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Erin Smith

Position: Sixth-Eighth Grade Counselor
School: Jonesville Middle School
School District: Jonesville Community Schools
City, State: Jonesville, MI

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Erin Smith was nominated by her former principal, Eric Swihart.

Mrs. Smith epitomizes the most desirable qualities young people need to guide their individual development.  Mrs. Smith is reliable, empathetic, innovative, patient, trustworthy, and kind.  Changing lives is a natural byproduct of her regular interactions with students and their families.  

Mrs. Smith creates activities and opportunities for students to make connections with school so they feel comfortable attending every day.  She provides kid-friendly data to help students take ownership of their work.  Mrs. Smith is keenly aware of social stigmas and makes sure that every student and adult knows her office is a safe place for whatever they need.

Comments (18)

Allison Mach Posted over a year ago

I am so pleased to see that you have been nominated for this award. My daughter, Haley Mach, transferred to JMS this year as a 7th grader. You were very helpful in welcoming Haley and helping to set up her class schedule. I appreciate all of the unique and comprehensive ways that you support students at JMS. I certainly hope you win this award!

Tina Varney, RN Posted over a year ago

As the school nurse I have had the opportunity to work closely with Erin regarding students with health and psycho-social issues. She is extremely responsive and makes our students well-being her priority. I cannot imagine a more deserving person for this award! She truly connects with our students and epitomizes the title of lifechanger! Not only is Erin a great teacher and counselor but she is great person in general. Congratulations Erin!

Denise DeGuise Posted over a year ago

Erin led our elementary teachers for professional development. She was very knowledgeable and well spoken about the topic. Also, offered to answer more questions later by just calling her. Well deserved, Erin! Congratulations on all your hard work for our school district!

Lucas Kennard Posted over a year ago

Erin is a fantastic person and counselor. She is hardworking, dependable, trustworthy, and an asset to our school and students. Erin is always willing to go the extra mile and makes the needs of her students a priority. She is always working to make each and every student feel valued and welcomed in our school. She is an excellent counselor and educator who makes a difference each and every day.

Marlena Nichols Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your much deserved nomination. Your dedication to our students and our school district is very much appreciated.

Sharri Beatty Posted over a year ago

I have been blessed to know Mrs. Smith both as a colleague and as a parent. She is kind and hard working. She is always willing to go the extra mile to support and help her students succeed both as a Science teacher and counselor. My children thoroughly enjoyed her in both of her roles at the middle school. Mrs. Smith is very knowledgeable and engaging as an instructor but more importantly she is approachable. She has a gift of making her students feel at ease allowing them the security to open up and share with her. Mrs. Smith is a consummate professional who is a pleasure to know. Jonesville is a better place because she is here!

Rachel A Mandrelle Posted over a year ago

I do not work directly with Mrs. Smith, however, I know my daughter has had many positive interactions with her. She has always been receptive and kind to her needs. She is a kind and caring adult for many students.

Teryn Bugbee Posted over a year ago

As a fellow counselor in the district, I strive to be the type of counselor Erin is for our district. She is an amazing support for both students and staff, and goes above and beyond the role of counselor. She is always willing to help out in whatever is needed and does so with a smile. Erin is great at building relationships with the students and impacts each of their lives through her individual and group counseling sessions! Overall, Erin is exactly the type of person who is changing lives everyday!

Annie Sims Posted over a year ago

I’m so proud of you, Erin! You’re so deserving. Your heart is amazing, and your kindness is contagious. I wish you still worked down the hall from me; you’re such a bright spot in so many lives. ??

Cathy D Burlew Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Smith is a great asset to the elementary as well as the middle school. She came to the Elementary to train the staff on SRSS and did an amazing job. "The Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS) helps identify students who are at risk for externalizing and internalizing problem behaviors." This tool may prevent their behavior problems from escalating over time. She also helped with PBIS initial training for our staff and made the process easier to implement. She has a kind personality and is very professional.

Christy Berry Posted over a year ago

Erin has the biggest heart for our students. She is always there with a smile on her face and ready to do what is best for own students. Her door is always open for students and staff. Erin always goes above on any committee is on and helps us provide the best for our students.

Robin Rowe Posted over a year ago

I have had the great privilege of working with Mrs. Smith for the past 13 years, initially as teachers and now she is the counselor at Jonesville Middle School. As a teacher she worked diligently to build relationships with her students, and was innovative in the classroom. As a Counselor, she is professional, compassionate, cooperative, and most importantly, a champion of our students at JMS. She continually works to help our struggling students to find their rightful place in the middle school environment. She works to make each student feel valuable, cared for, & safe. Students know that Mrs. Smith is available to them for support, as well as a safe haven when they need a quiet place to reflect. It is safe to say that Mrs. Smith is an integral part to the success we experience at JMS. She is a team player and a leader, and our building wouldn't be the same with out her in it.

Anita Coe Posted over a year ago

I've known Erin since she was a child. She has always been a caring individual and as an adult willing to go out of her way for any student/child. As a co-worker, she has given me counseling information for one of my grandchildren that did not even attend our school. She definitely goes above and beyond and is a true asset to Jonesville Community Schools.

Bryan Playford Posted over a year ago

I have worked alongside Mrs. Smith for several years and witnessed what a tremendous asset she is to the Jonesville School District, especially our middle school. Professionally, she does not shy away from doing "extra" and going above and beyond her job. She has taught classes when needed, leads student groups, supervises lunch, has coached athletics, is a member of the PBIS School Leadership Team, is a PBIS Coach, supports our School Improvement Team and a plethora of other activities! Most importantly, she is a student advocate, especially for those who face the most challenges. She has a knack for making connections with some of our students who are the hardest to reach and ensures they have what they need everyday!

Paul S Van Sickle Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Smith has been a co-worker of mine for over ten years. She is a huge asset to our building and our district. Students have no clue how lucky they are to have a counselor as involved as she is. As our building coordinator for state tests and other data assessments, Mrs. Smith makes my job as an educator much easier because she is so organized. Jonesville Community Schools has a valuable asset in Mrs. Smith. Our school wouldn't be what it is without her.

Cory Toner Posted over a year ago

I have only worked with Mrs. Smith for a short time but I have quickly learned what an important role she plays at Jonesville Middle School. She is encouraging and motivating to the students and her peers. She strives daily to make our students feel comfortable in their environment and pushes them to see their true potential. She is always a positive influence and students look to her for support, safety and advice. She is truly an asset to Jonesville Middle School and a pleasure to work with!

Danielle R Soltis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Smith is a great asset to Jonesville Middle School. As a parent, I am grateful to have such a caring and aware counselor in my child's building! As a coworker, I am always amazed to see how Mrs. Smith can have such a positive impact on the students she interacts with. She is a pleasure to work with and a treasure to our students!

Annette Lowry Posted over a year ago

For the past several years, I have worked along side Erin. She is such an asset to all of our students and staff. She has encouraged students who have a difficult time adjusting and made them shine. Those students whose life is such much different than what we know, Erin has truly made a difference in each and everyone of their lives. I have seen former students call and email her for support or advice. It is my opinion that Erin reaches for the stars for her students, does an excellent job and reaches above and beyond for her students.