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Amanda Onley

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: York Preparatory Elementary School
School District: York Preparatory Academy
City, State: Rock Hill, SC

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Amanda Onley was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

"Mrs. Onley taught two of my boys as fourth graders.  She was (and is) phenomenal," said her nominator. "My boys left her classroom as more organized students, and they were more aware of themselves as learners. She let them explore individual topics of interest that went along with the curriculum.  They always felt happy to be at school with her, and were challenged daily. Today, they WANT to be challenged.  I feel like the time they spent in her classroom made them want to set challenging, but attainable goals.  And, they understand how to work towards a goal in small parts."

"Mrs. Onley goes above and beyond for all of her students," said her nominator. "I'm friends with other parents who had children in her class with my boys, and they agree that she has an amazing ability to target a student's areas of strengths and weaknesses, and help them improve individually. She was also fantastic at turning students into confident test takers.  My boys have no anxiety or worries when it comes to testing, and they have good study skills.  My only regret is that my youngest won't get to have her as a teacher, since she is now teaching Kindergarten and he's a second grader. I am thankful she taught two of my kids - they are in 6th and 7th grade now, and will continue to reap the benefits of what she instilled in them as their teacher."

Comments (14)

Ella Craze Posted over a year ago

I was in Ms.Onley's class four years ago and still remember her as one of the best teachers I've ever had. Im in seventh grade now and have been through a lot of different teachers, with numerous teaching styles. I've always remembered her as both interactive and fun as a teacher. She was always there to help you snd support you in your decisions and achievements. One of the things I remember most about Ms.Onley includes the fun ways she helped us remember information before our tests and quizzes. I think she defiantly deserves this award!

Jack Melton Posted over a year ago

I was in Mrs.Onley's class and it was the best thing ever. We did so many fun activities in her class and she made me change as a person. Mrs.Onley was one of my favorite teachers that I have ever had and I missed not being in her class. I am now in seventh grade and still remember many things that were fun about Mrs.Onley's class.

Tiffany Lee Posted over a year ago

I had two sons that had the privilege of being her students. FANTASTIC is an understatement. She taught them how to succeed in school with strategies for studying & tests, time management...and really cemented a genuine appreciation for their education. So glad they both got to be her “kids” for a year!

Dianne Barnes Posted over a year ago

Amanda Onley is amazing! I first met Amanda when she was a student teacher assigned to my third grade class. She was an organized, dependable teacher then who was already showing her abilities to form important relationships with students to help figure out where she could best meet them at their prime learning point. Amanda left an impression on my students that has lasted the years since she met them. Now, some 8 years later, former students still speak fondly of time spent with her in our classroom. Congratulations Amanda! I’m so proud of the educator you have become. You are so deserving of this award.

Penny Onley Posted over a year ago

Amanda your heart for the children you teach is amazing. You are most definitely a blessing to all who know you.

Leslie Townsend Posted over a year ago

Amanda is an amazing teacher. She taught a couple of my nephews in fourth grade and the impact she had on their lives and education was a tremendous honor to have such a young teacher to have the natural ability to care about her students and seeing them to succeed to their full potential. I’m so happy for her to be nominated and I support her effort to be the influence on the students she comes in contact with in a positive way.

Karen Jones Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! Having you on our team has been a great asset!! Your love of teaching shines through the way you teach and want every student to have the love of learning!! Good luck!! ????

Robin Lovelace Posted over a year ago

Good luck!!! We miss you this year!!

Morgan Clark Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I pretty sure you remember me because you taught me two years ago, and was my favorite teacher, and you still are! I know for a fact you well deserve this award. Congrats!

Sandy Bawagad Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Onley is an amazing teacher! She taught my oldest son last year in Kindergarten and he transitioned to elementary school beautifully! She is so organized and helpful! She has a true gift for teaching! Congratulations to her as she deserves this award!

Parth Patel Posted over a year ago

Hi Mrs.Onley. I am Parth. You used to teach me in 4'th grade. You were an awesome teacher. I believe that you deserve this award!

Toni Daniels Posted over a year ago

Mrs Only thought my daughter in fourth grade and every day when she came home she said, “ Mom I want to be in miss ”boamanns class forever she’s the best.”

Stephanie Caston Posted over a year ago

I’ve been teaching across the hall from Amanda for two years. She started teaching fourth grade and and then moved to kindergarten. Through her transition between grade levels, I have enjoyed collaborating with her on a weekly basis. She has so many great ideas and a passion of seeing children grow academically. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, she’s also a great friend. Congratulations, Amanda!

Brooke Bruner Posted over a year ago

Ms. Onley is amazing! She taught my son in 4th grade and created such a fun, creative environment that truly sparked his love of learning and reading. She always went the extra mile to communicate with her parents. She helped him not just learn facts but learn how to think critically to come up with his own original thoughts and ideas. I feel she truly set my son up for success in Middle School. Thank you!