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Stephanie Caston

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: York Preparatory Elementary School
School District: York Preparatory Academy
City, State: Rock Hill, SC

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Stephanie Caston was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

"My daughter started kindergarten while her dad and I were going through a divorce," said the nominator. "Mrs. Caston did more for her than just teach. She helped her build confidence and understand she was smart. The way she teaches makes it easy for any kid to understand the material, and it makes them want to learn. Mrs. Caston always checked in and made sure my child was ok. A year later, my daughter still talks about her. I know she will remember her forever. I’m very thankful my daughter got the opportunity to have her as a teacher!"

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clyde covington Posted over a year ago

We absolutely LOVE her-! I hope that our son has 12 more teachers ahead of him that are *anywhere near* as talented and dedicated as Mrs Caston.

Julie Hewlett Posted over a year ago

My daughter was extremely fortunate to have Mrs. Caston as her Kindergarten teacher. I am also extremely fortunate to work with her. As a mother, I could not be more thankful for the love of learning that she has instilled in my daughter. As a colleague, I am thankful to have a teacher like Mrs. Caston to look up to and collaborate with. She is an amazing teacher and is definitely a life changer to all that know her!

Dorlisa Damon Posted over a year ago

Thank you, Mrs. Caston for making learning enjoyable! All of the time and energy you put in every day with our children is not in vain!!!

Kay Stewart Posted over a year ago

Mrs Caston has truly found her calling as a kindergarten teacher. I have never met someone who loves her job as much as she does. She is so passionate about teaching and our school is so lucky to have her.

Charlie Stewart Posted over a year ago

Mrs Caston is a great teacher. She is patient and kind. She really enjoys teaching and loves each of her students. Every student she has returns to visit her often because they miss her so much. There is a reason that students recommend her to their friends- she is awesome!

Braeden Fite Posted over a year ago

When I was in Kindergarten I loved the class she was amazing. We always played games and I had stories to tell when I got back so it was so much fun and I hope you when Ms. Caston

Shonte' Starks Posted over a year ago

Congratulation!!! "You is kind, you is important, you is smart." Such a awesome person humble spirit and well deserving of this nomination.

Wendy Miller Posted over a year ago

It's wonderful to hear all of the amazing things everyone has said about Stephanie. I would love to just say "ditto", but I would like to add that although my daughter wasn't young enough to have Stephanie as a teacher we still remember when she decided to become part of the small school where everyone knew everyone known as YPA. York Prep has grown in volumes over the past years and it has been such a pleasure to see that teachers like Stephanie have grown so much with it. I look forward to her social media post of all the students and staff that share the love for her that we do. Congratulations to Stephanie for the well deserved nomination. You are truly an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. Thanks for being a Life Changer.

Lane Russell Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all you do Mrs. Caston. You are the best kindergarten teacher I have ever known. Thank You!!

Mandy Evans Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston has been my sons kindergarten teacher this year and has been AMAZING! She has helped to support him through a tough transition and our son just absolutely loves her! She is sweet, caring, and supportive. We couldn’t ask for a better person for our son to have!

Brittany Gaston Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is absolutely phenomenal! My son had her last year in kindergarten and she made his transition from preschool seamless. She knew exaxtly how to take control of her classroom and did it with such ease. Every time we had a chance to stop in and speak whether after hours or at an event, she would always have students she taught years prior stop by to say hi which spoke volumes. Mrs. Caston is such an awesome & dedicated teacher and this nomination is 100% well-deserved!

Lachan Springs Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston, is such a Wonderful teacher.

Staci Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston taught both of my girls in Kindergarten and I could not have asked for a better teacher and start to their school career! She was absolutely amazing and made the kids love coming to school everyday. She made school fun for them and they learned so much in the process. She was the type of teacher we were so sad to leave at the end of the year! She is so deserving of this award and so much more!

Nancy Stewart Posted over a year ago

As Stephanie's mother, I am proud of her many contributions she is making to student's learning. She exhibits outstanding professionalism, high expectations and leadership. As a school teacher, 4H leader and church leader Stephanie inspires dreams, life's and give hope for the future throughout her school and surrounding communities. Congratulations Stephanie on the real deserved "life Changer of the Year" nomination!

