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Dr. Charlene Winley

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Holland Elementary School
School District: Virginia Beach City Public Schools
City, State: Virginia Beach, VA

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Dr. Charlene Winley was nominated by her sister, Frederica Winley-Tokponwey.

Dr. Winley is a speaker, trainer, teacher, leader, and a change-agent for this generation. She has been in education for over 30 years and taught in three school districts; New York City Board of Education, Norfolk Public Schools, and Virginia Beach City Public Schools. In each district, she has always been an advocate for her students and their families.  Dr. Winley has taught Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, third and fifth grades. She held various roles in and out of the classroom over the course of her career as an educator. She served as an instructional technology resource teacher, where she won a community service award for having the most instructional minutes in training and teaching technology to teachers, parents, and community stakeholders. She was also the coordinator of the Home Instructional Program for Preschool Youngsters,    (H.I. P.P.Y) PROGRAM, where she trained a staff of eight to teach parents how to prepare their children for school-readiness. Additionally, Dr. Winley was the Process Manager of School Improvement and a math interventionist in Norfolk Public Schools.

As an educator, Dr. Winley mentors students, adopts families, and uses her talents and abilities to enrich the lives of students and colleagues. Since her arrival at Holland Elementary School, she has been actively involved in school programs and initiatives. She attended the six-week sessions for Courageous Conversation, empowering the staff to talk openly about race and racial issues.  She is currently the Transformation Learning Lead Teacher for kindergarten, grade level chair, and Virginia Readiness Kindergarten Program representative.

For the past two years, she co-chaired the Black History Month Program at Holland Elementary School and works extra hard in bringing cultural diversity to the school.  This is evident in that she was Teacher of The Year at her elementary school and placed as one of the top five finalists for Virginia Beach City Public Schools' Teacher of the Year. Currently, Dr. Winley is working on a program to decrease chronic absenteeism in kindergarten students. In an effort to end the disproportionate number of suspensions of African American males compared to other students, Dr. Winley has collaborated with school guidance in creating a professional development program for educators, providing them with strategies on Trauma Informed Practices in the classroom.

Dr. Winley is very active in her community. She is the second Vice President of the Virginia Beach NAACP, as well as the Education chair, where she is bridging the gap and addressing disparity in the Virginia Beach City Public School system. Currently, she is working with district leaders to implement the NAACP ACT-SO (African-American Cultural Technological Scientific Olympics), a national competition awarding scholarships for college. As the NAACP Community and Outreach chair, she joins forces with community leaders to address the concerns of local people of color.

Dr. Winley participated in the N.E.S.T. program, which provides food, toiletries, and shelter for the homeless for a week in the church facilities. Additionally, she volunteered to clean up Ocean View Beach, participated in feeding the homeless with Judeo-Christian Outreach, filled baby bottles for Crisis Pregnancy Center, and hosted a back to school drive for students.  Additionally, she is an active member of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services' (GEMS) to support young women, ages 12-24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, and she's certified as a trained facilitator.

Additionally, Dr. Winley is past president and founder of the Daughters of Life, a non-profit organization of positive women extending themselves to bring hope, encouragement, and stability into the lives of others. In addition to helping people in crisis, the DOLs (Daughters of Life) educate, empower, and equip women from all racial, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds through workshops and equipping sessions. Under her tenure as president, the DOLs collaborated with five local elementary schools. Through these partnerships, they held a Parent University to empower families, conducted weekly workshops for parents in crisis, and connected them with community resources. Over a period of three years, the Daughters of Life paid for and sent over 200 students to a week-long camp, and provided them with all the camping necessities. Thanks to a local contractor and interior designer, they designed and remodeled the family room of a local women’s shelter. Additionally, this organization paid mortgages, rent, utilities, bills, and purchased groceries for countless families. With the help of various community partners, members of the Daughters of Life provide over 60 Thanksgiving baskets to families in the Hampton Roads Area each year. Through community partners, private donors, and fundraising events, they also provide Christmas wish list items, clothes, shoes, and coats to children in need.

Dr. Winley is an influential speaker and presenter who encourages and uplifts those who are broken-hearted, cast down, or others who lack vision and purpose. As CEO and owner of ReScriptedLife Coaching, Dr. Winley emphasizes the importance of Living Life by Design and Not by Default. She empowers those who are disappointed about where they are in life to "ReWrite the Script." She has equipped countless people with strategies in leaving their past behind and ReScripting their lives toward a more fulfilling future.

Finally, Dr. Winley has a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University and a Master’s Degree in Human Development, Cognition, and Learning from Columbia University. Dr. Winley will have an endorsement in Supervision and Administration in 2020, which will enable her to obtain a leadership position in the school district. This will afford her the opportunities to create greater changes to ensure the academic success for all students. She is a certified Life Coach and the author of ReScriptedLife-31 Days to Reconnect to Your Purpose. She has three sons and lives in Virginia Beach.

Comments (33)

Monica Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I’m in awe of everything you do for your students and your community. Please know what an inspiration you are to everyone you encounter.

Jerenda Manley Posted over a year ago

You always have something inspiring to say to help me push farther along in my journey. Keep doing amazing things in this community, we need you!

