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Jack Brown

Position: Student Resource Officer and Football Coach
School: Oak Hill Middle School
School District: Fayette County Schools
City, State: Oak Hill, WV

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Jack Brown was nominated by his colleague, Lavada Whitt.

Mr. Brown has proven to be a difference maker for the students in his school by providing discipline and leadership in a loving manner.  He is a positive male role model in a low socio-economic community and a school that serves a large population of students who are not being raised by fathers. Officer Brown is lovingly referred to as OB by his colleagues and the student population.

OB helps create a culture of caring in his school because he greets everyone with a smile, knows their names, and is sincerely concerned about each person's feelings and welfare. He has excellent performance as a resource officer, and he provides supports for the safety of all students and staff.  He also has an excellent record as a football coach leading the players through winning seasons and providing an example of humility in defeat. OB talks to the students as if he is related to them.  He treats them like how a favorite uncle would treat his nieces and nephews.  He encourages them to be their best, and always supports academics over athletics. OB helps students see they have a future beyond what they may be exposed to at home, and that education is the way to get where you want to be.  He teaches students to be honest, even when they make mistakes, and to be leaders among their peers. He gives them an example of someone who cares for them every day.

"OB touches many lives every day and is genuinely concerned for the youth in our town," said Whitt.

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Joel Feltner Posted over a year ago

I have known Jack for many years, I have worked emergencies with him, and have called him a friend and brother. He truly cares for his students and players. A fine human being. A man that would lay his life down for anyone. He is well deserved of this award.