Angie Posted over a year ago

Mrs Caston is more than just a teacher, my one granddaughters had her fours years ago. She made such an impact on her she still visits her classroom when given the chance. I now have another granddaughter in her class and I’ve never seen a child more excited and love going to school more than she does. Mrs Caston is an amazing, sweet, caring, dedicated and fabulous teacher/mentor to all the kids at YPA. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor.

Eric Stewart Posted over a year ago

Great teacher and community leader. Great nominee for lifechanger of the year.

Jess Curtis Posted over a year ago

She taught all 3 of my boys!! My last son, now in 5th grade,had a terrible time transitioning to the 1st grade. He missed Mrs Caston so much. She literally took him to class every day to let him get use to the change. Heart of pure gold!! Can’t thank her enough for loving my boys the way she does ????

Tennille Ward Posted over a year ago

Stephanie and I are "rodeo pals"! Our daughters rodeo together and our families have become friends. She is always an encouragement and a positive support for anyone she comes in contact with. I'm so glad to call her friend!

David Brown Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is a great leader and is wonderful with children . Always smiling and always has a positive attitude. Congrats my friend

Jody Weir Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is and always will be number one in my book ! An extremely caring and understanding teacher . My daughter had never been around anyone except me and my wife before kindergarten which was a huge shock for her but Mrs. Caston brought her around and got her prepared for school. She is in 6th grade now and still on all A honor roll

Wendy Levisyer Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is a wonderful person with a beautiful soul who adores children. Congrats stephanie!!! Continue to do what your doing and changing lives for the better.

Susan Malone Posted over a year ago

I have seen Stephanie teach in our church bible school and the reactions of the children and her ability to interact with them and they with her. I know her personally from Church and I can attest to her as a person. She is very sweet but will fiercely defend what she knows is wrong and is genuinely interested in helping wherever she is needed. She has set the bar very high whether she is teaching or as a person and friend!

Tonya Crosby Posted over a year ago

I’ve been going to church with Stephanie for about 10 years. Such a sweet person with a smile on her face all of the time. She adores the children and they love HER!

Lauren Evans Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston taught my daughter and I loved her so much I requested her for my twins so they could be in her class the next year too. She is exactly what you would imagine in a kindergarten teacher. Sweet, caring, cheerful, and warm. I’m so glad my children had her to lay their educational foundation. My kids still stop by to see her when they get the chance. She deserves this!

Angela Reed Posted over a year ago

I have known and worked with Mrs Caston for 4 years at YPA. She truly has a heart for teaching and she just oozes sweetness. Stephanie goes above and beyond to leave a lasting impression on her students!

Tina Roof Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is the most Sweetest Person I know she Is Thoughtful,Kind,Sweet.She is the most Attentive Person to her Students u can always Depend on Stephanie she makes them feel Important and she makes a Difference in their lives. I Love Her?? Give her the Opportunity to Make a Difference in another Child’s Life. Every child should have the Opportunity to be in her Class She is Caring and Loves her Students.

Savanna Armour Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is a wonderful teacher who puts her whole heart into teaching her students. My husband and I are forever grateful that she was our daughter’s kindergarten teacher.

Brandee Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is a great teacher who goes above and beyond her roll as a teacher. We always felt at ease knowing she would take care of our daughter when she was away from us.

Jake Stillwell Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Mrs. Caston the majority of my life. Neighbors and friends growing up and now again that I’ve moved my family back to the Lowrys/Armenia area. She’s always been a very loving and caring person, and an awesome friend. She wasn’t even my sons teacher yet she was able to get his attention and he immediately fell in love with her. The move from NC and school changes weren’t easy for him. Mrs. Caston and her team at York Prep took care of that for us and we are very thankful knowing he is comfortable and safe at school with teachers like her there to nurture him.

Lynn Melton Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Caston is a former co-worker and friend. I had the honor of working with her for 3 years. Not only is she a phenomenal teacher, but an awesome employee. She is the epitome of school spirit. Her passion for education and her school flows into her classroom. Her students know that they are loved and her energy for her school and classroom is an example to others that interact with her. She is a leader and mentor among her do-workers. She is the first to offer encouragement with a “can do” attitude. She makes her school stronger through her commitment, energy, and dedication. Her love and passion for education and children are evident. She works to meet each child on their level with resourceful and engaging activities. More importantly, she works to build relationships with each child that enters her classroom and with their families. Many times former parents will come back to volunteer in her classroom. She is that person that when you leave her, you are better for having known her. Her students know that and leave her classroom with the foundations for them to be better students and individuals. She definitely is a Lifechanger and deserves to be honored.

