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Alana Kopp

Position: School Counselor
School: Desert Oasis Elementary School
School District: Tolleson Elementary School District #17
City, State: Phoenix, AZ

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Alana Kopp was nominated by her principal, Claudia Espinoza.

Ms. Kopp's diligence in building relationships with all students starts from the first day of school, as she prepares to greet every student at the entrance gate to the school building. Her intentionality is critical for reaching every student.  She not only greets every child at the gate in the morning, but she also walks to the lunch room each day to reach out to new students in the school. She is intentional about teaching students skills that will foster greater social and academic success.

Ms. Kopp makes sure that new students have someone to support their transition to her school. She cares for students in many other ways, such as by creating "care" packages for students' siblings and parents who may be in need. The caring does not stop with parents and students. She also cares for staff and teachers who may be facing difficulties.  Her ongoing care and love for others is above and beyond what is expected from a counselor. She is truly a LifeChanger in her school!

Comments (9)

Alana Kopp Posted over a year ago

Alana Kopp gives back by teaching graduate students how to be experts in the school counseling field. She is a wealth of knowledge and stands for integrity in both the profession and in life. She makes a positive impact for student equity and care.

Andrea Davis Posted over a year ago

Alana Kipp is all of these things and more. She has been a great resource of ideas and support as I started the school counseling field.

Natoya Posted over a year ago

Congrats! You are truly amazing and deserve to be nominated! The students you come in contact with are in good hands, and will be well prepared with the necessary skills they need to be successful! Xox Natoya

Jill Zitt Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kopp has been a support to students of all ages. As an adjunct professor at Ottawa University-Phoenix, in addition to a full time counselor at Desert Oasis, she is using her compassion and skills to develop the next generation of school counselors. She has been a terrific mentor to many students from Kinder through graduate school! Her caring nature and diligence make her a true LifeChanger in her school and in the community at large!

Joanna Christopher Posted over a year ago

Alana Kopp is a positive influence to her students, staff, parents, church, and community. I was fortunate to work as a counselor in the same district as Alana. She is an encourager, a motivator, and an equipper. She builds relationships with those around her and invests herself in others providing them with the tools and resources which empower them to make positive differences in their lives.

Linda Mason Posted over a year ago

I have known Alana for many years and students have always been a priority for her. She cares deeply about each of them and wants to help them succeed and thrive in any way she can. She sees the students potential as well as the things that may be hindering and getting in the way and is diligent to help them figure out the best way to proceed. She is definitely a person who embodies Life Changer.

Jamie Mischung Posted over a year ago

I have known Alana for many years through church and in the past few years as I've been a social emotional learning specialist at my own school I have been inspired by the way Alana cares for the students she works with. She is always willing to listen to your needs and offer support in the best way possible. She is set on helping all and never gives up on a person. She has a heart for changing lives and bettering the community she lives and works in.

Andrea Posted over a year ago

Alana, you are an amazing lady!! We adore you!!!!!

Tom Kopp Posted over a year ago

Ms Kopp takes home lots of administrative work each week. This is due to her commitment to use every moment possible to work with students during the hours they are on campus. She often buys resources (primarily books) with her own money in order to provide understanding of some needs that arise not only for the students but for their parents as well. For years she has also hosted a yearly Career Fair to plant dreams in the minds of children for future vocations. As part of the Career Fair she also brings several future educational options (State Universities, Private Colleges, and technical training schools) to help students begin to research options for their future educational/training opportunities.