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Lauren Caudle

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: York Prep Elementary School
School District: York Prep Academy
City, State: Rock Hill, SC

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Lauren Caudle was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

"Mrs. Caudle was my daughter's kindergarten teacher two years ago," said the nominator. "We held my daughter back for her first year of kindergarten because of her age.  She wasn't grasping things as quickly as other children her age."

"During her second year of kindergarten, my daughter was placed in Mrs. Caudle's class," said the nominator. "During her year with Mrs. Caudle, we knew we made the right choice to hold her back.  She grew tremendously that year.  Mrs. Caudle gave her confidence and a love for reading that she will hold forever.  Mrs. Caudle has the perfect amount of love and discipline in her classroom, which made learning fun and easy for my daughter. Her love for teaching and her students is undeniable. If she has been a child's teacher, she will not be forgotten.  She will place a lasting impression on them, and the foundation she builds for learning will not be broken."

"We still have to visit Mrs. Caudle to this day for hugs and smiles," said the nominator. "I wish Mrs. Caudle could have moved up with us every year and we didn't have to move out of her class.  She will forever hold a special place in our hearts and lives."

Comments (20)

Jennifer Lee Posted over a year ago

Lauren is the BEST teacher at YPA. She cares and loves her students like her own children. Last year when I and my children lost some very dear friends she made sure to check on my boys everyday at school. Neither of my boys where in her class that year but she took time out of her day to give a hug if needed and send me a quick text to say they were ok. We need more teachers like her.

Melissa C Fulcher Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caudle, or Ms. Lauren as she was called when we first met her at Episcopal Day School, was my youngest daughter's pre-school teacher. When we found out she was going to YPA to teach Kindergarten at the same time my daughter was heading there for K-5 we couldn't have been more thrilled to find out she would be her kindergarten teacher! She gifted my girl with her love of school and learning. She taught my daughter with a patience, kindness, passion and discipline that has laid the foundation for her future, in those formative years, in such a way that I know she will do great things. She teaches with so much love and kindness that her students can't help but to excel. I will forever be grateful for Ms Lauren and all the amazing ways she loved and led my Abbie to be the student she is today. Abbie continues to have a special relationship with her and I am forever in her debt for the love and passion for learning she continues to give her "Fulcher girls" even after they are no longer in her classroom. They will forever be her students and she will forever be their teacher. Thank you Mrs Lauren Caudle from the bottom of my heart for all you do. Your students and York Prep are blessed to have a teacher as amazing as you are! You deserve any and all praise and recognition that comes your way!

Jennifer Lee Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caudle is a blessing to YPA. My son had to she her at open house and on his birthday we had to make sure she got a cupcake. We couldn’t ask for a better kindergarten teacher. Hopefully next year she we teach my other little boy.

Nicole Hilburn Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure to work beside Lauren Caudle for all my years of teaching. She is truly an inspiration. She is willing to go to the ends of the earth for all of her students and that is what makes her so special! She challenges them, loves them & cares for them! I am so glad I get to work beside her each day and call her a close friend. She is truly someone I look up to! Congrats, Lauren!

Jerry Whitehead Posted over a year ago

I could not be prouder of my daughter Lauren Whitehead Caudle for receiving this nomination.I can say it surprises me though. Lauren has known she would be a teacher before she ever started school. I watched her as a child lining up her dolls and having class for hours on end. I have seen her now at YPA going out to the play area and being mobbed by former students lining up to get a smile and a hug from her and she always knows and mentions their name. She is already a Life Changer.

Sharon Mallaney Posted over a year ago

I am the grandparent of a little girl in your class. She loves you and school! Every time I ask her if she is still liking school it’s a big “I love it”. I’m so happy she got you, Mrs Caudle. She is learning so much. I have tried to teach her to count to 20 all last year and you have her counting to 100 already!! Thank you for being a loving, caring teacher!

Brandy Brooks Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Caudle is so much more than a teacher for my 5 year old son , and I. She is nurse , and mom to my son while he is at school. Having a type one diabetic son who not only needs education but who has to be consistently checked, and cared for is a lot for any teacher . In the beginning of school I was a mess , nervous, scared , we live 25 minutes from school and I would hang around in case something happend . Let me say she has gone above and beyond what I could have ever imagined a teacher with all she has to do does. Talk about life change, she is what allows my son to be able to attend school safe and protected knowing she will stop at nothing to make sure he succeeds. I am so blessed to be able to have her in my sons life . On a educational side , he is making ABC charts , singing sons, writing his name, learning to share, and building relationships. She has such a calm manner to her teaching , able to understand each child and how they learn . The best part so far is how he has learned ..." be kind ". She is an amazing teacher , we are so thankful and blessed to have her in our lives . The amount of time she puts into my sons medical care as mom is more than I could have ever asked for . Thank you so much for all you do !

