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Trish Valentin

Position: Principal
School: H. L. Suverkrup Elementary School
School District: Crane Elementary School District
City, State: Yuma, AZ

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Trish Valentin was nominated by her colleague, Josh Topp.

Meet Mrs. Valentin: principal, district leader, educator, and most importantly, LifeChanger! She is the leader of H.L. Suverkrup Elementary School, which is a “Kids at Hope” school. She is also a treasure hunter.

“Every child is capable of success. No exceptions.”

This is the Kids at Hope mantra. It's a belief that Mrs. Valentin holds with every fiber of her being, and a belief she has passionately shared and passed onto her staff of treasure hunters. Mrs. Valentin believes that every child has a treasure in them, and as an adult treasure hunter, it's her duty to find the treasure in each child.

Many of Mrs. Valentin’s teachers appreciate her joyful attitude.

“Mrs. Valentin is one of those few, genuine leaders who truly and sincerely wants all those around her to succeed," said Lisa Love, a staff member. "She has no need for personal recognition. Her joy is seeing others find joy. Because of this unique trait, I have been able to grow and discover and rise to new personal heights that I might not have been able to reach without her. Mrs. Valentin’s willingness to listen to my many crazy ideas has helped me to not worry about what others think while I’m reaching for the stars.”

As principal of H. L. Suverkrup Elementary for six years, Mrs. Valentin has proven herself to be a strong leader in both her school and district.

“Mrs. Valentin prioritizes the nurturing of students and their education," said Laurie Doering, district superintendent. "The need to accept, protect and respect all students is paramount to her and the central focal point in her decision making. In addition, she nurtures and respects her staff while setting high expectations for all. She loves her job, and it shows!”

Although she stays incredibly busy with her day-to-day principal tasks, she is always looking to advocate for her students and staff by seeking out additional resources that can positively impact the students at her school. As a “Kids at Hope” educator, Mrs. Valentin also wants to make sure families can be involved in contributing to their child’s success, and her school hosts month family nights to increase parent & community involvement.

“I love that my son’s principal is a real person. She shares her life, family, and hobbies, and she is open, warm, compassionate, and caring" said an anonymous PTO leader. "I always feel like the best interests of my son, the students and staff are being taken into account when she is making decisions. She really wants to know about each and every one of us. To be honest, she is one of the first people that made us feel so at home in Yuma.”

"If you were to walk around our school and follow Mrs. Valentin’s steps, you would stop in your tracks a lot, as I’ve never seen someone get so many hugs from her students," said Topp. "She makes sure to visit our classrooms and ask how our day is going and if we need anything. She often hangs out in the cafeteria and playground to help with lunch and playground duty and be where the kids are. Mrs. Valentin is a very hands-on principal, and it’s very much appreciated. She’s a LifeChanger for so many of us."

Comments (24)

Sheila Mendoza Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of a more deserving person for this award. Trish truly impacts the lives of everyone around her with her genuine kindness, leadership and friendship. She is a true Treasure Hunter who believes ALL children are capable of success, no exception. ?? She is one of the kindest people I know.

Troy Love Posted over a year ago

Trish has been a blessing to many including my family. She has been a supporter of my wife and encouraged her to pursue further education in order to become a SPED teacher. I have watched Trsih inspire and encourage others too. She is a blessing to this community. #LCOY

Kaycie Didley Posted over a year ago

You are seriously the best! Love and miss you!

Sharon Martinez Posted over a year ago

We love Mrs. Valentin. We have been blessed to have her as our principal since my daughter started kindergarten! Her smile is contagious and to see all the kids give her daily hugs is amazing! She gives herself to her students and staff unconditionally!!!

Brenna Paulin Posted over a year ago

In my years as a governing board member, I have seen Trish grow from a young inexperienced teacher into an exemplary administrator, leader and role model in the Crane School District. One of the things I admire most about Trish is her willingness to step fearlessly out of her comfort zone and take on new challenges. Rather than become comfortable with her success, she continuously adds new tools to the toolbox that makes her so good at what she does. When you couple her excellent job skills with her positive, caring and compassionate nature, work ethic and passion for education, you have an unbeatable force of nature. Our district family and community love and value Trish more than I can say.

