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Mitchell Moss

Position: Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher
School: Sims Middle School
School District: Union County
City, State: Union, SC

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Mitchel Moss was nominated by his principal, Eric Childers

When Childers was given the opportunity to think of one of his staff members that fits the description of a LifeChanger, one individual immediately came to his mind. Mitchell Moss is a LifeChanger at Sims Middle School.

First and foremost, he makes a lasting impression on his students. Childrers loves the old adage, "Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care," because it perfectly sums up Mr. Moss's philosophy as a teacher. He loves each and every student that comes through his door, and they notice. Because of this, Mr. Moss has a wonderful rapport with students, and parents constantly request for their child to be in his class. He also holds them to high standards, pushes them to do their best, and gets them to perform at the highest of levels.

"Mr. Moss is our school climate control. By that, I mean that his upbeat attitude, positive outlook, and willingness to go above and beyond has a powerful impact on the rest of my staff. He is a leader through his actions, and people naturally follow him because they know he will be there beside them doing as much or more work than anyone else. When I took over the principalship at this school, I put together a leadership team to help direct and give honest feedback to move our school forward. Mr. Moss was at the top of my list due to his reputation within our district as a leader," Childers said.

Mr. Moss holds himself to the highest standards as both a teacher and a person, and his actions are always based on what is morally and ethically right. He serves as Childers' athletic director and the head football coach at Sims Middle School.

"I love having him in this position because of the young men he has the opportunity to influence and show them how to be young men," Childers said. "In closing, I can think of no one more deserving of this recognition in the field of education as Mitchell Moss. He is a wonderful employee, a fantastic teacher, and an even better man." 

Mitchell Moss in the News:
Two nominated for national award

Comments (20)

Crystal Davis Posted over a year ago

Coach Moss taught both of my kids at Sims. He always had a positive attitude not only in the classroom but anywhere you seen him he is always upbeat and full of life. You can tell he loves his job by the way he teaches the kids.

Ruthie Dean Posted over a year ago

Coach Moss was my 7th Grade World History Teacher. He always had a great personality and always incorporated fun, suitable learning teaching style and tactics. He always made the classroom a fun, positive place to be and he always challenged us in general class discussion. Coach Moss would be an excellent life changer of the year because he definitely gave me a good year in 7th Grade World History!

Jennifer Roberts Posted over a year ago

Mitchell Moss is a awesome football coach he has taught my son so much this year I wish him the best

Brandy W. Wilson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Moss was my daughter''s, Kaigan, Seventh grade Social Studies teacher. Kaigan loves to learn and she is a very smart young lady. However, she is very shy. Kaigan came home from day one of Seventh grade and told me how much she enjoyed her classes and teachers. Mr. Moss also Coach Moss as Kaigan and her classmates called him was a teacher she came home everyday talking about something funny he did in class and his technique of teaching stood out from her other teachers. Kaigan would learn lessons in Social Studies that were difficult and challenging, studying different cultures, Countries and Wars, but Coach Moss always made them interesting. He would make a song up to teach his students to help them learn about a lesson that otherwise would seem boring to most of his students. I have heard several of Kaigan's friends talk about how Coach Moss would sing and made them sing a song to the beat and Rythm of the Lion King Movie. Coach Moss was also a friend to Kaigan. She always knew and even though she is in the 8th grade now, she still knows she can talk to Coach Moss about anything and She trusts and knows Mr. Moss will always give her the best advice and she also knows it will remain between them. Sims Middle School has been a wonderful school. Kaigan is proud to be a student there and I love knowing each day she attends school, She looks forward to going there. Kaigan is the type of student who gets a long and loves all of her teachers but I know Mr. Moss will always be remembered by Kaigan as well as me. He takes lessons in his class and nod only does he teach about them but he makes them fun to learn. I hope Mr. Moss receives the wonderful recognition he deserves!

Michaela Posted over a year ago

He was my social studies teacher and he taught me a lot. He's a great teacher!

