy! But little did I know, I was about to start the greatest relationship ever. I worked with Celine for a little over 7 years and she became a second mom and a mentor to me. When I first met a celine I was a shy teen who wouldn’t talk much and was very unsure of him self. When I left Red Hawk to continue to grow and explore newer and bigger things, I was confident and excited more than ever and I owe that all to her! I honestly don’t know where I would be without her. Probably that same shy kid who wouldn’t say much that wasn’t excited about the future and what it holds and who thought his life was going nowhere. But no, she pushed to greatness and has indefinitely changed my life for the better and I am forever blessed and greatful to know and Love Celine, I owe her my life! That is why she deserves #LCOTY because she personally changes my life and everyone’s life she comes in touch with. Wether it’s for a just a minute or lifetime. You will never forget any moment with her.

REGINA BENJAMIN SAKKARI Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Celi on your getting nominated for the LifeChanger Award 2019. I am very much excited and rather thrilled to know about it. May you be blessed always for such an occasion. Though you are 5 years younger than me, having inherited Flesh & Blood by Birth, we lived more like Twins, though living miles apart, we have lived the Joy's & Sorrows, Pain & Sickness, together. Sisters on Earth are Special Gift rarely bestowed by Almighty God and you to be my Sister, I am privileged to say that you are a genuinely Special Gift very thoughtfully granted to me by Lord God. You are blessed with such Wonderful and Amazing Qualities that anyone in your presence finds the very Life illuminated with colorful Lights of Joy, Love, Peace & Happiness. I am blessed to have a Sister in you, who sobs when I sob, cries when I cry, laughs when I laugh & dances when I dance. With all your selfless & unconditional service to the Family, Friends n Community at large, I am sure God Almighty must be watching over you very contenty for creating an Amazingly Wonderful Masterpiece in you to be sent here on Earth to make everyone feel that Graceful Angelic Glimpse of Heaven. And I am confident, as you say in the Words of St. Paul, "I have run my Race unceasingly and the Unfading Garland & Crown is awaited for me in HIS BLISS", the Lord will say, "well done my Servant, Come on now, enter the Heavenly BLISS" . And that will be the TRUE & ULTIMATE REWARD awaited for you my dear Celi. May be Life was too harsh to throw its setbacks, but the Joy & Strength which you gained through your sufferings, made you stronger day by day to set a LIVE example for those who were and are suffering. In you,every sufferer who comes across, finds a niche of Glorious Joy, Peace & Love, only those who have lived with you will ever experience. But with all the Knowledge in my Mind & with all the Emotions for you in my Heart's Dictionary, I find short of words to express the Beautiful Sister you are, a Marvellously Soul, much Mature, Understanding & Simply Incomparable! I am extremely glad, Celi, to know that the School Community has found you worthwhile for this Great Nomination and I wish you all the Best. At this juncture, I only remember the Song of the Old Rugged Cross, which sings, " So I cherish the Old Rugged Cross, Till my Trophies at last I lay down, I will CLING to the Old Rugged Cross, And exchange it someday for a CROWN!!!

Cheri Hardin Posted over a year ago

How do even express the compassion of someone who has the largest servants heart. Her outreaches extend to every culture, race, economic standing, position and never expects anything in return. My friend and colleague is a true life-changer because that is just who she was created to is her gift. Miss Celine has eyes for seeing those in need. She has created the Before and After Program for warmth and love to every students and their parent. Celine also reaches single mom's within our community. Every holiday season a single mom will receive a basket filled with gifts. Even when she is sick and she hears of someone that needs a meal...she will shop, prepare and deliver food to make sure that person does not go without. We are privileged to have Celine at our school. I am blessed to call her my friend.

Melissa Sakkari Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Aunty Celine on your getting nominated for the LifeChanger Award for the Year. Yes Aunty, you deserve it and for me you deserve much more than that, cause whether knowingly or unknowingly your very presence in anyone's life makes a great and powerful impact For me, though I am christened Melissa, it was you my dear Aunty, who called me Lovely, being amazed to see your First-born Niece in the Family. And since then, I have been inheriting the Lovely Values and the Lovely Principles set in the Family. I am always privileged to be part of the Wonderful Family and specially proud to be your Lovely Niece. Thank you Aunty for being a Great Person for moulding, shaping and channelizing my Life. You are a LifeChanger indeed!!! Countless people have experienced this with that of your Motherly, Sisterly n Friendly attitude, for which I will be ever grateful. I find short of words to express all that you are for each n everyone of us. Be Blessed Always dear Aunty Celine?????

