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Lori Foote

Position: Director of School Counseling
School: Conard and Hall High Schools
School District: West Hartford Public Schools
City, State: West Hartford, CT

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Lori Foote was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Foote is passionate about helping first generation college students and their families navigate the college landscape. She applied for and received an in-district grant to provide guidance to twenty students and their families as they work toward the goal of being the first in their families to attend college.  As part of the grant application, Ms. Foote wrote, "First-generation students and families do not have the benefit of past post-secondary planning experiences...they lack the awareness of what the process will be like, the vocabulary necessary to understand the process, the awareness of the financial aid process, or simply the importance of selecting courses that will enable them to make the most out of of their high school transcript."  

In recognizing this awareness gap for first-generation families and students, Ms. Foote's grant,"Leveling the Playing Field," connects families with experts from the high schools, college admissions officers, and financial aid experts to work together to gain the insights and understandings in order to make students' dreams of attending college a reality.  In further bridging the gap, Ms. Foote's program provides students and families with the opportunity to tour colleges and universities at no cost to them.  As she wrote in the grant, "At the very least, it is our hope to give students and families the 'starter package' of what is to come..." 

As a first generation college student herself, Ms. Foote deeply understands the needs of students and families. She's committed to making sure everyone has what they need to successfully reach their goals. Her commitment to leveling the playing field for all students makes her a LifeChanger, without a doubt.

Comments (2)

Chalise Ross Posted over a year ago

Congrats, Lori! We are so lucky to have you working in West Hartford! Your dedication to equity shines through each and every day. You go beyond your own job description to meet students and families where they are and help them through standard protocols and processes to reach their dreams, breaking down barriers and building bridges as you go!

Judy Smith Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination! I can't think of a more deserving person. Your tireless passion for and dedication to helping students achieve their dreams is so inspiring. They are extremely lucky to have you in their corner and I am extremely lucky to call you my friend. You go, LifeChanger!