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Gabe Catalano

Position: School Nurse
School: Rogers City Elementary School
School District: Rogers City Area Schools
City, State: Rogers City, MI

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Gabe Catalano was nominated by her colleague, Tamara Nemeth.

Mrs. Catalano has been the nurse at Rogers City Elementary School for approximately four years. She has made a great impact on the families and staff with her patience and knowledge. She has equipped her district with thorough training in emergency medicine, safety precautions and first aid.

"When I asked one our students what she loved most about Mrs. Catalano, she said, 'Everything is great about her,'" said Nemeth. "She is loving, nurturing, patient, faithful, trustworthy, and a great communicator. She is confident in her ability, yet walks in humility. Many times, I have walked into her office and have seen her patiently tending to her kiddos' needs...nosebleeds, upset stomachs, asthma, diabetes and bruises. I often feel like we don't recognize the gift we have in having such a wonderful nurse who cares greatly for our kids and community."

"Mrs. Catalano stands in adversity and has a song in her heart. She does not give up, no matter what hardship she's facing. She stands strong in character and kindness," said Nemeth. "Mrs. Catalano is truly a wonderful example of strength and love to our Huron family."