Martha Fernandes Posted over a year ago

Celine is a family friend of ours. We have known her for seven years and she has always been kind and loving. Right from the beginning when we met her, her caring attitude shone through her. We have been blessed to know her.

Janet Davis Posted over a year ago

Celine, you are a wonder, a true inspiration to all you meet. Celine exhibits all the characteristics of a genuine Christian. C=Christ like, H=humble, A=authentic, R=reverent, A=anointed, C=caring, T=thoughtful, E=encourager, R=REAL LIFE CHANGER. Congratulations on your nomination. You are loved by all, especially me.

Aquine Dsouza Posted over a year ago

Aunt Celine is a gem that not many are fortunate to have in their lives. I'm glad that I'm blessed to have her as my Aunt. She is such an amazing soul. Beautiful inside out! So loving, giving, thoughtful, selfless and so much more. She is an asset to our family. She is a superwoman. Nobody else could have dealt with the troubles and hardships that life has thrown at her. Life has been so unfair to her, yet she faces everything with utmost grace and a positive attitude. A great mentor, guide, confidante, words will never be enough to describe how amazing she is! She gives her 100 percent to every role that she plays in people's lives. No wonder she has touched so many lives with her loving gestures and kindness. Aunty I love you very much. Thank you for being one of the most beautiful souls I've known. You are amazing!

Maityreyi & Udayan Som Posted over a year ago

Miss.Celine Fernandes is the most wonderful & lovable person we have known for over three & half decades. With all her hardships, she has been a very caring person to one & all. She is so friendly & a great teacher so dedicated to her job and is always smiling. We never saw her being angry with any body. She has been a true mother to her three beautiful Angel's & now a grand Mom too. We pray to Almighty God to bless her with all that she deserves & desires. Maithreyi & Udayan Som from Hyderabad, India.

Steffie Sakkari Posted over a year ago

An aunt is a like a second mother. So and much more is dear Aunt Celine to me. A woman who puts up a smile each time you see her and that shows the world what a woman of gratitude she is. Even though life was never a bed of roses for aunt Celine, she triumphed through it all with her unwavering prayerful life. She must draw her strength from above and from within her for being victorious each time life knocked at her door with another problem. Aunt Celine, you will always inspire not just your family but the world with your strength, kindness and genuineness. Having the privilege to share a birthday with you was always a special feeling because you were second to no Hero in your own life and that was and is always an inspiration to share. It's wonderful to hear and read all the inspiring stories of your work in Colorado Denver and it does not surprise me a bit because I already know that your not just a life changer you are a life champion because you and only YOU could do what you do and inspire others to do so. Love you much from far and it's been an honour to be your niece. You know, you already have your award!

Jaclyn Garrett Posted over a year ago

When I learned of Celine’s nomination, I thought “of course, she is an obvious choice!” In thinking about everything she does for the children and family in her community and beyond, I was wondering how it was possible that she hasn’t been nominated for something like this in the 13 years I have been blessed to know her. The answer is simply that her acts of courageous kindness are always humble and quiet. She never expects recognition because its all apart of her just being herself. She helps people in a way that lifts them up and makes them the hero of their own story. She has joyfully lent a wise and helpful ear to me for everyday issues in times when she was going through extremely challenging trials in life without complaint. Her spirit never broken, her kindness never bending. I have had the pleasure to watch her mentor, mom, sister, auntie, friend to all our fellow staff, parents in our school community, and especially the children. She is a calm, comforting, and consistent presence in so many lives that outside are filled with chaos. After 13 years I am amazed at how many adults still love and have a connection with Celine because she helped them when they were kids in our program. She deserves this not because of one or a few acts or choices that she’s made, but because of the amazing and kind acts and choices that she makes over and over day after day, big and small. My heart is so happy to know that so many others see Celine the way I do and that she is finally getting recognized and honored. I am a better person because I know her and It is more than an honor to support her in this nomination.

