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Nicole Crank

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Symonds Elementary School
School District: Keene SAU 29
City, State: Keene, NH

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Nicole Crank was nominated by her colleague, Shannon Fuller.

"Mrs. Crank is one of the most amazing educators I have worked with," said Fuller. "She is kind, inclusive and creative. From the first day of school to the last, Mrs. Crank is always showing each student how to be kind by using the Responsive Classroom model. Every day, she reminds the students of how wonderful they are and tells them how happy she is to have them in her class."

Mrs. Crank is always using different ways to meet her students' needs, whether it's through writing or art. In recent years, she has adopted the Flexible seating model from Mike Anderson and allows her students to work in locations that help them produce their best work. She tries to add art for each unit she teaches. Right now, her students are working on a variety of writing assignments. For one project, they read Legend of The Indian Paintbrush. They used a picture code, similar to the one Native Americans used, and they wrote a story on brown paper bag with feathers.

Mrs. Crank has been on a variety of committees at school and in her district. Most recently, she was on the district behavior committee because she wanted what was best and safest for staff and students.  She took the training on Safety Care, which her school district has embraced to help students regulate themselves. Her school houses a collaborative for students who have a hard time regulating their behavior, but the location does not provide them with an ideal amount of privacy. Mrs. Crank was a leader in speaking to the school board to try to make changes to her building so students could have a more private space to regulate themselves. Mrs. Crank attends many school board meetings so she always has the most accurate information. Before her school had an assistant principal, Mrs. Crank volunteered to step in when the principal was not in the building to assist with any needs the school may have had.

"As a support staff member, Mrs. Crank's room is one I feel most comfortable going in because I know I am always welcome and appreciated," said Fuller. "She is a most deserving nominee!"