Jamie Sanders Posted over a year ago

My daughter had Stephanie last year. This was her first year of school and my nerves were tore up. After the first day I knew I couldn’t have picked a better teacher. My little girl LOVED her. She is firm with the kids but they also respect her! You can tell she really loves her job!

Judy Laws Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Caston was my daughter's K5 teacher at YPA two years ago. She made a such positive impression in Bella's life. Mrs. Caston's picture should be in the Webster Dictionary for the word "teacher!" Bella still ventures down the hall to visit with Mrs. Castom every chance she gets and is always greeted with a smile and hugs. She is a "Life Changer" for all students that have been taught by her.

Melanie Greene Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure of working with Stephanie Caston and some of her students. Mrs. Caston is the kindest and most compassionate teacher that I know. It is quite evident that she truly cares about each and every student. She makes every effort to make learning fun for her kindergarten students. She is a wonderful role model for her co-workers!

Joyce. Baker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cast on is a wonderful teacher. She taught my granddaughter in K5. Taylor loved being in her class. I hope she will still be teaching K5 when my youngest starts in K5. I worked with Ms Caston every week in her K5 class with 4H nutrition. I loved the way she would help me with the lessons. Me Cast on does make a difference in a child s life

Clarice Posted over a year ago

I have subbed in Mrs. Cartons room several times over the years. She is a wonderful teacher and has the patience of a Saint. She gives the children a good foundation. Congratulations Mrs. Caston

Jill Cooke Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is an amazing person! She is positive and is a ray of sunshine! Her love for the Lord is apparent in everything she does, and she truly is a life changer!

Bryan Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston goes above and beyond to help to ensure that every child is set up for success going forward! My son learned so much in her class and his test scores really reflected it. She makes learning fun for the kids and it shows when I see the smile on my son’s face when he’s showing me something he learned. I’m so thankful for my son to have had such an amazing teacher.

Lynn McKenzie Posted over a year ago

Stephanie and I first met when she was a teenager. She was a barrel racing teenager and came to 2 of our clinics in NC. I have now taught her daughter Savanna. I have met and taught barrel racing to other members of her family. Stephanie is part of a family that I call “salt of the earth people.” They are good families - raising good children that form the back bone of who America really is. To receive an award such as Life Changer of the Year is no surprise. She is carrying on in a family tradition of being just loving and good and descent hard working Americans who know how to pass those awesome traits onto our children. Congratulations Stephanie on a job well done.

Derrick Glenn Posted over a year ago

If you had to pick who would be the 1st teacher in your child's life that would start to mold their mind to get them passionate about learning she would be the one. Stephanie goes all the way for her kids every day and genuinely cares for her kids.

Sherre Donaldson Sibley Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I am so proud of you. You are doing wonderful things in children's lives. They will carry what you have taught them for years and years. You have such a major and positive impact on those lil minds and I couldn't be more proud or happy for you sweetie!

Carol Jane Wilks Posted over a year ago

MS. Cast on is Stephanie to me. I know her list of service. Besides a beautiful soul, Stephanie is active...I mean her church and community. Her 4H leadership is outstanding. She inspires children's lives to be their best. She makes the better, best. You can find her early morning preparing for her class and you can find her late at night under the lights. The lights of a rodeo Arena. There she develops both child and horse to become partners. Teaching lifelong skills passed down from generations or love.

Lara Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs Caston is exactly the kind of example that a child beginning his or her education needs!!! My son, Dutch was so reluctant to start school. The days leading up to his first day of class were full of anxiety and hesitation. That all ended when he walked in to that classroom and that was all because of Mrs Caston! She welcomed him with a genuine, warm hug and the rest was history! He loved his first year of school and he loved her! She taught him so much and here we are in middle school and I still get a Mrs Caston story at least once a week! Thank you, Mrs Caston, for starting my baby’s education off on a strong foundation! You are amazing, and I am grateful to you!

Christy White Posted over a year ago

If I were to create a cartoon character that epitomizes the ideal Kindergarten teacher, I would base that character on Mrs. Caston. Mrs. Caston makes learning fun, shares her light and joy with all students who enter her classroom, and is the essential component to shaping not only a successful transition to Elementary School but a successful transition to life-long learning. My son is now in the 3rd grade, but he still talks about his Kindergarten days with Mrs. Caston regularly and fondly. She shaped his love of learning and I am forever grateful for her impact. I am praying that my daughter makes it into Mrs. Caston's class when she enters Kindergarten as well. Mrs. Caston is an incredible LifeChanger and is so deserving of this honor.