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

If there was one teacher that deserves the life changer of the year award it is Mrs. Caudle. From day one she opened her arms and heart to our son and he has learned tremendously in her class. When your child cries at the end of the year when he realizes he will be moving up and will have a new teacher says volumes to how impactful she is as a teacher! I am forever grateful to her for giving my son a great, comfortable and loving first year of his school experience.

Ashley Hardison Posted over a year ago

My son was really nervous about leaving his preschool and going to Kindergarten. Mrs. Caudle has made this a great transition and he looks forward to attending school each morning!

Beth Harper Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caudle is our daughter’s kindergarten teacher currently - we have been so happy with her teaching and our daughter’s transition so far this year! Our daughter raves about her teachers and seeing her coming home confident and happy puts huge smiles on our faces and eases our hearts! After my first meeting with Mrs. Caudle I instantly knew this was a perfect fit for our daughter! Seeing her improvement and new skills each day with added confidence means we have 2 awesome ladies to thank for that! We are so thankful for all Mrs.Caudle is doing in our daughter’s life and for all the kids!

Nick Phifer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caudle was and awesome teacher to my son Mason. He learned and grew quickly in her classroom and she shows the kids both love and support in her classroom setting. Mason always goes back to give hugs and to talk to her. She’s a great teacher and mentor to her children in the classroom.

Nirmala Springer Posted over a year ago

We totally and heartily supporting Ms Caudle for life changer. My daughter started kindergarten the first week I was so worried about how she could adapted to the new environment, but second week onwards my daughter loves to go to school. My daughter loves her teacher so much. Ms Caudle is an an amazing teacher!!!! I wish my daughter can have the same teacher for next year too.

Lindsey Hamon Posted over a year ago

My daughter has Mrs. Caudle this year for Kindergarten and I couldnt be more happy with her being my daughters teacher. A teacher is someone who helpes them emotionally, developmentally, socially, amd behaviorally. Mrs Caudle so far has excelled at all of those. My daughter raves about Mrs Caudle how she is the "most beautiful" but also how much she loves going to school everyday. Mrs. Caudle is kind while also showing authority to make sure the room remains distraction free so all the kids can learn and thrive.

Dena McCloskey Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caudle is an amazing teacher! I had the pleasure to work with her during her first year teaching Kindergarten. Never have I worked with a new teacher more capable and eager to learn more. Mrs. Caudle is loving, structured, and very patient. She is a life changer and will continue to change lives as she gives kindergarten kids the best start they could ask for in their educational journey.

Stephanie Caston Posted over a year ago

I’ve enjoyed working with Lauren for several years. She’s a teacher that I know that I can always count on when I need a new idea or advice. She loves her students and is often found working late to make sure they have what they need to succeed. Teaching Kindergarten isn’t always easy, but she does it elegantly and with a smile on her face. Congratulations, Lauren!

Jennifer Herring Posted over a year ago

I was worried about my Harper going to school due to a genetic condition she was born with, I was worried about illness, injuries, and the all around wellness of her in school. Harper also has never been much of a social butterfly, she has always kept inside her shell. Since starting Kindergarten at York Prep with Mrs. Caudle I have watched Harper bloom like I never imagined. I can not thank you enough for the wonderful impact you have had on Harper this far!

Shanti Marcum Posted over a year ago

We absolutely support Mrs. Caudle being nominated for this award! She is a fantastic teacher who has given my kids such a wonderful start into the elementary school “careers”.

Amanda Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Caudle has made quite the impression on on our kindergartener! She won over my shy boy very quickly. I know he is in good hands. My child wakes up excited to go to school everyday and he is eager to tell me about his day every evening! My son tells me he loves how Mrs. Caudle always smiles at him!

Rachel Bigham Posted over a year ago

I was so nervous to send my sweet baby boy to kindergarten. Mrs. Caudle is so sweet and goes above and beyond to show how much she cares about wach and every one of her students. Im so glad we were blessed enough to get such a great teacher for my son's first year of school.

Randi Anderson Posted over a year ago

Highly deserved. We are extremely fortunate to have Ms. Caudle as our son's teacher!