Mary Ramirez Posted over a year ago

Ms Celine is the real deal! My son and grandkids were in her care at red hawk ridge around 11 yrs ago! God put her in my life not just to watch my kids but to become good friends We've Support each other through so many difficult times! We had some good times as well as bad, we got through with lots of prayer!.She has 3 beautiful daughters she practically raised alone, she is amazing! She is truely a loving, most spiritual and kind friend. She deserves the recognition.and the best! God bless you always

Portia Popken Posted over a year ago

Our love for Ms. Celine, is always as she is always caring for us. She is loving and kind to all, no matter who you are. She is generous to a fault, always thinking of others. She brings us to our faith and to our God daily and reminds us to keep looking up. Thank you Ms. Celine!!!

Suminder Singh Posted over a year ago

Ms Celine is Epitome of love, compassion, hope, strength and faith. Heroes don’t wear cape and they are around us who subtly and calmly so much for so many people that it’s time to recognize Ms Celine. I can fill comment box with what all she has done for our family and when we talk to others the same has been repeated for so many families by her. No idea how she gets energy and perseverance to help others despite going thru this personal tough time ????

Monica Wonoadi Posted over a year ago

Ms Celine is like our Family, we knew her since 2012. She is our prayer warrior since then. She is the best example of a faithful human being; to our Lord, and to others surround her. She is the most selfless person and always willing to help and always make it happens when she is there. She is a caring and a sweet person. She is an inspiration too. We are SO blessed to KNOW and to LOVE her. My daughter calls her auntie Celine. Love you Celine!

Melwyn pinto Posted over a year ago

Aunt Celine is one of our favorite and most loved family member and has been a person who never says no for any problem and has been supportive in every situation, a women who is totally into God and inspires us to be pure and caring, she has been a amazing mother as everyone knows though there were so many life changing times which she had to go through alone, all I can say is that we love you Nana n you inspire us to be strong and in prayer??

Chelley Blakeborough Posted over a year ago

It was such an honor to work with Ms. Celine at Red Hawk Ridge. I felt her authentic, genuine personality in my initial interview. I remember asking what fun creative things I could do with the students, and her telling me "the sky's the limit!" These words still resonate with me almost 8 years later, now as a mommy of my own! Celine dedicated so much time to the b&a program, and I always felt personally empathize with as a co worker. I could see Celine's investment in the families, school, program, employees. She helped me start a yoga and zumba program for after school. And encouraged my creativity and passion! She is well deserving of such recognition, and I know humbly she would accept with a genuine caring heart. She is truly a blessing to know and has continued to positively influence my life years after working with her!

Leena Posted over a year ago

Ms Celine is a beautiful soul and a selfless woman. She has had a tough life but nothing stops her from coming forward to help anyone in need. She was my kids baby sitter when they were little and she loved them so much that they loved to go to her house for babysitting. Thank you and Celine for being such a remarkable person and an inspiration for many of us.

Tinesha Moore Posted over a year ago

Ms. Celine has been our family’s angel for the past 8 years. She is a beautiful spirit that invades everyone’s space with nothing but good intention and always a helping hand. Ms. Celine is the person to show up to help, when you didn’t realize you needed help. Despite any of her struggles, she still has a bright and inviting smile every day and encourages you to have the same despite life difficulties. I can’t express how many times she has been my savior and the countless times she has selflessly assisted others in their time of need. I would want nothing more than for Ms. Celine to feel a glimpse of what she gives everyone else. She is deserving of all the kindness, love and joy her heart can hold. I will forever love and honor her being.

