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Betty Wallace

Position: Pre-K Instructional Assistant
School: Anderson Primary School
School District: Williamsburg County School District
City, State: Kingstree, SC

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Betty Wallace was nominated by her colleague, Stevee Scott.

LifeChanger is one of the many words to describe Mrs. Wallace. She has displayed unconditional love, support, and care in a variety of ways. Mrs. Wallace has faithfully served Williamsburg County School District for over 20 years. She has served as a helper with Brownie Girl Scouts, instructional assistant for a variety of grade levels, reading intervention assistant, decorating committee chairperson, 21st Century afterschool teacher, volunteer, etc.

A LifeChanger is an educator who has the ability to impact, influence, and inspire those around them. Mrs. Wallace's dedication to molding and shaping the lives of children has been noticed, admired, and commended from administration, community members, families, and fellow coworkers. In Fall 2019, Mrs. Wallace and a permanent sub had a challenging task: teach 20 pre-k students. The odds were stacked against them, but with Mrs.Wallace's calm demeanor, experience, and encouragement, the students showed major growth! Students who didn't know how to write their names, identify letters/letter sounds, or even use basic communication skills were able to do so by January, when a certified teacher was placed in the class. This is only one of the many reasons why Mrs. Wallace is a LifeChanger.

A willingness to volunteer and a listening ear are only a couple of the many attributes she possess. Whenever there is a program, banquet, awards event, festival, or pageant at Anderson Primary School, you can count on Mrs. Wallace's creativity, leadership, and charisma. These events are always inspirational, colorful, and full of fun! 

Mrs. Wallace has received excellent marks on her end of the year evaluations from administration for many years. She strives to serve with a spirit of excellence that will make learning conducive for all learners. As a 21st century after school teacher, she is able to inspire and educate kindergarten, first, and second graders. Mrs. Wallace believes in having integrity. This key character trait is essential for serving from a heart of love. She aims to have a learning environment that is peaceful, inspirational, and colorful for the little ones. She believes with God's guidance, she can do whatever she sets her mind to. Mrs. Wallace aims to lend a helping hand to whoever is in need. She does this with motivational/encouraging words to fellow staff members, hugs and high fives to students, and a genuine heartfelt smile that is contagious!

Currently, Mrs. Wallace is teaming up with her sisters to help support young boys and girls in the community. They will focus on providing homework assistance, inspirational guidance, and healthy snacks. Their objective is to provide a safe, nurturing place for young kids in need. 

"If more people embraced her dedication to serving unconditionally, our community would be a better place," said Scott. "She has truly inspired me to continue to serve from a heart of humility and gratitude. She is a LifeChanger, indeed!"