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Maud Mulvany

Position: Education Specialist
School: Central Elementary School
School District: South Bay Union School District
City, State: Imperial Beach, CA

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Maud Mulvany was nominated by her principal, Cori Herbst-Loehr.

As an education specialist, Ms. Mulvany's focus is on special education students. She provides instruction and assessment/program planning, and she monitors and evaluates student progress and behavior. She also researches and provides instructional materials for special education services, serves as an informational resource for students, families, and staff, and works to ensure the individual needs of each student are being met.

Ms. Mulvany demonstrates a consistent practice of putting student needs first and builds a classroom environment in which all scholars thrive. In the last two years, her students have shown consistently high growth compared to their peers. One of the highlights of her school’s student achievement data is the performance and growth of Central’s special education students in grades 4-6. Last year, 100% of Ms. Mulvany's students made significant progress toward their goals in both state assessments and District reading benchmarks.  Most of her students grew at least one grade level (if not two or three levels) in reading proficiency.  This is a phenomenal achievement for any student, particularly those with special needs.

Ms. Mulvany is also a treasured colleague and friend to both school staff and the families of the students she serves.  She is unfailingly honest and kind, even when she has challenging messages to deliver.  She practices integrity and is firm in her expectations for student behavior and their educational development.

"Maud is, without a doubt, her students' loudest and most supportive champion," said Herbst-Loehr. "She develops thoughtful citizens of the world, and we are proud that she chooses to teach in South Bay."

Comments (17)

Elvira Patricio-Guzman Posted over a year ago

Where do I start...............Maud Mulvany has been my friend, co-worker, sister, confidant, adviser, family. She has been all this to me and more! This is because she has a way of getting into your heart with the kind words and advice that she shows you. I met Maud Mulvany in July of 2008. She was going to be the new teacher in the Special Day class where I was the Instructional Assistant. When I first met her I noticed that she was so kind, caring and loving to all the students. Everyday in the classroom she shows patience, concern, love, and empathy. She wants the students to do their best always so that in their adult life they can be successful. She is there for them 110%. She listens to their concerns, worries,and their success stories. Maud does not tolerate any of the students to be bullied. She talks to the students that are being bullied and to the bullies and work through the problem until it gets resolved. She will give up all of her free time to resolve these problems and to stop the bullying. Maud always puts the students needs before her own. She doesn't stop until she together with the student resolves the problem. The students feel successful because she is always standing with them every step of the way. All the students that come into her class show much improvement and grow academically. Maud Mulvany is a professional educator and deserves this great honor. She is a True Life Changer for everyone. As a staff member she is loved by everyone. Numerous teachers come to Maud for advice and guidance. She is always willing to help out and never turns anyone away. I have worked side by side with her for over 11 years and I can truly say that I have grown because of her. I have learned from her, and I continue to learn how to be a better teacher for all of our students. She has taught me so many different skills that I can use. She has taught me to be more patient and loving and all this will not only help me at work but also in my personal life. I can say that because of her I am a better person. I am truly grateful for all the time and dedication she has given to me throughout these years. I am truly blessed to have Maud in my life and I will continue to treasure every moment I have with her. I don't know of anyone more deserving than Maud Mulvany for this Life Changer award.

Armando Lopez Posted over a year ago

My name is Armando Lopez and I am the principal of Crown Point Junior Music Academy. I was fortunate to serve as Maud Mulvany’s principal from 2009-2017 at Central Elementary in the South Bay Union School District. It was during this time that Maud showed our entire school that she is a true Life Changer. Maud Mulvany is a Life Changer who is a true champion to all students, including students with disabilities. Mrs. Mulvany is a person who is driven by many things in life. Her experiences, family and students have been the constant moral compass driving her to find the best out of everyone. This is especially true for students with disabilities. As a teacher at Central, she has always driven the concept of true inclusion throughout the entire school. Maud always wants her students to be part of a “push-in” model allowing her students in a mild-moderate self-contained classroom to be part of a greater community. She partners with general education teachers to ensure that her students are engaged in lessons and building relationships with their peers. Maud does not tolerate any bullying or mistreatment of students and is not afraid to tackle issues supporting any student. As I have watched her continue to lead and grow at Central, she has empowered not only her students but staff as well. She has an unwavering belief to always do what is right for students. Her 100% student-centred approach to teaching has impacted teachers and principals alike. My past tenure at Central has given me a priceless experience allowing me to learn from Maud. As I reflect now, I realize that whether you are a child or an adult, we will all experience struggles at some point throughout our lives. From the smallest decision to the greatest life-changing event, we all have some people to lean on during that struggle. Maud Mulvany has been a rock and support to me and one of the strongest women I know. I have learned from her moral compass. She has given me advice and support beyond the world of education and I will never forget her or be able to express my gratitude and appreciation of the impact she has had on my both professionally and personally. Maud Mulvany is not only a Life Changer for students but adults as well, and I am truly proud to have worked alongside her and have the privilege to call her a mentor and a friend.