Christy Passmore Posted over a year ago

She was my daughtes 5k teacher last year we love her to death wish we could just take her to each grade with our daughter , she knows how to talk to kids and get them to learn , with her being a mother helps a lot with the kids , this year our daughter is in the first grade and is having trouble because she misses ,Catson... One of the best teachers we have had in a long time.

Haven Henson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston has taught all of my children. She instilled a love of learning in my children. She has a way of making learning fun and making the children love her so much. My children will always cherish the time they had with her. She has truly set a strong foundation in all three of my children that I am truly thankful for. If anyone serves this award it is Mrs. Stephanie Caston!

Leah Fetterman Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Caston has been the epitome of the term 'life changer' in my family's life. She taught both of my children in kindergarten and her impact on all of our lives and has been lasting. The way she seems to live so selflessly putting her students and their families before herself daily is remarkable. If anyone deserves this award, it's Stephanie Caston.

Amie Cowart Posted over a year ago

I am so thankful for Mrs. Caston. Her classroom was a place of learning, a place of fun and filled with love. The teaching techniques used, we still refer to them today (two years later). The individual attention Mrs. Caston shows each child speaks to her heart and passion for her students. She gave my daughter confidence, she loved on her and continued to encourage her push forward. Two years later, my daughter still wants to go and give her hugs. We are so thankful for her and the passion she has for our children!

Leslie Carroll Posted over a year ago

To say that she goes above and beyond to help your child not only as a student but in their personal development too, is an understatement. My child learned so much from her class and gained confidence as well. I constantly see older kids stopping by her classroom or in the car line to say hello to her. She is an asset to the school and community!

Angela Langley Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Caston is an amazing woman. I watched her teach computer classes at York Technical College.i have been apart of her teaching 4H classes and some tutoring. She has the best personality and the patience of Job. She can reach children in a way that nobody else can. They can learn not only subject matter but also personal confidence. She showers love and happiness wherever she goes.Mrs. Caston never stops giving.She is truly an inspiration to anyone everywhere she goes. I am a truly blest person to know her.

Katie Shillinglaw Posted over a year ago

My daughter is currently a kindergartner in Mrs. Caston's class. She was nervous about starting "real" school. But, she wakes up and jumps out of bed excited EVERY single day. As a mother, there is no greater feeling. She constantly talks about Mrs. Caston and the different activities they do each day in class. It is obvious that Mrs. Caston is doing an amazing job. She deserves ALL the awards! We are so thankful for her and for all she is doing for the children at York Preparatory Academy.

Amanda Sinclair Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston taught both of my boys and I am truly grateful that she was there to start them off in school. Shes very compassionate and understanding and all around a GREAT teacher. She made sure they saw their potential and how smart they were. We love Mrs. Cason!

Chara Malone Posted over a year ago

We are forever grateful our daughter had Mrs. Caston for a kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Caston had a huge impact in our daughter's life! She made learning so fun for her while laying down the beginning foundation. I know it was Mrs. Caston who instilled a love for learning in our daughter. She even tells me when she grows up she wants to be a kindergarten teacher just like Mrs. Caston. :) Mrs. Caston is amazing!!!

Heather Whitley Posted over a year ago

No surprise there! I was blessed to have her impact all three of mine in kindergarten putting them on the fast track to high learning and success while giving them confidence and memories to last a lifetime! We love you!

Rachel Covington Posted over a year ago

My son is currently in Mrs. Caston's kindergarten class. He enjoys going to school and we love seeing his progress. Mrs. Caston does a great job keeping parents informed but also in the loop with their daily activities. It puts me, as a parent, more at ease about leaving my child every morning. Any question we have had, Mrs. Caston has answered right away. We have been very impressed. Thank you for what you do!!

Lindsay Maupin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston was 2 of my children’s Kindergarten teacher. She is an amazing, kind and loving woman. My children flourished in her class and was patient when they needed extra help. She deserves Life Changer of the Year without a shadow of a doubt!

