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Sarah Ogden

Position: Ninth/Tenth Grade English Teacher
School: Wild Rose High School
School District: Wild Rose Schools
City, State: Wild Rose, WI

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Sarah Ogden was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Ogden changes lives every day. She takes children and shapes them into young adults who are equipped with the skills to survive this ever-changing world. She takes children who have fallen upon hard times and takes care of them like a mother figure. Ms. Ogden goes above and beyond the call of duty every day, from making graduation announcements for a student who had just lost his mom, to keeping a drawer full of snacks for kids so they can eat!  She is a mom for over 200 kids, plain and simple. She is respected in the school by everyone.

Ms. Ogden is the leader of NHS and a class advisor, and she always takes on extra duties when needed.  She is a person who loves kids and puts their needs abover her own.  She has not only changed one life, but hundreds of lives.

"Ms. Ogden is the perfect example of a LifeChanger," said her nominator. "Her recognition is long overdue."

Comments (22)

Rachael Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ogden is not only a great English teacher but also a great listener and supporter. Every day I notice her kindness and willingness to help anyone struggling. She has a kind heart and has touched me along with many of my peers. She deserves to be recognized because of this.

Kate Gile Posted over a year ago

As a great friend, Sarah encourages me daily with positive advice, calming words and most often a funny joke. I know I can count on her in any situation and have called upon her in some of the most difficult times in my life. She is smart, witty and always learning as an educator. She shares her knowledge with others not pretentiously, but in a kind and helpful way. She has treated my children as her own for 18 years and they hold her in the highest regard. As a fellow educator, she has always been helpful and someone I turn to when I have struggles in my own classroom. We always have good discussions about what new technolgy teachers are using (she's always up on the newest and latest trends), what new books I should pick up to read (she reads voraciously) or just what current educational issues are in the news. This nomination is well deserved! Way to go Sarah!

MAry Ann Carter Posted over a year ago

Known Sara since we moved to Waupaca in the 80’s. She has great ideas and excellent ways to implement them. Love her smiling face keep it up??

Brandy sertle(pfalzgraf) Posted over a year ago

Always was my favorite teacher always smileing! I could talk to her about anything- shes not only a teacher shes a child best friend!!!! I remember even going to visit her at the ice cream shop when she was there because she was that awesome!!! Best ??served by the best teacher

Melissa Westemeier Posted over a year ago

Sarah Ogden helpfully shares wonderful resources with her colleagues. I am often grateful to discover an email with useful links or teaching ideas that enrich my students’ education. Her influence reaches beyond her own classroom in Wild Rose, WI!

Faith Klick Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ogden encouraged me to stand up for myself make things happen for me! She was the teacher who taught me what true grit and self love were. She encouraged me to accept all my flaws, even the parts I didn’t like, and embrace them. She embodies the meaning of the word teacher.

Jennifer Manske Posted over a year ago

Most amazing kind hearted person. Sarah changed my life for the better. When my dad was sick she offered to make meals and helped me with scholarships to get money for college as my parents nor I could afford it. Sarah goes above and beyond and she deserves this 100%.

Pat Jungers Posted over a year ago

I am very proud of Sarah for receiving this honor. She is a former student of mine and has become a family friend. I remember when she decided on a career change to become a teacher after working a number of years in private business. I tried to encourage her as she went through the “hoops” doing subbing, hoping to land a permanent teaching position. I am happy that she made the switch and is making a difference in the lives of her students.

Sue Popham Posted over a year ago

I have known Sarah for many years due to our kids being the same age and also her and I growing up in the same town. I don’t know all of her talents as an English teacher at wild Rose, but her impact for others and students at a nearby school, Waupaca high school, where she went to school and so did her kids, has been impactful. Not only does she help the students at the school she teaches at, but when her children were growing up and going to school here in Waupaca, she was involved in anything and everything… Therefore making an impact to all those kids involved. Sarah is a smart, funny and fun loving human that goes above and beyond to be helpful to others and make them laugh. I Have heard about her job in wild Rose and how the students and staff love her and I believe that she definitely deserves this award!

Leila Delrow Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ogden has a warm and friendly learning environment. She is always willing to help her students in every way possible. Mrs. Ogden brings a joyful attitude into her classroom and is always smiling. She has a huge impact on not only us students but also anyone around her in general.

Rachel Malsom Posted over a year ago

Does recognition matter? You absolutely better believe it!! Sarah is so deserving of this award!! Thank you for caring for kids and giving them a chance! Thank you for doing projects in your classes which let the right brain kids shine. Thank you for letting parents in meetings know that THEY know their child best and you will help them the best you can. Sometimes all the parents need is positive words from a teacher and you are always there to give them that. Thank you for making new people feel welcome. Thank you for all of the incredible work you do in making the school beautiful with encouraging signs and bulletin boards. Thank you for being there for the kids---so much that they seek you out at graduation to say goodbye. Thank you for being you!!! So proud of you friend!!

Mary Jo Tomaras Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on being nominated as a LifeChanger of the Year, Sarah! Your hard work and dedication to the Wild Rose School District and students are amazing! As a high school teacher, you need to be two steps ahead of your students, be creative, respectful, and understanding while providing life lessons with humor and honesty. You are a LifeChanger!

Yvette Kienert Posted over a year ago

Couldn’t think of another person more deserving of this award then Sarah. Always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone, and with a smile on her face!

Addy Lauritzen Posted over a year ago

By far my favorite teacher! So encouraging and treated me like her own child.

Caroline Grace Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of my mom! She works so hard for her family, school and her community. She loves all of her students like they are her own and definitely takes on the “school mom” role to her students. She may change the lives of her students, but she changes my life everyday and deserves this nomination!

Nina Diorio Posted over a year ago

I can’t think of a better way to describe Sarah! The love she has for her students & those in her life is amazing. I would also agree this nomination is well overdue. Congrats!!!

JoAnn Carlson Posted over a year ago

The projects the students come up with at the end of a book are amazing, so many mediums are used. The bulletin boards used in greeting students are challenging, friendly, and certainly make them think of others first. When I view them I want to be a better person! She seems to understand the needs of the Wild Rose student body, a valuable gift.

Angela Newsome Posted over a year ago

This describes my friend Sarah perfectly! She is always willing to help not matter what the situation. I am so blessed to have her be an important adult in my children’s lives too! She is very deserving of this award!!

Susan Stone Posted over a year ago

Well deserved Sarah.

Nancy Peissig Posted over a year ago

Sarah is a very kind and helpful to everyone!! Always goes the extra mile for everyone!!

Nancy Peissig Posted over a year ago

Yes, that is Sarah!! Always puts other people first. She is very special teacher, mother, and person!!

Dana Posted over a year ago

Congrats! I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Ms. Ogden! She is truly amazing and is extremely passionate about her students and teaching them. Way to go Ms. Ogden. So happy for you!