Sylvia Raj Posted over a year ago

Celine Fernandes is a very special family friend of ours. We have known each other for the past 25 years. Celine has a very positive influence on everyone. No matter what she goes through she brings about her positive nature and her broad captivating smile which could make anyone forget their problems. Celine is a very sweet,loving, caring, helping and a very compassionate friend. She goes above and beyond to help others and personally I am truly honored to have Celine has my friend/ Sister /BFF in my life. She is always trustworthy and never goes back on what she says. Her ethics and discipline is Phenomenal. She is always trying to help people in what ever they go through and brings about a positive change in their lives. Celine, always helps the widows, orphans, single moms , poor and the underprivileged. There is not the word NO in her dictionary. She goes to any extent to provide for anyone when in need sacrificing her own self. She is a very Godly and sweet loving person I have known. She has been a great support to me especially when I lost my Mom and Dad 6 yrs ago. She has filled the void in my life. She is a problem solver and a Best friend one could ever have. Celine helped me while I was going through a lot of pain losing my Parents. She is a great Counselor. She has been a Mom to me ever since. I could rely and trust her in anything. She is a kind of person who does a lot to the society, community, friends and family and pours out love unconditionally expecting nothing in return. She is a very good listener and very powerful Woman. Personally Celine has been through a lot of hardships in her life. Despite all these negative things she shines in the midst of all her problems smiling and changing lives and doing good to the society. She engages herself in a lot of ministries supporting Woman, Orphans , Widows ,homeless and Single Moms and feeding home cooked food to people who are hungry. She is an Awesome friend and great Mother and very Excellent Director. Truly we are Blessed to have someone like Celine in this World who can influence lives and help change the society for the good. I always ask Celine why do you do so much to all of us even if someone has wronged you. Her answer would always be that “What if tomorrow never comes” The ways she talks always amazes me and I personally learnt a lot from my dear Sister Celine. She is a very forgiving and loving friend and goes to any extent to forgive all. She is Woman of Faith. Looking at Celine and her life I always remember this quote..... I EXPECT TO PASS THIS WORLD BUT ONCE. ANY GOOD, THEREFORE, I CAN DO OR ANY KINDNESS THAT I CAN SHOW TO ANY FELLOW CREATURE, LET ME DO IT NOW . LET ME NOT DEFER OR NEGLECT IT FOR I SHALL NOT PASS THIS WAY AGAIN. -Grellet Celine has always been leading an exemplary life. So proud of all you do for me and my family and to all of us. Celine May God Bless you and your family abundantly.

Cheryl Raj Posted over a year ago

Ms.Celine is one of the most kind-hearted down the earth people I’ve ever met. She always puts the well-being of others before herself. If One thing is for sure, It’s that whatever she sets her mind to, she does it whole heartedly and gives a 110% (if not more).This is one of the many qualities I’ve admired about Ms. Celine.

Amanda Posted over a year ago

Celine is the sunshine in everyday. She is always finding away to make something positive. She has a humongous heart for kids and it shows. Even if she is struggling with something she is always trying to help others. She is funny, caring and oh so sweet! We love her!

Candie Halberg Posted over a year ago

Celine is an “angel working overtime” to bring love and encouragement to those who need it. She was there to bring comfort and encouragement when our son, Josh endured 2 liver transplants, and she was there with comfort and love when he passed away 3 years ago. Celine will always have a special place in my heart ??????!

Anne Steinbroner Posted over a year ago

Celine allows her heart to break for others - not a character trait that most of us would desire. She has gone through tremendous tragedy, and uses those experiences not as an excuse to complain, but to learn and reach out to others experiencing similar challenges. She is a single mother, and has a heart 10 times it's size for single moms. She has been a stranger in a strange land, and reaches out to others who find them selves in a strange land too. She adores children - for her, they absolutely come first, as she advocates for them and their parents. She is a diminutive figure with a soft voice and gentle hands, yet for many she is a giant, who is not afraid to share God's encouragement and blessings with others. I am honored to know that Celine has been chosen for this honor. I am sure the Celine I know is squirming with all of the accolades and attention.

Moira Kennedy Posted over a year ago

Celine was always a friendly, smiling face at Red Hawk Ridge. She went above and beyond her calling with students, staff, and community members. I remember my first year at RHR, Celine gave me a gift during the holidays. I barely knew her and she wanted me to feel like an important member of the community. She is always putting others' needs above her own and has definitely changed many lives in her 15 years at RHR. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with her and I miss her dearly now that I am no longer there.

