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Carol Chandler

Position: Elementary School Special Education Teacher
School: Dickson Elementary School
School District: Dickson County Schools
City, State: Dickson, TN

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Carol Chandler was nominated by her superintendent, Danny Weeks and her principal, Amanda Roche.

Mrs. Chandler has been a long time special education teacher at Dickson Elementary School (DES) and had a tremendous impact on Principal Roche's son, Gavin.  During his time at DES, Gavin had the opportunity to interact with many teachers, but his bond with Mrs. Chandler was special. As a special education student, school could have been a frustrating place for Gavin had it not been for the caring of teachers such as Mrs. Chandler. She went out of her way to make a special connection with him and helped him see his strengths rather than his weaknesses. 

He has fond memories of his time in her class. When he moved on to middle school at Nashville Christian, he and Principal Roche jokingly referred to the LIFE teacher there as the "Carol Chandler" of NCS.

"I can always count on Mrs. Chandler to ask me about how school went that day," Gavin said. "She is the reason my favorite team is LSU. Sometimes, she treats me to a Sonic drink and brings me my favorite candy when she knows I'm coming to the board meeting with mom."

Gavin is still frequently at DES during the summers and after school, and continues to enjoy a relationship with Carol, assisting her with technology, informally in daycare, etc.

"Even though academics is still a struggle for him, he doesn't see school as a place to dread, but one to embrace. I believe, this is in large part, due to his relationship with Carol." Principal Roche said.

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Amy Burney Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Chandler goes out of her way to help the children and the parents trying to raise them. She is wonderful.