Amanda Posted over a year ago

I love Mr.Moss as a teacher. I had him when I was in 7th grade. And he is honestly one of the best teacher. And always has a fun way of learning.

Jennifer Tazerouti Posted over a year ago

Mitchell Moss is an excellent teacher. I worked with him for many years. He deserves to be nominated for many awards because of his love for his job, students and fellow teachers. His attitude is fantastic- positive and encouraging. He lifts others up. He is authentic and unafraid to be himself. The students love him for it.

Carina Tober Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mr. Moss u really deserve this.

Emma Jarrett Posted over a year ago

I had him when I was in 7th grade and he is still one of my favorite teachers! He was so full of life and he made learning fun, he really got through to you with the material he was teacher! He's a great teacher.

Maryashlee manus Posted over a year ago

I have him this year and I love him. He is a great teacher and holds his honors class to a high levels which makes me want to push myself a lot more!

Brooke Anderson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Childers hit the nail on the head in this script about Mitchell Moss. As a co-worker of his for 4 years, I've never, and I do mean NEVER seen him frowning, upset, or being negative towards anyone. He is awesome with his students and football players!! A very deserving person of this award!

Bryan Good Posted over a year ago

I am a former player and student of Coach Moss. He always believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. He never let me settle for second best in the classroom and on the field. Absolutely exceptional human being!

Margie Humphries Posted over a year ago

Yes Mitchell is one special to me!!! He taught my grandson and now he is teaching my granddaughter!!! They both love him as they said he treats them just like he is a student in school also not only a teacher!!! He cares about every student and yes he is a life changer!!! You can see the love in his face that he cares not only for the students but for everyone he comes in contact with!!! Yes he makes a difference in every child he comes in contact with!! Soo please vote for Mitchell Moss as a Life Changer!!!

Allison Bailey Bennett Posted over a year ago

I have always seen Mitchell Moss as a person who loves to connect with others. He cares for people, and shows this in his actions and his words. I hope the best for him!

Vanda Guess Posted over a year ago

Mitchell is a great role model for his students. He shows compassion and kindness to everyone. He is a talented teacher who has great control. Good choice by mr. Childers! Mitchell is a born leader, positive teacher and the kind of colleague you want to have on your team!

Patty Hughey Posted over a year ago

I taught this wonderful young man years ago and he emulated this positive mindset then too. I am so impressed with his work ethic and initiative to connect with his students to motivate them to achieve. Mr. Moss gives them the ability to believe in their own "success story!"

Melanie Barnett Posted over a year ago

I would like to echo so many of the points that Mr. Childers made regarding Coach Moss. He is an outstanding leader in the classroom and on the field. I am the mother of 2 sons that have attended or is currently attending Sims Middle. Mitchell has coached and/or taught both of them. All I can say is That i am so impressed with Coach Moss and thankful for the positive influence he's been for both my boys! My youngest son has him now for both teacher and coach and he thins so much of him. He can relate to coach moss. With Coach Moss being a male who is positive, young, energetic and someone who likes sports he makes such an impact on Bryce's learning. My oldest son had him as coach for a couple of sports over a span of 6 years. Upon his graduation we had a party for family , friends and a few school staff members that matt felt played an important part in his life. One of first ones on list was Coach Moss. My oldest son is about to graduate with education degree to teach social studies and hopes to coach middle school football. Sound familiar?? I'd say Coach Moss possibly was part of the influence for that.thanks Coach from me and my 2 boys

Natasha earls Posted over a year ago

This teacher has taught both of my children in the last several years. He taught them more than just social studies but how to become better people in life. He is an excellent teacher. We will always appreciate him being in our lives .

Cedrick Jeter Posted over a year ago

He is one of the best people I know. I love him like a brother. Every time I talk to him I feel better about any situation.

Kyle Owings Posted over a year ago

Mitchell exudes what it means to be an educator. His children love him on the field as their coach and students love him equally in the classroom. During the football and basketball seasons, he routinely has 14 hour days, but yet he has the same positive and jovial attitude. Mitchell is a special person!