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Jennifer Sanner

Position: Pre-K Special Education Teacher
School: Weirton Elementary School
School District: Hancock County Schools
City, State: Weirton, WV

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Jennifer Sanner was nominated by her friend, Marianne Kane.

Mrs. Sanner goes above and beyond the call of duty for her job. She loves her students with all of her heart and provides them with every possible necessity they may need. She is nurturing, kind and caring, as well as a large asset to the education field.

Mrs. Sanner is a hard worker who helps her colleagues with whatever they're having problems with, from instructional guidelines to student behavior. She not only performs her required job duties, but other job duties within her school. She's a school leader, serving as both faculty senate president and HCEA co-president.

Beyond her classroom, Mrs. Sanner works with all fourth grade students by videotaping the daily news each day. She also tutors first graders who need extra help during her planning period. Mrs. Sanner has a great rapport within the community and with parents. Once you come into her path, you are changed for the better. She brings out the best in people.

"I have so much respect and gratitude for all she does," said Kane. "She has touched many lives during her educational practice and is a LifeChanger in our community."

Comments (12)

Cathy Catlett Posted over a year ago

As a substitute aide I always looked forward to the days I was called into Jenn’s class. You never knew what creative fun stuff she had planned for the day! Many times it was not easy being a new face in a classroom. Jenn always made me feel welcomed. On those few occasions I discovered what a kind heart Jenn had for the children of her class. I was amazed by how much love she put into her teaching. A few years later I became the full-time aide in Jenn’s class. During my time in her class I have witnessed her help not only her students, but their families as well. She is someone who is always willing to help her school family! Many times when that bell rings to signal the end of the school day, Jenn’s day in the classroom does not end. She is a dedicated educator who spends many hours after school preparing for her students or other school related duties. With Jenn’s caring and kind personality, it’s no wonder former students are always wanting to stop by and see her. And if they need it, she is always there to give a “squeeze”(hug)!

Sherry Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is an amazing educator!! The love she has for her students is seen everyday with her kind words and actions. Not only does she work hard for her students, she is an active member in our school family. She is a positive role model and works hard to help all children be successful.

Megan Majewski Posted over a year ago

Ms jenn was wonderful with my.son Kamryn. He had her as a preschool teacher for 2 years & he faced behavioral issues but ms jenn continued to encourage him and support him! I always said i wished she could be his teacher every year!

Zachary Custer Posted over a year ago

Jennifer has always loved children and I am 100% sure she is a great and dedicated teacher.

Bethany Wasmer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jenn was my sons first teacher, and a huge influence on his outlook with school. She always went above and beyond. We did snuggle up and read which was an after school reading activity with parents. I truly believe his success in school is because of her start. He still gets excited to see her! I believe Ms Jenn influences not only the students but also parents to be better!

Megan Paris Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jenn is an amazing teacher. My youngest grew and flourished so much in her PreK class. She is so patient and kind to each student in her class. I would honestly say she is one of the most hardworking and dedicated teachers that my children have had. Good Luck Ms.Jenn. You deserve this award.

Joy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jenn is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever known. She goes above and beyond to make each child in her class feel loved and welcome. She treats each child as if they were her own and always puts the wants and needs of them before her own. She spends her days caring for the children and they’re never for from her thoughts at night. I’ve had the privilege of having her teach all 3 of my children and they’ve all learned so much from her and still love her as much as they did when they first met her!

Tiffany Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jenn is amazing all 3 of my kids just love her! My youngest was so heartbroken and cried when he found out she wasnt going to be his teacher anymore. He still talks about her and gets so excited when he sees her. She definately makes a GREAT impact on her students and she definately DESERVES this.

Heidi.Adkins Posted over a year ago

I have had 2 grandchildren nurtured by Mrs. Jenn. She takes an interest in each individual child. She even made herself available after my special needs grandchild advanced from her class. Jenn loves what she does-it shows, her students love her!

Patti Barnabei Posted over a year ago

Jenn is a one of a kind teacher and Friend! She gives above and beyond from her heart. If this world had more people like Jenn, it would be a better environment to live in. I will personally never forget when we ( pre-K assistants had a college course to accomplish for a whole year on line for WVU. She was there daily supporting and encouraging us that we could do it! Of course kind Jenn helped pull us through to accomplish the victory! As for the students, she treats them as her own and they love her. Jenn sure does deserve this honor, proud of all you have accomplished in your life time Ms Jenn:)

Crysta Posted over a year ago

Mrs Jenn is an outstanding, loving, and caring teacher who gives her students all they need and more. Every one of her students is really like her own. She provides for them. She teaches them and even loves them like any parent would. Mrs. Jenn deserves this award more than anyone. With at least 8 years of students who most still remember exactly who she is because of the amazing impact she had on them. No one deserves the credit for the work and extra miles she goes for her students. We love you Mrs. Jenn!!! ??

Jamie Posted over a year ago

She is hands down the best teacher and supporter in the world. Very good with all her students and loves them unconditionally as they are her own