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James Price

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: Colchester High School
School District: Colchester School District
City, State: Colchester, VT

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James Price was nominated by a former student, Emma Urbahn.

"I was lucky enough to be one of Mr. Price's students back in high school, both in his International Politics/Model UN class and AP European History," said Urbahn. "His passion for knowledge and student achievement, and obvious joy from teaching, have stayed with me since then. From his classes, I began to understand what it meant to respect the care our teachers put into our education, and why it was important to learn about the world."

Mr. Price takes on every student's achievement as a personal goal. When a grade slips, he will sit down with the student and talk about what might be going on in their personal life that's affecting their attention in class or with homework.

"The compassion he shows made a difference to me," said Urbahn. "He considers showing up - and showing up on time - to be one of the single most important aspects of learning. He has such a drive for learning, and making history come alive for his current students, through music or documentaries. Mr. Price keeps on teaching, and making an impact on his students, every year, and I think he absolutely fits the definition of a LifeChanger."

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-- Posted over a year ago

I want to thank Mr. Price for his contributions to the LGBT community. Great ally! ??????

Curtis Miller Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price changes lives through his contagious passion for history and his genuine concern for his students. We who have been lucky enough to have had him as a teacher know how hard Mr. Price works to form his students into lifelong learners who make a positive difference in the world. He helped us remember important dates and events with fun sayings and songs. Mr. Price’s lessons were creative and engaging, such as reenactments of the trial of Socrates and the 1848 overthrow of Prince Metternich. To better understand international relations, he took us to a model United Nations conference. Mr. Price taught us how to think critically and independently, and the importance of considering different perspectives, such as when he brought in veterans of the Iraq War who shared contrasting perspectives on that conflict. He enabled us to feel the human side of history and world events by inviting in survivors of the Holocaust and the Bosnian genocide. More than a decade after I sat in his classroom, I can still remember many of his wise sayings, such as: “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” Mr. Price has influenced many of us in our choice of career and has inspired all of us to strive to live the best lives we can. He is richly deserving of this honor.

Jordan Soutiere Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price was my favorite teacher in high school. He is the kindest, most understanding man who supports each student to be the best they could be. When I was in his AP European History class he was the reason I passed and earned college credit. I’ve always struggled with remembering dates so he would go over my tests with me, see if I knew the events in correct order and help me come up with strategies to remember the dates. His personality, and encouragement inspired all of us in his class. He is the kind of teacher I hope I can be everyday. One who helps kids to be the best they can be, and never lets them down. He is so deserving of this award for all he’s done for all of his students.

Rich Reutti Posted over a year ago

Jim is how I know him. We meet in my Jr his sophomore year of college. We became fast friends. We were hiking and skiing buddies and would play hackie sack by the hours. Always positive and uplifting, always energetic, trips to ski in the 4Runner and many other great memories with my brother. We’ve kept in touch over the years and he is always the same. He was was in my area we got together and it was like we were together the day before. And guess what we visited a historical site of which Sir James knew everything about. Great friend, great man, amazing skier and dedicated to his girl is how I know him. A man everyone should strive to emulate. Until our paths cross again be well my brother. MUCH LOVE RICHARD

Cyndi MacDonald Posted over a year ago

Jim was never my teacher. But he was a dear friend to my brother in law. And his eulogist. A sweeter man is hard to find. As I have gotten to know him I am jealous of every student who sat in his class room! How very lucky they were/are to have a teacher with such compassion and enthusiasm!

Cathy Pharis Posted over a year ago

I didnt have u as a teacher I have gotten to no u thru ur wife ( my cousin) I wish there was more teachers like u. Ones that care and show compassion. I no some of my teachers put me to sleep. And when we were learning about the holocaust I wanted to learn more but they only went so far. Congratulations!!!!

Mary Jo Tarallo Posted over a year ago

Congrats to Jim! Wonderful achievement!

Stephen Sands Posted over a year ago

Have had the pleasure of working with Jim prior to education field. He brings that excitement to life every day and joy every time you see him. Keep up the passion.

Brynn Posted over a year ago

One of my favorite teachers and without a doubt the most passionate one! I had the honor of taking his semester-long Holocaust Studies class last spring and am beyond glad I decided to add it to my schedule last minute. I learned so much through well-planned lessons and activities designed to engage the classroom as his top priority has always been to teach students. History has always been one of my favorite subjects and Mr. Price’s motivation and dedication to teaching it has peaked my interest in it even more. I would be beyond lucky to have him as a teacher next year!