Ashley Terlinde Posted over a year ago

We can’t begin to express how much we love Mrs. Caston!! She is definitely a life changer! She taught my oldest son two years ago and now has my younger son in her class. She is an amazing teacher and has helped my kids LOVE school. She and her assistant, Mrs. Jones, help to make learning fun and give their students a confidence they didn’t know existed. My husband and I will be forever grateful for her!! ??

Christy Lynn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is the best teacher we have ever experienced. I've never met anyone as patient and kind and hard working. All of the children love her including my daughter who is in 6th grade now and still goes to visit her every year. We need more teachers like this, genuine, caring, selfless. We love her and she deserves this more than anyone.

Vannezka Madorin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is an exceptional teacher! We were so blessed to have had her teach our child. It's been three years and our daughter still thinks that Mrs. Caston is the best teacher, that says something about the type of teacher Mrs. Caston is! She has so much love for her students and their families as well, she makes her students feel confident and loved. Thank you Mrs. Caston for the beautiful way you care for your students!

Alan Madorin Posted over a year ago

My daughter is now in 2nd grade but started in Kindergarten with Stephanie Caston. She helped my daughter really get a jump start on her education. The friendship that she created with her will continue to last throughout her time at YPA. She was and still is an excellent teacher/friend to our daughter and family. Thank you for all you have done for our family! We hope that our younger children will get to have you as their teacher!

Latrina Stroud Posted over a year ago

We love Mrs. Caston. She taught both our boys. The boys love her. She made learning fun for the kids. She made the transition into grade school extremely smooth. Mrs. Caston was/is very inviting, loving, energetic, creative, and fun. My boys were excited about going to school because of Mrs. Caston. Mrs. Caston is simply the best kindergarten teacher ever.

Emily dewey Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is an amazing teacher who puts her heart and soul into the classroom. My daughter is learning and thriving in her classroom this year.

Dawn Branham Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston has been a part of our family for 7 years now (my son is now a 6th grader), she is more than a teacher to the kids who walk through her door, she is family. Kindergarten is full of change and my son had a hard time adapting to “big school” but one thing he loved was seeing Mrs. Caston every day. She is empathetic, loving, kind and quickly gained his trust all while helping to increase his confidence so that he was ready to learn. Things have not always been easy since, but thanks to Mrs. Caston, he received a solid foundation on which to grow. I can’t thank her enough for what she means to our family!

Tiffany Lee Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Caston taught all three of my boys! She is phenomenal. She has the patience of Job, on top of her professional skill. The children adore her, and she makes their first year of their education career as comfortable and successful as possible. She really is a life changer!

Amanda Muffett Posted over a year ago

Both of my children were blessed by having Mrs. Caston as their Kindergarten Teacher. She is way more than a teacher. She gets to know each of her students individually and their families. That is so important for connecting to the child and making the child feel welcome and comfortable every single day. She has a special way of teaching that gets everyone in the house excited to learn. Mrs. Caston is truly “One in a Million”!

Ashleigh Wyatt Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston taught both of my daughters in kindergarten and she managed to handle this helicopter mom as well. She instilled a love of learning from the very first day. She is also kind and loving towards every student in and outside of her classroom. She is very worthy of the “Life Changer” title as that is exactly what she does each and everyday.

Erica Fickling Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is an AMAZING kindergarten teacher! Maci truly loved being in her class. She made her feel loved, smart, and safe. YPA is so lucky to have her at our school!!

Karen Posted over a year ago

Simply the best!!!

Tera Vinson Posted over a year ago

My daughter Georgia had a slight developmental delay that was never clearly defined. Not enough to hold her back but we could tell she wasn't following along as well as most other kids her age. Her MAP scores reflected the same things. I can't quantify how much love and attention and support Georgia got from Mrs Caston or her assistant, but I can say with tear-filled eyes that she is now not only meeting all district standards but she's even slightly ahead and she's only in first grade. I cannot thank Miss caston enough for the love that she gives to my child and for how much she has helped her grow into the person she's meant to become. We look forward to working with her again next year when our son enters kindergarten.

Shelly Risk Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is more than a teacher to her students. She is a mom away from home and the students are her children. She teaches with love and passion. I know my daughter Caitlyn has a love of school because of her!