Mary Whitney Posted over a year ago

I honestly don't even know where to begin to describe Celine or the feelings I have for her. She is THE most selfless, giving women, teacher, friend, Before and After Care Director I have ever known. She makes me and those around her want to be better and do better. She is truly selfless in her caring ways. When she listens, she seeks to undertand and not to respond. That is a priceless gift. She puts her heart and soul into all children and is asset focused; seeing the good and potential in all. I know that she also does so much philanthropic work. She helps those less fortunate, she creates goody bags for single moms. Here is the honest truth: She does so much more, but is so selfless that she does not even share with us all of the good deeds, as she does them not for praise or recognition, but rather because she spreads love and sunshine wherever she goes. I can assure you there is no better nomination or candidate.

Usha Gupta Posted over a year ago

Dear Ms Celine, Congratulations!!! You are amazing. I will forever thankful to you for all your help and support you gave it to me. You deserve this award and even more than this. Lots of love to you. Thanks and Regards, Usha Gupta

Joel & Shelly Waggoner Posted over a year ago

Miss Celine is the definition of kind, loving, and gracious. Although we now have freshman and senior in high school, our children had the privilege of being cared for by this wonderful woman throughout their entire elementary school years. During that time, Shelly and I never had a second thought about leaving them in Miss Celine's care. What we probably valued most was the relationships she built with those she came in contact with. Miss Celine genuinely cared about what was going on in our family's life and often followed up with kind words and encouragement. Although it has been years since we have been back to Red Hawk Ridge, we can still see the smile on Miss Celine's face as she greeted us each day. Congratulations, Miss Celine! This recognition and honor is so well deserved.

Christa Seaman Posted over a year ago

What a deserved nomination for an amazing woman! She is all these things and more! Love everyone and is loved by all!

Charlotte Carreon Posted over a year ago

Miss Celine by far deserves the Life Changer award. One of the words that comes to mind when thinking of Miss Celine’s character, is “Selfless”. She exemplifies this in every manner. Putting others before herself within the community and within her home and family. She’s an inspiration to many people. She is beautiful, inside and out and definitely a gift from God! No surprise, she has been nominated.

Ann Paneitz Posted over a year ago

What can I say about Celine that hasn't already been said? Goodness, grace and compassion overflow from her soul and wash over all who are fortunate enough to pass her way. She lives out these characteristics in real and tangible ways. Celine embodies a servant's heart and she radiates with joy.

Lauren Pritchard Posted over a year ago

I grew up with Miss Celine’s youngest daughter Blessy. I lived on the same street our entire childhood and spent countless days, weekends, and nights in their home. Miss Celine has always welcomed people with open arms and surrounds everyone with so much love. If you saw her smile you’d never question the amount of struggle and pain her and her family have been through. She is truly a gift from God and continues to give and nurture those around her. No question is the world she deserves this recognition.

Marvel Posted over a year ago

I’m so incredibly proud of my mom. Words will never amount to what an amazing soul and person she truly is. She has sacrificed more than anyone can imagine in her lifetime to take care of everyone around her. even through her hardest chapters and challenges in life, I’ve watched her make things less for herself countless of times just to provide for anyone in need. She always puts herself at last priority and that’s the most selfless trait I’ve ever witnessed in a person. She always goes above and beyond to put anyone and everyone before herself just to make a difference in that individuals life. My mom wants nothing but the best for everyone but she takes the extra step into putting in the action to be a blessing in peoples life’s. And at times, neglecting her own life and well being to put others first. She always takes everyone’s battles upon herself and That will always be the most authentic and genuine trait she holds. She has raised me so well and has set me on such an amazing path for my future and to become a well rounded woman. She has never ever made anything less for me, my sisters, or anyone around her. She’s the best mother in the world without a doubt, life coach, and one of the wisest women I will ever know, I am honored to be her daughter and to call her my mom. I got blessed with one of life’s greatest blessings, a mother that is truly god sent and has impacted and changed so many lives. In my eyes, A true legend!

Andre Fabre Posted over a year ago

From the first day that I met Celine I knew she was someone special. A gift from God I would say. I’ve never met someone that is so loving and caring as much as her. In a heartbeat she would put herself last for others happiness. And I’ve seen this not just once or twice, But more on a daily bases. Her love is so pure. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. I’m so glad that she was nominated for such an amazing award because she truly is the definition of a “Life Changer”.