Emma Hendricks Posted over a year ago

As Maud's niece, I have witnessed her kindness and compassion all of my life. However, I have also had the privilege of spending the day with her in her classroom. She cares and supports her students in all of the aspects of their lives. A favorite memory was when she had me lead the class in a Richard Simmons dance class when they were getting a bit restless. EVERY kid had all of the routines memorized and gladly got up to show off their moves. It is apparent that she loves and cares for each individual kiddo that is in her classroom. She still fills me in on the lives of her former students that I met several years ago. I love how she not only teaches them the necessary material for school but also many life skills including finances and daily exercise. Maud is absolutely deserving of this honor, and I know the many students and families that have been touched by her agree.

Rachel Hendricks Posted over a year ago

When I saw that Maud was nominated for this award, I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserved this award more than her! For the 20+ years that I have known Maud, she has always brought out the best in people! She’s patient, kind, and probably one of my favorite people on the planet! I am so blessed (as well as her students) to have Maud in my life!

Claudia Oliver Posted over a year ago

Yay for Maud! She is the best!! Always has been!

Morgan Hoogate Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Maud for the last several years. She is always an advocate for students with special needs. She is devoted to helping them succeed in all areas of their lives. She works tirelessly with her students to help support them in making progress with their individual academic needs. She supports students within the general education setting as well as providing small group instruction to help them participate and be successful in the same programs as their general education peers. She also supports her students and colleagues in many programs that are outside the classroom as well, such as the talent show and the dance program.. She is a wonderful colleague to have on site and has been an invaluable ally for her students and colleagues. She is truly deserving of this honor!

Teresa Garcia Posted over a year ago

Maud is absolutely deserving of this nomination. She is a champion for all her students and I appreciate how thoughtful she is when approaching each of her students’ academic, social and emotional needs. In turn, I am always impressed by how much her students improve socially and academically under her wing. Furthermore, she is someone that has a passion to continually educate herself and others on what works best for students. As a school psychologist, I always enjoy working with educators such as Maud because she never gives up on her students.

Sally Posted over a year ago

It’s not just her students who are inspired. Her friends are also touched by her enthusiasm and positive energy. I count myself lucky to be included in the (large) circle of people who are better for knowing her.

Lindsey Skeuse Posted over a year ago

Mauds passion for her kids never goes unnoticed. She always speaks fondly of them whenever we visit. In today’s society, it’s so wonderful to know there are teachers present like Maud to help others grow into their best self. She takes the time to show each child how special they are and that they have a seat at any table. Proud niece right here ??

Mo McElroy Posted over a year ago

Maud is an education superhero. Her teaching is rigorous and engaging with high expectations for her students with varied learning strengths and challenges. I have been an educator for 32 years and have the honor to have worked with Maud for 15 of those years. She is, without question THE most excellent, caring, all-in teacher that I have ever known. Her students love her, and oh do they learn! It’s amazing to see their growth over the course of a year. If Maud doesn’t deserve this award, I don’t know who does.

Mary Hilliard Posted over a year ago

No surprise to read this about Maud. She has a huge talent for helping others. Her spirit is sweet and her caring is shown in the way she supports her students.

Kilee Lamm Posted over a year ago

If I could bring even an ounce of the joy Maud brings to her students with me each and everyday, I’d be a better person. I am so grateful our paths crossed.

Lori & Dennis Mulvany Posted over a year ago

We are very proud of Maud, our sister in law for the past 11 years. This nomination comes as no surprise to us! We know what a dedicated teacher she is how much she loves her students. We always enjoy hearing stories about “her kids” and how happy she is about their accomplishments. Well deserved recognition!

Bill Holder Posted over a year ago

As long as I’ve known Maud, which has been 50+ years, I have known her to be kind, giving, respectful and above all empathetic. Always a contributor. Perfect attributes for a teacher, especially a special needs teacher. Her nomination is no surprise. Go Maudy!

Cori Herbst Posted over a year ago

Maud Mulvany demands excellence from her students and never fails to expect their success. From the minute she arrives to the moment she leaves her commitment to our scholars in unyielding. Every student who has Ms. Mulvany as a teacher grows academically, socially and emotionally. Central is grateful for Maud!

Sandra Vasquez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mulvany is a consistent role-model of a teacher who expects all students at Central to strive for excellence in academics and behaviorally. She embraces her students and families as a part of her own personnel accountability and maintains these relationships to support student success. She is a lovely asset to our Central Community.

Karina Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mulvany is a caring teacher who leads her students toward success. She always has a kind smile to offer. Her students know that she cares about them and she sets high expectations for them. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful and thoughtful teacher in our staff at Central Elementary.