Jeffrey Richey Posted over a year ago

What is there to say about Mr. Price? Words can’t even come close but I’ll certainly try. If you’ve ever cried at the end of Mr. Holland’s Opus? Cheered as the students stood on their desks in Dead Poet’s Society or Cheered for Mr. Escalante in Stand and Deliver you start to get a feeling for Mr. Price. Passionate, Intelligent, Caring, Activist, Dedicated and Friend.Never forget Friend. I was fortunate to have started my teaching career around the same time as Jim. Right from the get go I could see how much Jim truly cared about helping others. He began as an aide working with a young man with whom he created a life-long friendship with. Over the years, he brought his energy and passion to his teaching. From simulating the old Chicago mob bosses during prohibition to having his students belting out the La Marseillaise. Bringing in such eminent speakers as Howard Dean, Captain Phillips and the heroic survivors of the Holocaust, Jim never skimps in giving his students the best exposure to how history connects with our students here in Vermont. In addition to his teaching, Jim has made connections with our local, municipal, and state representatives. He always has former students come back to speak to his current students and discuss life beyond the CHS walls and the importance of civic and historical knowledge He promotes discussion, debate and always engages his students, repeatedly inspiring them to always be willing to listen and learn. He has inspired so very many students over the years and I am constantly hearing from our students, both past and present, how much he means to them. I am lucky enough to have known Jim since he began working at Colchester and I count him among one of my good dare I say best friends. His positive energy and drive inspires me to be a better teacher. I truly appreciate all Jim brings to teaching our students and supporting his peers. He is so deserving of this award and I am very happy for him. So Jim, if you are reading this, Thank You!. Oh and p.s.- I’ll give you a one week reprieve from trying to change your computer screen saver.

Katie Comeau Posted over a year ago

2003 CHS graduate here... Mr Price was one of the most influential teachers I had in my time at CHS. I specifically took history classes just so I could be in his class. His passion, enthusiasm, and support for his students was and continues to be amazing. He was a leader, a role model and a fantastic teacher who really took the time to get to know his students. He made learning about Mesopotamia exciting and 16 years later I can still remember most of what he taught me

Bradley Isham Posted over a year ago

I was Mr Prices student 6 years ago. I took both his zap European History as well as International Politics. What I remember most about Price is his constant motivation everyday for what he was teaching. From the depths of the Cold War to our current issues in the UN. Mr Price always was adamant about every detail and reminding us that these are our issues and things we need to prevent and worry about. I don't ever recall one day of him being in an "off" mood. I have taken many of the lessons he taught me during that time and apply it to my life even today. Too many to count in fact.His ability and willingness to connect with every student has been unparalleled throughout my entire schooling experience

Dugan O'Donnell Posted over a year ago

Mr.Price is nothing short of an extraordinary teacher, I first met Mr. Price while enrolled in his AP European history class as a senior at Colchester High School. He knew the course material like the back of his hand, and although, (don't tell him this) I have forgotten most of what we learned other than the section on King Henry the 8th and his unfortunate wives (eight to be exact). He taught me a few life lessons that I will never forget. First, is to read. Anyone who is reading this and has taken one of Mr. Prices classes knows exactly what I mean when I say this man eats, sleeps, breathes, promotes, and encourages at all costs, that his students "READ!" (he exclaims this loudly at least once during every class). I never really understood the gravity of what he was trying to convey until I left my hometown and attended college on the banks of the Thames in New London, CT. George R.R. Martin once wrote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Mr. Price understands this and encourages it to the core of his being. Secondly, is to be yourself. Mr. Price is nothing short of a character, he is animated, loud, and thoughtful. He owns his small section of tile at the from of the room as if he were teaching his class on national television. As a student in his class you will never fall asleep, or be bored because even if you are less than enthusiastic about whatever topic you are covering, Mr. Price makes it exciting in a way that I have never experienced before or since. He is none other than himself in the classroom, and out. This is a rare gift in a world full of perceptions and judgment that you meet an educator that is so honest, genuine, and original. The third and final lesson, is time. "Time is the most precious commodity in the world." These words and this lesson are perhaps the one I am most thankful for, it is nothing short of a gift. Mr. price would say this over, and over again. As a teenager it is hard to understand why this animated, gray haired teacher, with some unusual teaching methods would harp on this so much, but looking back its hard not to understand. Time never stops, all to often we never have enough and all we can do is choose how to spend it. I may not have understood, and still probably do not truly understand, the gravity of this lesson but I can say for certain that the first person to help guide me on the topic was Mr. price. Mr. Price is a phenomenal educator, and yes he can recite vast quantities of his favorite European history textbook which usually begins with a very loud deep breathe, and then "Palmer, Colton says". Followed by a smile and the textbook loudly finding a resting place upon his podium at the front of the class. However what really makes Mr. Price a Life Changer is not his vast knowledge of the past but his expansive optimism for the future. He his more than a great teacher, he is a great man. A man who has taught many lessons, the most important of which you will not find in any textbook.

