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Matthew Leonard

Position: Seventh Grade Math Teacher
School: Barre Town Middle and Elementary School
School District: Barre Union Unified School District
City, State: Barre, VT

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Matthew Leonard was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Mr. Leonard was one of my many, many, math teachers, but he stuck out," said his nominator. "He's an amazing person, and he never let you come into his classroom with a bad attitude. He made my classmates and I laugh every single day. Despite hating the subject for quite a while, he helped me to understand it, and to have fun learning it as well."

"I believe Mr. Leonard deserves this award because even after my fellow classmates and I moved on from his class and into eighth grade, he was determined to keep some kind of friendship with everyone," said his nominator. "He would stand in the hall and high five everyone as they walked by, and he would wave to all of us as we walked by his classroom. He was always a fun teacher, and I could always count on him for a good laugh."

"I remember sitting in class taking a test one day. He walked out into the hall very quietly trying not to disturb the working students, just to tell the kids walking by his classroom to have a good day," said his nominator. "He might not remember that now because it was three school years ago, but I remember that moment as if it was yesterday because it was such a meaningful gesture...Seeing Mr. Leonard make an effort to say hi to a bunch of random kids changed my perspective really fast. I'm glad to say I aced that test with flying colors, along with his help!"

Comments (19)

landin larrabee Posted over a year ago

To mr. leonard, Mr. leonard is one of the best math teachers i have ever had. he loves his student but also loves his teaching. he will come out to give you a high five or how are you doing at any point of the day. he is funny and in the beginning of 7th grade of 2019 i thought that he was a comedian. but besides being a really good teacher and friend but he also takes a lot of pride in his work. his favorite line he says almost everyday multiple time a day would probably be DO YOUR WORK, then he would probably start talking. his favorite movies are probably all star wars and i don't blame him, but it does get old when he refers to himself in the third person like in star wars. he is the best math teacher ever and if it wasn't for him i would have been failing Mat, thank you Mr.leonard.

landin larrabee Posted over a year ago

Hello i am in mr.leonard's 3rd core and i just want to say that mr. leonard is one of the best teachers i have ever had and he will always brighten your day with ease from how funny he is. but when he gets to teaching he is very, very serious he loves his student but also loves his teaching,( and his yard sticks ). he will stop teaching to say high and will most likley come out to give you a highfive. without mr. leonard i would probly be failing math.

kaylee Posted over a year ago

he is always nice to me and mmakes my day when ever I see him at school and I used to hate math now I love it a lot because of mr leonard he is the most nicest teacher I have ever meet in my lif when kids bully me he sticks up for me always

Christine swenson Posted over a year ago

Mathew! John and I are so proud of you and all the work you do as a teacher! It is a job that not many can do and you thrive with it and love it! You are an awesome husband and father as well. You should be proud of all you have accomplished. This nomination is so well deserved whether you win or not you being nominated is awesome. Take a moment to see how far you have come and how much you have done and give to those around you.??????

Moriah Posted over a year ago

There’s not a more deserving person than Matt!

Karen Levesque Posted over a year ago

Way to go Matti. Good luck.

Lyon Posted over a year ago

You are an amazing person. I hope you know that!

lillian young Posted over a year ago

Always proud of you. Nice knowing others are proud of u2.

April Dumont Posted over a year ago

I may be I am Matt's aunt...but he truly is an amazing teacher AND person! I work at a private boarding school in NH and even my children call cousin Matt for help with higher level math problems! His excitement for a challenge and to work with students to teach and learn along with them is infectious! Love you Matt, we are all very proud of you! xoxo Aunt April

Camille Marineau Posted over a year ago

Mr. Leonard is an amazing math teacher, he can make anyone laugh! I have had so many Math teachers and he is already my favorite from just knowing him for half the year. He also has an amazing appreciation for food, which is AMAZING! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the time he gave our Math WIN group Boston Creme Donuts, he is the best! He will help anyone who asks and will do it encouragingly. He even makes math tests fun, he will get all excited before we start which I think rubs off on other people. I have math class at the end of the day, which I imagine is hard to teach and somehow he always get everyone on task and doing math! He loves to joke around and laugh with all of us and makes a connection with everyone. Mr. Leonard is always in a good mood which makes everyday in class with him so much fun.

Charlotte Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Leonard since 5th grade, when I first joined Magic club. Ever since I joined Magic club, I have gotten to know probably one of the best teachers that currently works here at Barre Town. He is supportive, and always makes my classmates and I laugh. I’ve never really liked playing Magic, but I will keep going back to hang out with my favorite 7th grade teacher.

ella Posted over a year ago

your really funny!!!!

Jordan Parker-Martin Posted over a year ago

Mr.Leonard is a great teacher,he always challenges me to be my best. He can always be counted on for a good laugh. He is an overall great teacher.

Amelia Dexter Posted over a year ago

Mr.Leonard is one of the best teachers I have had throughout my life. I have never liked math or been very good at it too. He made learning math more fun and something to look forward to throughout my day in school. I know I can count on him if something happens to me too. I have always been very quiet in school every year, I also have high anxiety when I talk to a big number of people, like talking in front of a class. When I told him this he was very understanding, he calls on me every now and then and I feel like I am learning math beter. I just don't know how to tell him this in person, but when I heard he was nominated for this, I new I had to say it here and I think he should be the winner of the Life Changer of the Year.

caitlin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Leonard is currently my math teacher, and he is very kind, and funny. He always tries to make people feel better, and he succeeds more than any other teacher I have know. even when I was in fifth grade I knew he was a awesome person.

Amy Posted over a year ago

Me. Leonard is a fantastic teacher. He went above and beyond to support my son who struggles in math. He made sure my son knew concepts and filled in gaps when he entered 7th grade. He also inspired him as a leader with a kind heart. We are very grateful for teachers like Mr. Leonard.

Melissa Posted over a year ago

I currently have a seventh grader in Mr. Leonard's class. It amazes me everyday how he can connect with each and every student. As we all know, seventh grade brings some of the most difficult transitions in life. From preteen drama and social media, to physical changes and friendships, Mr. Leonard skillfully helps students navigate this confusing and awkward time. He treats each of these challenges with delicate humor and sincere kindness, all while helping students recognize their own power to do good in this world. My daughter wakes up everyday ready to face middle school with a confident smile on her face, thanks to Mr. Leonard. He deserves this award, hands down, and I think everyone who knows him would agree!

Tina Perreault Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Leonard this year, as I started working at Barre Town School in the cafeteria. He is always up beat and truly cares about not his class room full of children but all the children. He comes into the cafeteria with always a smile on his face and he sits with different children every day, and ask them hay how's it going. I have only been at the school since late August and only have seen him in the cafeteria but I can tell he is a caring person and truly loves his job. Keep up the good work Mr. Leonard

Jessica VanOrman Posted over a year ago

I'm fortunate enough to work with the wonderful Mr. Leonard. The best thing about him? He make sure ALL kids are noticed and feel appreciated. Every kid feels welcomed and cared for in his room, and kids often go back to him year after year to visit, get math help (even when not in that grade) or to share a good laugh. We are very lucky to have him here!