Danielle Gombar Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston is the type of teacher you drram your children will get. My daughter started kindergarten behind because she really just didn't have a desire to learn. She did 2 years of preschool and hated it. Kindergarten was a game changer. She loved it and her education took off. She moved on to first grade ahead of her level. Mrs. Caston has the most genuine and kind heart, and there is no other teacher deserving of such an award. My shy quiet child blossomed under Mrs. Caston's wings and I will be forever grateful for the woman she is. I am thankful to know her!

Samantha Queen Posted over a year ago

You taught Hayden and loved her just like I do and now you have Dallas and get to love on her thank you for everything you will never know just how amazing you are

Chris Caston Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is an amazing person! God gave her a gift of patience and a talent for teaching. She has impacted so many people throughout her life. Prior to teaching kindergarten, she taught computer classes to adults, but she loves teaching the little ones now. She aspires to make learning fun every day and strives to set a firm foundation for each child. When she walks through the hall at school, you hear kids yelling her name simply to give her a hug. Not only is she wonderful at school, she is a great mom and wife. We are blessed by the presence of this sweet soul in our life! She is definitely a Life Changer!

Regina Giles Posted over a year ago

We were absolutely thrilled to find out that my son had Mrs. Caston this year! There were nothing but compliments that came from former parents and students when we said he had her... and we have NOT been disappointed. She is constantly in touch with parents, and my son always comes home with a smile on his face! I’ve also been impressed with how much he’s learned already!! We have been so blessed by her and are so thankful for her!

Linda Beckham Posted over a year ago

Ms Caston has taught two of my grandchildren and my 4th grader still talks about her. Both girls just love Ms Caston and Ms Caston is one reason they love school!! I can't say enough about what a great teacher and leader she is!

Jaclyn LeGrande Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mrs. Caston for 7 years, and I have never seen a teacher lover their students more. Her lessons are creative and engaging, and her students and their families adore her long after they've left her classroom.

Angela miller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caston has taught my son to love learning. She is very creative in finding ways to reach the kids. Noah has gained so much from being in her class for such a short period of time. I am grateful for all that she does to help my son learn and getting him to love it!

Heather Worthy Posted over a year ago

Ms. Caston is truly that teacher that you will always remember as one that helped shape your education. The love, care, excitement and love of learning is evident in every student that has ever been in her class. She takes her job as a true calling and one that she goes above and beyond every single day to fulfill. My son, absolutely loved going to school and came out of Kindergarten having grown leaps and bounds from the beginning of the year, and I as a parent will be eternally grateful for her care and dedication to each of her students and instilling their love for learning, and treating others with respect and kindness. Thank you Ms. Caston

Derrick Hare Posted over a year ago

Mrs S.Caston is awesome! Our daughter was very skeptical going into kindergarten, but Mrs Caston made it a great experience. I would come in and our daughter would be sitting on her lap if she was having a bad day. She always knew what to do to calm our daughter down and have a great day! She learned a lot and our daughter wants to go see her every year when starting out a new year. She’s a outstanding teacher!!!

Jonathan Christopher Posted over a year ago

Mrs Caston has only taught my son for this year but has made so much progress already. He has SPD and He has never adjusted so easily to a new environment and we know its because of her and the support she has at YPA I Cant wait to see what she accomplishes with him in a year. Thank you for giving so much to our children in York county

Amanda wuelfing Posted over a year ago

Ms. Caston very much deserves this award. She is such a positive influence on my daughter. Ms. Caston is amazing at communicating with parents. She makes kindergarten fun everyday. We could not think of a more deserving person. We are lucky to have her as a teacher.

Brooke Bruner Posted over a year ago

Ms. Caston is not only a fantastic teacher but a wonderful co-worker! Our son Jack had Ms. Caston for Kindergarten in 2012. While in her class, she challenged Jack to grow and had a math project book she created for him to work on if he finished his classwork quickly. Because of this, Jack was able to continue into 1st and 2nd grade math while in Kindergarten. She did the same in reading and he finished his Kindergarten year at a 2nd grade reading level. Because of this firm foundation, he was able to do well in elementary and continue on to honors classes in Middle School. As a 7th grader, he still loves to check in with Ms. Caston and keep her updated on what's happening. As a coworker, Ms. Caston is always available to go the extra mile with a positive and contagious attitude. We are very thankful she is part of the York Prep family!

Caitlin Monteith Posted over a year ago

Mrs Caston goes above and beyond for her students. We are so lucky to have had her as ours sons kindergarten teacher. She is an amazing person and truly cares about what she does.