Liz Mooney Posted over a year ago

I took AP European History and International Politics with Mr. Price 13 years ago! His enthusiasm for international events and passion for history was contagious. Growing up, I didn't know of anyone who had launched a career in International Affairs but Mr. Price encouraged me and showed me that it was possible. He gave me the audacity to follow my interests -- and after majoring in International Relations at Brown, launched a career in international development. I am so grateful to have been exposed to his contagious energy for world affairs and owe my career path to his influence.

Karsen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price and I would always talk about media bias and how we should all think for our selves and just how important that is. I go hunt for the things I want to know now rather then be fed them. This has changed my life in so many ways I feel genuinely aware of the things happening in the world around me. It’s been four years since I took his classes but I think about him often.

Duy Pham Posted over a year ago

I had the honor of being in Mr. Price's class for Holocaust Studies. He is riveting in his teaching, and his passion for the material is unbound. He can channel the drama and liveliness of a historical moment, but then bring a seriousness to a much warranted issue, which is a difficult skill to perfect. Mr. Price has that knack for teaching, and making that impressionable memory on a student's journey. I have yet- and I don't think I will ever will l-have a teacher with such energy and love for the craft like Mr. Price.

Lilly Posted over a year ago

I took Mr. Price's class 7 years ago and still have not had a teacher as passionate as him. He embodies everything a teacher should be and is definitely a life changer!

James Hering Posted over a year ago

As a community television producer and a personal friend of Jim Price, he has invited me several times into his classroom for special guest presentations including Holocaust survivors and present-day military veterans. I have seen first hand his extraordinary efforts to enrich his students' experience with these encounters and, through our community television programming, also reach out to the community at large. Mr. Price is an inspirational educator in the classroom and the wider community - Thank You Jim Price!

Matthew K Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price radiates joy and passion every day in his classroom. He cares deeply about his students and their learning. His passion for his work inspires his students to go out into the world with that same passion about their careers and their fellow humanity.

Ellen Rathe Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price would always talk about very distant places with such a proximate context. If it weren't for his encouragement, I wouldn't have developed the love of history, culture, and travel that I have today. My older sister and younger brother were also lucky enough to have him, and we still cannot say enough positive things about the experiences we had with Mr. Price.

Grace Carroll Posted over a year ago

I’m also a former student of Mr. Price, now a sophomore at Middlebury College. Because of Mr. Price, I’m now an International and Global Studies Major, with a focus in Security Studies. His passion and encouragement in the classroom is truly unmatched! Besides being an incredible example of excellent pedagogy, Price never stops attending conferences nationwide, in order to further his own understanding of the world we live in. Being a great teacher is one thing, but acknowledging your own imperfections and striving to improve is entirely another. Please consider Mr. Price for this award!!

Brendan Adamczyk Posted over a year ago

As a student of Mr. Price's for one year for his AP European History class - more than 3 years ago at this point - I am unsurprised to see him up for an award to be LifeChanger of the Year. Time and again, in professional, personal, and academic settings, I have recalled the powerful and emotional teachings of Mr. Price on a wide variety of topics, some which should be boring but have instead been made memorable by his teaching. Even now, as a college student, I am grateful to have been taught by Mr. Price throughout my high school years. From his discussion of the eastwardly movement of the Catholic religion to his passionate acting out of the French Revolution to the defenestration of Prague and much, much more, Mr. Price excels as a history teacher and deserves to win the LifeChanger of the Year award without a doubt.