Sarah Luther Posted over a year ago

I can't think of a more deserving person. Miss Celine is a life changer! She leads by example everyday. Her words and actions are powerful, making the world around her a better place. Her kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity are inspiring. I observed her giving extra TLC to families, friends, students, and coworkers, always making them feel loved, appreciated, supported, and special. Congrats, Miss Celine, keep up the great work!

Gretchen Wilkinson Posted over a year ago

What more can be said about Ms Celine! Reading all these comments, Ms Celine is truly deserving of this nomination! She has touched the lives of so many and is selfless.

Marvel Posted over a year ago

I’m so incredibly proud of my mom. Words will never amount to what an amazing soul and person she truly is. She has sacrificed more than anyone can imagine in her lifetime to take care of everyone around her. even through her hardest chapters and challenges life, I’ve watched her make things less for herself countless of times just to provide for anyone in need. She always puts herself on last priority and that’s the most selfless trait I’ve ever witnessed in a person. She always goes above and beyond to put anyone and everyone before herself just to make a difference in that individuals life. My mom wants nothing but the best for everyone but she takes the extra step into putting in the action to be a blessing in peoples life’s. And at times, neglecting her own and thinking of her own self last. That will always be the most authentic and genuine trait she holds. She has raised me so well and has set me on such an amazing path for my future and to become a well rounded woman. She has never ever made anything less for me, my sisters, or anyone around her. She’s the best mother in the world without a doubt, life coach, and one of the wisest women I will ever know, I am honored to be her daughter and to call her my mom. I got blessed with one of life’s greatest blessings, a mother that is truly god sent and has impacted and changed so many lives. In my eyes, A true legend!

Anne Naccarato Posted over a year ago

Celine has a heart of gold. She brightens the day of everyone she works with and makes a lasting impact on so many. With her humble and genuine way, she brings joy and provides care to anyone lucky enough to know her. I feel honored to have been her colleague for fourteen years.

Shelbe Jones Posted over a year ago

Miss Celine is a true hero, going above and beyond for the community. She’s like a second mom to most. Always making sure everyone is fed and has there homework done. She absolutely deserves this award.

Blessy Posted over a year ago

If there is one person I know who is a True Life Changer that person is truly my mom. I have never met a more selfess, loving, genuine, sincere, kind hearted women! If you know my mom, you know she ALWAYS puts others before her self and goes ABOVE AND BEYOND for any and everyone. Throughout her life/career she has touched the hearts of so many and truly impacted so many peoples lives. Growing up all I've ever seen is my mom doing for others and most importantly her community. My mom turned our garage into a food bank for the local single moms, she would make sure no child/family would go without a meal. During the winter she will have a coat drive at church to help children in our community who's parents cant afford winter coats be able to have one. During Thanksgiving for the families who dont have the means to put a meal on the table EVERY year she buys an entire Thanksgiving meal so families will be able to gather around the table and spend quaility time together. During Christmas she buys gifts for all her single parents who most of the time never recieve a Christmas present. She always wants to make sure they are reminded just how special they are as well! For Mothers Day and Fathers Day she has a breakfast for the parents and the students always do a craft before to give to there parents. These are just a FEW of the MANY wonderful things she does. This woman is truly like none other. She does whole heartedly, never expecting one thing in return. She does without trying to get recognition. 9/10 you will never know all of the amazing things she does for people because she simply just DOES IT without ever saying a word. Whenever I stop by her program it truly warms my heart to see the amount of compassion/love she gives the children. She truly treats each child like they are her own. She instills such morals and values in each child. She teaches the kids in her program what is truly means to be a good person, and why it matters so much to be a good person. Even the most challenging kids my mom will always find a way to bring the best out of them. She will help them find there strengths and teach them how to use them, and that’s the true beauty in her. She will always look to see the best in you and make you feel like you’re important and you matter. If there is one person who truly deserves the LifeChanger Award, that person is my mom.

Kelli Hill Posted over a year ago

I've always know Celine was a wonderful woman! You deserve this nomination and all of the wonderful comments!