Lisa Posted over a year ago

Charlene is an awesome colleague who goes the extra mile for students. Her dedication is matchless. I’m so glad she has been a part of my journey.

Barbara Griffin Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! Your dedication continues to shine through.

Chelsea Carlson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Whinley. Brycen is very lucky to have you had his teacher.

Akesha Davis Posted over a year ago

congratulations Dr. Winley this is definitely a well deserve nomination for you.

Clarence Willis Posted over a year ago

You are one awesome lady. Ypu deserve every blessing that comes your way. Hope you win.

Charlene Earley Posted over a year ago

She is a phenomenal woman and leader in her community!

Crystal Stevens Posted over a year ago

Dr. Winley is well deserving of this honor. Her desire to see and implement change for all is outstanding. She is a very compassionate person, and an excellent educator committed to provide change. #LCOY

Gemma Solimene Posted over a year ago

Charlene Winley is passionate and dedicated to helping others. She has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate this passion and dedication in all of her endeavors. She is more than deserving of this award. It is an honor to call her a friend.

Yvette Harrison Posted over a year ago

Congratulations for your Life Changer nomination. The love and compassion you have for people along with your hard work and dedication has earned you this recognition. Thank you for your community service. Lives have truly been blessed.#LCOY

Sheik Kuyateh Posted over a year ago

Dr. Winley is the poster child for this award! She exemplifies love! #LCOY

Samantha Posted over a year ago

Such a beautiful spirit in and out. She has a radiating smile.

Frederica Posted over a year ago

Dr.Winley is a phenomenal educator. Her teachings leaves one feeling inspired, motivated and empowered to reach new heights.

Mary E Daniels Posted over a year ago

Continue to change lives and communities with unlimited couragement.

Ciara Mason Posted over a year ago

What an honor to know and serve alongside this powerhouse. Dr. Winley, you are worthy of this nomination and so much more. Thank you for your consistent investment into the lives of children and adults. You're so much more than an instructor, you're indeed a life changer. May your pour be rewarded in heaven and in the earth. #LCOY

Linza Weaver Posted over a year ago

#LCOY Congratulations Charlene! I am happy and proud of your accomplishments. You have certainly touched many lives, of several generations. You have encouraged, inspired and empowered many in their quest to survive and achieve their dreams. God is rewarding your labor of love. Be blessed my sister! Love you much.

Jaclyn spruill Posted over a year ago

Dr. Winley is deserving of this honor and more for all that she does. She is a very compassionate person. #LCOY

Omari Posted over a year ago

#LCOY I’m so proud of you ma. You are truly an inspiration and a force to be wrecken with. Life Changer of the Year is another fitting award that highlights who you are. A life changer and a legacy maker!

Evelyn Menendez Posted over a year ago

You truly are deserving of this nomination Dr. Charlene Winley. You sincerely love and care about people! I admire the way you always draw out the EXCELLENCE in each and every one of us. I personally thank you for pouring into my life. #LCOY

Carlene Martin Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on this well deserved nomination! You have made our community a better and more accessible place to teach, learn, and love. As a mentor you have provided a light in the dark, love, and unwavering support. Thank you for standing with us, and continue to lead the way. #LCOY

Leticia W. Swift-Newsome Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr.Winley! #LCOY

Tanya Winley Posted over a year ago

#LCOY. I also want to thank you for nominating Dr.Charlene Winley for Life changer of the year. She a great teacher and a great person. She deserves it.

Tanya Winley Posted over a year ago

Charlene Winley is a very dedicated woman. She is a beautiful person that will help anyone who needs it. She's also a very good listener. If anyone deserves this award, she does.

Justin Goodman Posted over a year ago

#LCOY. Awesome choice for the nomination! Congratulations Dr. Winley!!!

Linda Caldwell Posted over a year ago

#LCOY. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition. Your dedication and commitment to your students and their families is commendable. Your social involvement proves that you are the educator and community activist needed to help bring about life changing conditions for others.

Athina Samuels Posted over a year ago

She is loving and caring. I admire her motivation and positivity that she uses to make a differences in lives. Congratulation and God bless you!

Angie Gauthier Posted over a year ago

Dr. Winley is a complete joy to know and has such passion for her kids, their families and our local community!! I'm not surprised to see her nominated for this prestigious award and know the impact she's made and will continue to make through this honor will be nothing short of Amazing!! Congrats Dr. Winley and may to be equally as blessed in your life as the huge blessing you are to your students!! ??

Tracey Carter Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Windley, You’re definitely a life changer. #LCOY

Malik Bannister Posted over a year ago

Dr. Winley has been an extremely positivity and persistent presence in my life. She not only is an educator but also a nurturer, confidant, and at times she hesitate to put whip you into shape. With intentions set on growth and success, I can entrust the ideals of future foundations in education as long as she has a hand in it. - Malik

Noma Fleischer Posted over a year ago

Your Amazing Charlene Our World is a Better Place because of You.I love You .Your hard work endless dedication to bentif others is priceless .God Speed Time to Soar

Elliott Eddie Posted over a year ago

#LCOY Congratulations for the nomination! Now for the win; your unending dedication, hard work and value provided to all of the lives you have poured into puts you in a class of your own.

Daria Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on a well-deserved award. #LCOY