Deb Thayer Posted over a year ago

So glad to see Jim Price nominated. It was my pleasure to serve as a para educator in several of Mr.Price's classes. He is a teacher filled with passion . Respectful of differences in students abilities, energetic, and truly a life long learner, so thrilled for this opportunity for him!

Susan Giuliani Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jim!

Kaylyn Morse Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price made a huge impact on my education in so many ways! Everyday he came to class with incredible enthusiasm and such passion, it was very obvious that he is always doing what he loves. He made so much impact on my life with his stressed importance of current events, and as being a younger person, stressed the importance of being involved in my community and staying up to date about the events and problems around the world. Though I only took geography with Mr. Price, he has made a lasting impact of the importance of the world and how my little contributions to it can make a huge difference to those around me. Congrats Mr. Price! -Kaylyn Morse, CHS 2018

Stewart Levy Posted over a year ago

I too think James Price fits the definition of a LifeChanger, as a teacher, a mentor, and as my good friend for the last 40 years! His enthusiasm is contagious, his energy positive, and his passion inspiring. Jim gives maximum time and attention to the needs of every student, and he cares about them personally, long after the bell rings.

Sandra Sharples Posted over a year ago

I went to college with Jim and he’s very passionate about history! He is very deserving of this award as his knowledge about historical facts is limitless!

Zoltan Gombas Posted over a year ago

Known Jim Price since rooming together for a year in college. This nomination doesn’t surprise me now and it wouldn’t have then given Jim’s thirst for knowledge, truth and meaning coupled with a remarkably generous spirit and willingness to share and help others. A natural born teacher with limitless passion and an uncanny ability to discern beauty and quality in all things and, particularly, fellow human beings. Congratulations and cheers to Jim!

Ella Pellegrino Posted over a year ago

I had heard about Mr.Price before I had even hit high school, my brother talked of a loud, passionate teacher- who was his very favorite one. Mr. Price cares about each and every one of his students- even beyond high school. He asked about my brother constantly(who had graduated), and seemed to genuinely be really proud of him. He asked me a few times, what I wanted to be, too. I’m still not sure, but I’m sure he’d be proud of me anyway. I took only one class with Mr. Price, Holocaust Studies. A class Mr.Price HIMSELF asked to be implemented into the curriculum, and when approved, he constructed the class himself. My class was only the second semester of it, I believe. The passion that Mr. Price exuded and the impression he left on me is something I will gladly carry forever. He cried, I cried, my ‘manly’ classmates cried. This is a man that holds so much compassion and understanding that it pours into every soul he touches. I could think of no other teacher that deserves this nomination as much as Mr.Price.

Clara Johnson Posted over a year ago

The passion a teacher has for a subject can alter a students life. Mr. Price shares his passion for social studies every day with his students. He has made me more aware of the implications of past events and how they have had an affect throughout history. His teachings have brought me much further in life, and have brought me to be a more well rounded person that understands the upbringings of older civilizations. By having this understanding, it has helped me make connections throughout history with current events. Everyone aspires to have a fiery passion like his for something in their life. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher Mr. Price, you deserve this award!

Emily C Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price was a great motivator for me and all of my friends even before I had him as a teacher. He stood outside of his classroom and greeted each and every student with this positivity that very few people have and easily brightened the school environment. Once I had Mr. Price as a teacher, I was given the most incredible learning experience I could ask for, one I haven’t even been met with in college! Mr. Price brought a passion to the classroom that no other teacher has and I will never forget the content I learned because of his love of teaching. Thank you Mr. Price!

Laura Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Price for AP European history 2 years ago. He is an exceptional teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure his students’ success. There was never a dull moment in class and he was the embodiment of fun learning. It was obvious that he was genuinely interested, and excited about history and and every thing that he taught, and that only made us want to learn. I can only hope to have that level exceptionality in teaching when I’m out of college, and inspire people to want to learn and and be as passionate as he is.

Jon Shein Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Mr. Price since 1980, and can’t think of a teacher more deserving of this award. Even as teenagers, his passion for history, learning, and teaching was infectious; whether we were riding our bikes or hiking local trails, conversations with Mr. Price (I still giggle when I think of him as Mr. Price) invariably left me with more knowledge than when I started...I was learning, without even trying. With all of the troubles facing our country today, it gives me comfort to know that Mr. Price’s students will be of the generation that has to fix many of these problems, and they will do so with a firm grasp of history so that they don’t replicate the mistakes of those that have gone before them. Salud! Jon Shein

Casey Hansen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price was one of the most enthusiastic and engaging teachers I ever had!

