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Audrey Jarvis

Position: Family Consumer Science Teacher
School: Papillion La Vista High School
School District: Papillion La Vista Community Schools
City, State: Papillion , NE

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Audrey Jarvis was nominated by a student, Moriah Duran.

"Mrs. Jarvis has become one of the most important and impactful figures in my life," said Duran. "She always stays positive and kind when faced with an overwhelming task and doesn’t let anything get in the way of doing her job impeccably. When students get rowdy or have a distasteful attitude, she always remains kind and calm, and she makes the extra effort to ensure students succeed without using harsh punishments and threats to coerce them into following her directions. Her assignments and projects are always interesting and allow for a greater understanding of the current material being taught. Mrs. Jarvis’ passion for the subjects she teaches is very noticeable and absolutely a reason why she is an amazing teacher."

"I was in Mrs. Jarvis’ childhood development class during my Sophomore year - it was her first year teaching," said Duran. "One could tell she was a new teacher; she was very peppy and excited to be at school on a daily basis. We had gotten along very well; we had similar interests in TV shows, cats, and memes! I loved participating in her class and always made the extra effort in my work to showcase that I was just as passionate in my work as she was."

"Early on in the year, she bought all of her students a cheap composition notebook for the purpose of completing daily writing prompts," said Duran. "Every so often, she’d collect them and write responses to our entries. Most of the time, the prompts were quizzing us over about the prior days' notes, how we felt about the upcoming test, how are current projects were going, etc. On occasion, the prompt was something along the lines of 'How are you doing?' or 'How is the year going so far?' I poured my heart out onto a few pages or so and ranted about all of the struggles of life that were getting to me. I had recently been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, my parents were constantly fighting, my friend group was growing apart, my crush didn’t like me back, etc. I was mostly devastated by my dad’s illness. He had been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease about five years prior at the time, and treatment wasn’t working for him anymore. It was absolutely horrific to go home and watch your dad wither away a little more. He was almost an entirely different man than the one who had originally raised me."

"Mrs. Jarvis had scribbled a few pages back that she would always be there, and to let her know if I ever felt like I needed anything at all," said Duran. "I remember her pulling me aside one day after class to confront me with how I was doing with everything. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, and I began sobbing in front of her like a little baby. She started reassuring me that it was healthy to cry and gave me a handful of tissues and a hug. Within a month or so, my dad did end up dying. It was on Halloween, and I was the one who found him lying warm on the bathroom floor. I had never felt so unstable in my life...I couldn’t keep myself from crying throughout random times of the day."

"Mrs. Jarvis was the most supportive and kindest teacher I had during those times," said Duran. "She’d assist me in projects and studying for tests when I could barely possess the mental capacity to concentrate on a text. She showed me memes and adorable pictures of kittens after class to make me smile. Mrs. Jarvis talked to me about the recent loss of her grandfather and her own struggles with depression and never failed to tell me there is light somewhere down the road. To this day, she remains my favorite teacher, as she never fails to encourage my dreams and support me through the constant struggles of life. She always makes time to talk to you and encourages improvement when grades are a little rough. Mrs. Jarvis is one of the people whose kind words and efforts will stay with me forever."