Eva Salins Posted over a year ago

Hi are a great person, a true friend, an excellent mom, grandma, daughter, sister t,teacher and colleague. Any thing you do is so full of love and care. God bless you my dear.

Kate Lengel Posted over a year ago

Celine Fernandes is such a kind and loving person! Both of my girls were fortunate enough to have Celine as a teacher in early elementary school. Alexis, now in college still speaks so highly of Celine and her compassion for others. She is truly an inspiration. We feel so fortunate to have had a short time under her care. ??

Gina Quant Posted over a year ago

Celine is one of the most patient, caring and kind educator I have ever worked with. She treats everyone she knows with the same care and kindness, her students, parents. Staff and co workers she lights up the room with joy!

Susan Heidemann Posted over a year ago

Dear Celine, Congratulations! You are so deserving of this honor. You are an amazing woman who has touched the lives of so many with love and care. My best to you. Susan

Misty Russell Posted over a year ago

We love you Miss Celine! I will forever be thankful to you for all of the help and support that you gave to me and the kids through the years. Your kind heart and empathetic soul are one of a kind and will always be cherished. Thanks for always listening and always loving us all. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this than you! Big hugs and lots of love to you!

Dawn Green Posted over a year ago

Celine is a blessing to all that know her. She always has a positive and caring attitude and goes above and beyond to help others. Celine makes a difference in everyone's life. She makes you believe in yourself and she cares about you. Celine is a life changer!

Cara Fisher-Marcum Posted over a year ago

Celine is the closest person to Mother Teresa that I have ever known! I’ve known Celine for over 15 years and had the privilege of working with her for many of them. This woman is amazing. She has always struggled in her own ways but would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need.... to handing out food and groceries, clothing, offering babysitting services, a warm meal and lots of prayers, this woman would do anything. She is most definitely a life changer and makes everyone who crosses paths with her better just for knowing her. She is most definitely deserving of this and so much more!

Mariah Carreon Posted over a year ago

I love Celine! She has always been kind to me and I worked with her daughter Marvel for years. She always made me feel welcomed!

Woude Habtemariam Posted over a year ago

Ms. Celine is an angel for my family. She lives for other people. Celine deserves this award more than anybody. Congratulations Celine!!!

Woude Habtemariam Posted over a year ago

Ms. Celine is an angle for my family. She is living for other people. She deserves this award more than anybody. Congragulation Celine!!! Woude Habtemariam

Sandy Tucker Posted over a year ago

Ms. CALINE. Is the most loving giving lady. I'm so glad she was part of my son James younger years. .And still to this day with James going into highschool this year. Ms. CALINE, had James from K to 5th grade. Even though we moved away we still talk regularly... We love you Ms. CALINE... THE TUCKERS

Juana Richerson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Celine! You are an inspiration. Every time I get to see you and talk to you, I always feel welcome and at peace. You are a Blessing. You deserve this award Truly, Juana and Robert Richerson

Michael Lisanu Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Celine has been a hub of nothing but love and support for me and my family for over a decade! Nobody else deserves this type of recognition like Mrs. Celine does!

Rhonda Fisher Posted over a year ago

Love this lady who is loved by so many. She has the heart of an angel.

Lisa Wruble Posted over a year ago

So wonderful to read about this wonderful woman. There is so much more to her story and all that she does in her school and community.

Zahra Naqvi Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Celine it’s so true, you do deserve this. I’ve seen it when I worked with you and you inspire all of us women out there. ??

Tamara Pool Posted over a year ago

We were very blessed to live next door to Miss Celine for 10 years. Our girls were students at Red Hawk when we moved there and now one of our daughters is employed by Miss Celine. Our families will always remain close. There are no words that can describe what an extraordinary woman Miss Celine is. Even in the hardest times, Miss Celine looks for ways to help others. She has helped many people and is incredibly humble and loving. She holds a special place in the hearts of everyone that has the pleasure of knowing her.

Emily Hoaglin Posted over a year ago

Wow...I didn't know that she did all of these things on top of taking care of her family. Everytime I have been around Celine you feel welcome and know that she would do anything for you. She truly takes care of everyone else. She definitely is a life changer.

