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Diana Yarboi

Position: Principal
School: Ruben Ayala High School
School District: Chino Valley Unified School District
City, State: Chino Hills, CA

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Diana Yarboi was nominated by Diane Blakely, a member of the community.

"I met Diana Yarboi in June 2017. My colleague and I brought in lunch for her and her staff at Ruben Ayala High School," said Blakely. "As I listened to her recall all of her students' and staff's accomplishments for the 2016-17, I looked around the room and saw a remarkable group of people dedicated to making a difference, with Ms. Yarboi at the helm."

"After the meeting, I spoke with her about what I do and how I could help her staff. The following school year I worked with her to take care of her staff," said Blakely. "On many occasions, I saw how she interacted with her staff, students, and parents. They all showed great respect, and she obviously had great rapport with all of them. One day, early in 2018, I showed up to a closed gate and a security guard at the entrance. I was told I needed a reason to be there, so I mentioned I was there for Ms. Yarboi. I was told there was an incident and the campus would no longer be 'open.' She mentioned the safety of the students and staff will always be a priority. She even had to discontinue food delivery services that the students were using (DoorDash, UberEats, etc)."

Under Ms. Yarboi's leadership, Ruben Ayala High School has achieved the Distinguished School Award for three years in a row. The 2018 class had 97%  graduating students. Over 25 AP classes are available for all students. During football season, you will find Ms. Yarboi in the stands. Her commitment to her staff, dedication to the community of Chino Hills, and passion for making a difference is undeniable.

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Tim Trost Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yarboi is a fantastic principal that cares and supports the students, faculty, and staff at Ruben S. Ayala High School. Her outstanding leadership is evident as she appears at school events (during and outside of school hours) to support everyone. I'm grateful for her dedication and support for our Band and Music Program. Her commitment to her faculty, staff, school district, and community is quite impressive.