Nick Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price made sure every class was engaging, enjoyable, and educational. His words still come to mind today and I remember his classes as the most memorable ones I took. He absolutely deserves this nomination and award.

Savanah Posted over a year ago

Best teacher of my entire life and I’m a senior in college and went to 2 different high schools. During my darkest times mr. price was always the sunshine of my day and I still think of him often. He inspired me to always word hard and that legacy stayed. The most passionate person I’ve ever met ??

Victoria Mier Posted over a year ago

I took AP European History and International Politics with Mr Price. No teacher or professor has even been so excited about teaching as he is. He always encouraged us to go abroad and see the world if we could, so when I studied in Spain my immediate thought upon returning was to tell him about my trip. Mr Price also made sure to provide opportunities for all students at the school, regardless of whether they were in his classes. Thanks to Mr Price we got to hear first hand the stories of war veterans, Holocaust survivors, and even Captain Phillips because he invited them to visit out school.

Cassie Mallabar Posted over a year ago

I was lucky to have Mr. Price as a teacher my sophomore and junior year of high school. I am now a senior in college and can still confidently say that what he taught me I still use today. His class was history, but he taught me the importance of caring, and showing up, and how we as young people can change the world. He deserves this award because I believe he does change the life of every student that walks through his classroom.

Roxy Paquette, (née Powell) Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price was such an influential teacher for me. He really taught me to love history. I loved his classes so much that I took 3 with him overall. I have never met someone who is so passionate about his profession. He’s always enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable, and brilliant.

Zach Sheets Posted over a year ago

I had Mr Price for multiple classes and he was one of the best teachers, if not the best I have had hands down. Even after moving onto college and other endeavors I haven’t found anyone who has the same passion for something as much as he does. Not only does he want you to learn, he wants you do to do so for the rest of your life. He consistently would tell us to “go to school the rest of your lives” and that speaks to his never ending curiosity and ambition to learn and experience new things. He may have come off a bit extreme to some people but I only saw it as his utter excitement to teach and make a difference in each one of his students lives. He deserves this award and so much more for all of the people he’s impacted throughout his teaching career. I miss him dearly and wish more of my professors and teachers shared the same passion and exuberance for teaching. He’s exactly the teacher you want when it came to history and other things (the subjects of which I didn’t really enjoy) and I really think he’s one of a kind and wish this award and MORE for his dedication. Thanks Mr Price!

TIera Porter Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price has made a huge impact on my sons education, the level of his instruction is of the highest standard. However this is only a fraction of why Mr. Price is a Lifechanger, Mr. Price is a kind soul that teaches students with his excitement all while making his students better people through compassion, acceptance and exploration. I have had the pleasure of seeing this first hand and I truly believe my son is a better person both in and out of he classroom because of his continued support.

Ali Conant Lapierre Posted over a year ago

Looking back at high school (graduated in 2002), there are only a few teachers that I remember as vividly as I do Mr. Price. His positive energy not only grabbed the students attention, but also got them more involved than any other teacher. You were (and are) an amazing teacher, whom deserves this LifeChanger of the Year Award!

Kristen Veronneau Posted over a year ago

Mr. Price is the kindest, most compassionate teacher. He stops at nothing to see his students succeed and truly cares about each and every student, past or present. He embodies every quality a teacher should have, while also making learning fun. I have heard numerous times from classmates who hated History that they left Mr. Price’s class with a passion for it. And I am one of those people as well. Having Mr. Price as a teacher in high school was amazing, and he was by far the favorite teacher I have ever had. Beyond just being a teacher, Mr. Price cares about every aspect of his students lives. He understands that things happen in his students personal lives that affect the way they learn and succeed in school. During my senior year my mom was battling stage IV breast cancer, which took her life just two months after I graduated. Mr. Price was the only teacher I ever felt comfortable discussing any of this with, and his compassion truly showed during this time. I can’t express in words how much Mr. Price meant to me throughout my time in high school. He will always be well respected, and never be forgotten. He, more than anyone, deserves the title of LifeChanger of the Year!