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Marcus Davenport

Position: Superintendent
School: Beecher Community School District
School District: Beecher Community School District
City, State: Mt. Morris, MI

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Music that Describes Marcus

Dr. Marcus Davenport was nominated by his colleague, Diona Clingman.

Dr. Davenport is all about doing what's best for children. He's a leader who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He's very approachable and transparent about his goals for the district. Dr. Davenport's a role model when it comes to building relationships throughout the district. He not only leads the leadership team, but he coaches his teammates on how to advocate for their buildings and do what's right by their scholars. He has exposed the district to various partnerships that are beneficial to scholars and staff. Some partnerships include exposing students to tutoring, engineering, leadership, exotic animals, onsite mentors, mental health advocates, and opportunities to re-brand the district to be champions in every area. 

"Our school board has a high level of respect for him, and they have a renewed sense of teamwork among themselves as well," said Clingman. "Dr. Davenport is definitely what our district needs to maintain a spirit of excellence with both the staff and scholars."