Tina Reiner Posted over a year ago

Celine is a blessing to all who cross her path. An amazing, strong, caring, loving, bright shining star! Thank you for being you and all that you do! You deserve this award. ?? Tina Reiner

Anamika Luthra Posted over a year ago

Many many congrats Aunty. You deserve this. You have given your immense love to me and my family. I am so glad that you are part of our life and family You taught me the right things in life like my mother. You are a spiritual soul. We all love you from moon to back. Miss you a lot. Best Regards from all of us????

Joanna Posted over a year ago

I am so extremely proud of my Mama to be nominated for this award. She is beyond a LifeChanger...She is our LifeMaker!!! She goes above and beyond for her kids, their families and her community. Moreover, she’s an extraordinary Mom and Nana to her own little people AND she does it ALL, all on her own!! So proud to call her mine!!!

Cony Alphonso Posted over a year ago

Celine is truly the right person for this. She has been a single mother and has raised her girls to great citizens. More over with lots of hardship and no support she moved on with out an complain. Life has not been easy for her..She has a heart of gold that reachers out to all in need.

Sandy Marthaler Posted over a year ago

This is so awesome Celine! You certainly deserve this award but I know the real reward will be to hear Jesus say "Well done good and faithful servant"! God bless you richly as you serve in so many wonderful ways!

Christina Page Posted over a year ago

Ms. Celine is wonderful with both the kids and the parents in her care. My daughter Samantha was at Red Hawk from2nd grade until 5th and in the before and after program for a couple of years. Even after she was home with me, Ms. Celine would talk to her and give her hugs at lunch. Each time she saw me at school she would talk to me and ask how we were doing. She is so genuine and sincere in her dealings with everyone. She is a true blessing to the Red Hawk family.

Sheila Posted over a year ago

Sweetest, kind hearted, caring person, I have ever come across.

Gina Bellizzi Posted over a year ago

Thank you for everything you do for our school and community Miss Celine!

Janna Remien Posted over a year ago

Celine is one of those constants in life that are always reliable, always resilient, forever faithful and constantly serving others in her quiet way. Her words and actions can be small and unobtrusive, but they are always in the right place at the right time and make a huge impact in not only our student's lives, but her colleges as well.

Mandy Posted over a year ago

Celine's commitment to students and families is truly incredible. Her kindness and genuine caring for students reaches beyond the school setting. She takes time to find out what families need and provides scholarships, meals, gift baskets, and clothing. Celine cares for the staff as well, bringing school staff healthy snacks. Celine makes signs and posters to celebrate staff birthdays and teaches the same level of kindness to children by letting them all sign it. Her encouragement of others when she ought to be the recipient is profound. Thank you Celine for wrapping your arms around us always.

Tina Posted over a year ago

Way to go my friend!

Melissa Klemenz Posted over a year ago

Celine is absolutely amazing. She is SO deserving of this award. Self-less is the perfect way to describe Celine, as she constantly thinks of others before herself. She is kind, truly cares, and makes a positive difference for so many around her. The title of this award is Life Changer, and Miss Celine absolutely changes lives. We are so thankful for her and everything she does!

Ali Brown Posted over a year ago

Miss Celine is the best! Not only does she love, teach and take care of our students; she also does little acts of kindness for the teachers and staff of our school. She is one of the most selfless and genuinely kind hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She welcomes new people with open arms and is always a support when needed. She is a truly inspirational leader in our community. I could not think of a better person to receive this amazing award.

Kait Whitaker Posted over a year ago

Celine is an absolute gem. There are so many amazing things that she does for our community and our kids that aren't even in here. She goes so far above and beyond what any other B&A director does. As the principal of Red Hawk Ridge, I value her more than I can ever explain. She is always available to support our families. As a parent of a student who attends her program, I am thankful for how much she loves and appreciates my child. If there is anyone who deserves this, it's Ms. Celine.

Chris K Posted over a year ago

Miss Celine is a wonderful presence in the lives of all of her students as well as the parents of these students. Just from my own experiences with her I have watched her time and again provide a personal touch for those who just need that one moment of light or joy in their day to get them through the things that they are facing. She does so much to uplift those around her, with a kind word, deed, or action and I am confident when I say that my family and I have been affected positively for having Miss Celine in our lives, our school, and our Community!