Liana Goldsboro Posted over a year ago

Trish is more than deserving of this award! Her philosophy of finding the treasure in each child at HLSuverkrup is evident each day ! Students love and respect her and she’s transformed many little lives for the better. I’m proud to work alongside such a heartwarming and dedicated role model! May today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievements. ??????

Liz Colton Posted over a year ago

Trish, is amazing Principal! She is definitely a Life Changer, she has touched so many teachers, students and families lives we are so grateful to have her in our community! Thank you for your amazing example of kindness and compassion. Congratulations!!! ??

Dale Ponder Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Valentin personifies the merger of hope and love. Her continuous attention to ensuring that all students who walk through the doors of her school have equal access to the opportunity for success, regardless of the trauma or circumstances that surrounds them, remains her focus. Through this passion, it provides a community culture where staff members are eager to collaborate with her in the development of critical skills for the students for which they all serve. Her innovative techniques and strategies for partnering with internal and external organizations who share the same belief, aligning to the structure of "Kids at Hope", that all students are capable of success without exception has been an essential component at HL Suverkrup Elementary School. Mrs. Valentin's willingness to empower her staff, permitting the practitioners to help determine the best methodology for learning and delivery of instruction, allows them to implement creative concepts that transform how instruction and classroom learning is provided through a more dynamic and engaging process. Mrs. Valentin, a humble leader and exceptional colleague, is most deserving of this recognition with providing previous, current and future students with the life changing opportunities necessary for overall success.

Kei Foppe Posted over a year ago

Trish was the first person to greet me when I arrived at training my first year in Crane (2003!). Her huge smile and words, “THERE you are!” are what I remember from that anxiety-filled arrival. I was immediately set at ease, and have been with Crane ever since.

Caylah Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Valentine has been amazing in handling situations that have occurred with my son. She has been compassionate and caring. I am beyond happy my children attend HLS I wouldn’t haven’t any other way.

Phyllis Swanson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Valentin is the ultimate school principal with a sincerely honest love for her students and their parents. She is a model for all teachers, principals (parents and students) as she lives “unconditional love”.

Xochitl Sharp Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Valentin is the most loving and caring person to whoever comes across her. She made my son feel like he was the most important child at HLS. Even as he moved into junior high she made it a point to follow up and make sure he was doing ok. We will forever be grateful for everything she did for him.

Laurie Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on this beautiful honor.

Tamy Durham Posted over a year ago

This woman has inspired me in more ways than words can describe. She is strong yet loving. She is relentless when it comes to children. Regardless of the challenge she is faves with she ALWAYS remains calm, focused, and remembers her “WHY”.... helping children. She in a true inspiration and life changer. I know first hand because knowing her has changed my life and inspired me to just be a better human being.

Esmeralda Macias Posted over a year ago

We are very happy to have this principal in our school I received a personal call from her was something positive about my student attending HLS I thought was a very nice thing from her no other principal had done this before she took the time for my child he is in 6 th grade now I have had 4 other students attending HLS she made my child so special it motives him to keep doing good in school I also have a younger child attending she is in 4 th grade

Bobbie Henry Posted over a year ago

Trish Valentine is one of the kindest, most supportive individuals I have the privilege of calling friend and colleague. Trish, you change others’ lives every day with how you care and lift them up. You are completely, hands down the most deserving recipient of this nomination.

Judeth Badgley Posted over a year ago

What an awesome educator!!! Walking the walk, talking the talk. Yuma is lucky to have Trush and other high-powered educators who believe in the potential of all children.

Barb Posted over a year ago

What a wonderful description of an empowering leader. As a 33 year veteran teacher I would be thrilled to work for her. She has the students' best interest at heart. Good luck Ms. Valentin.

Cindy Posted over a year ago

You are amazing and a winner in my eyes!

Ashley Doering Posted over a year ago

Dedicated, caring, passionate educator is just the few of the amazing words to describe her.

Amanda Parkerson Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Valentin is an amazing Principal. H.L Suverkrup is lucky to have her.

Alexis schoenborn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Valentin is an AMAZING principal. She cares for her students and her staff. She is always putting other people’s needs ahead of her own. The absolute best.

Tom Slade Posted over a year ago

Could not think of a more deserving person.

Jen Posted over a year ago

Yay!!! What a fabulous nomination for a fabulous person!!!??