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Maurice Douglas

Position: Lead STEAM Instructor
School: Statesmen College Academy for Boys
School District: Statesmen College Academy for Boys
City, State: Washington , DC

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Maurice Douglas was nominated by Jeannie Basset, the parent of a student.

Dr. Douglas has been a true inspiration to the boys at Statesmen Academy since he has been hired. He has brought a new light to the STEAM curriculum, as well as to the eyes of the young men as they watch him portray a perfect gentleman in all aspects of learning.

Dr. Douglas has made it possible for the young scholars at Statesmen to see themselves as a glowing light. They know college is truly an option, success is an option, and quitting is never an option.

"As a single mother, I don't know what I would do if Dr. Douglas didn't come into the life of my son and the other boys of Statesmen," said Basset. "There's no way we can pay him for all he brings to the culture every day."