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Kim Tidwell

Position: EA
School: Southside
School District: Wilson County School District
City, State: Lebanon, TN

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Kim Tidwell was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Southside School is a K-8 school. Ms. Tidwell had previously only worked with the elementary students, but when the need arose, she stepped up and worked with middle school students. She provides a positive, friendly, safe place for those students.  Last year, she was able to reach a student who previously had behavior problems. This eighth grade student was learning at a third grade level when she began working with him. He started enjoying going to her class and began to feel more confident.  This year, she is working with a group of seventh and eighth graders, providing that same positive energy.

Comments (11)

Wendell Marlowe Posted over a year ago

Kim Tidwell is just a fantastic person. She seems to have a positive outlook all the time, is always up for a challenge and willing to help out when ever needed. She is an educational assistant that has the skills, experience and temperament to help a child feel successful. Kim not only address the academic needs of a child, but directly or indirectly, she delivers the emotional support needed as well. She is able to bring out the best in students and adults. Kim is the kind of team player that any school principal would like to have on their staff.

Jackie Turner Posted over a year ago

you are awesome! This is an honor very well deserved! I feel very blessed to get to work with you and to call you my friend! you are a very dedicated person!

Tracy Dowell Posted over a year ago

Kim is a fantastic support for students, teachers, and parents at Southside. She always has a smile on her face and ready to work with any student that needs her. Her positivity is contagious. As an interventionist EA, the students that Kim works with are struggling students that often need more than educational support. Kim not only teaches the students the skills they need to be successful, she also provides emotional support to each and every student. My personal experience with Kim has always been special because she immediately knows if you need a smile, hug, or just a shoulder to cry on. I am forever grateful at how Kim has changed my life and so many others at Southside.

Angelia Speck Posted over a year ago

Kim goes above and beyond in all that she does. She loves the kids and they feel that! She also goes out of her way to help teachers. We love our Mrs. Kim!

Lisa Long Posted over a year ago

Kim always goes the extra mile for students and coworkers! She is extraordinary at her job and even more .... an extraordinary human!

Megan Hutto Posted over a year ago

Kim Tidwell is a perfect nominee for Lifechanger of the Year. I had the pleasure of working alongside Kim for several years at Southside Elementary both working with students in the classroom and when she served at cheerleading coach. Kim takes on any challenge and runs with it. She doesn't let fear stand in her way. When Kim works with our students, she understands that building a relationship with them first is most important. We had a motto at Southside that "no significant learning takes place without significant relationship", and Kim most definitely adopted this motto. She has the skills of a seasoned educator. I am so proud that Kim is my friend and my colleague.

Jane LaFevers Posted over a year ago

What a great nominee for Lifechanger of the Year, Kim Tidwell! I have had the privilege of working with Kim and seeing her passion and concern for her students. I have seen the change in the lives of children who look forward to time in her class daily. Not only does Kim teach children learn new strategies to help them succeed in the classroom, she also instills a confidence that will build character to last a lifetime. She will be one of the teachers a child will always remember.

Tracy Filson Posted over a year ago

Kim is a very responsible, dedicated and most giving co-worker there is. She gets along with everyone and all her students love her.

Jennifer Fryer Posted over a year ago

Kim Tidwell is like "sunshine" daily in our school hallways and her classroom. She is so encouraging, motivating & wise, Kim pulls out the strengths of ALL her students, from kindergarten to 8th grade. She has a gift of being able to relate to all the students. Kim is also a wonderful co-worker and a team player. She is the first to step up and volunteer of whatever our school needs. Kim is very knowledgeable and has amazing techniques and strategies she uses to make sure all her students are learning. Kim believes in all her students and gives them hope everyday. They love to be in her group and learn. If you could be a "fly on her wall" you would agree that Kim Tidwell deserves this award. Our school is very lucky to have her.

Tara Christian Posted over a year ago

Kim is absolutely precious! She has an infectious, encouraging attitude and spirit. I am quite certain she changes the lives of the students she works with for the better!

STEPHANIE PORTER Posted over a year ago

Kim is a tremendous asset to Southside! She has a natural gift of working patiently and tirelessly with children of all ages. Although she does not have the academic title of teacher, she's a tremendous educator, and her experience has influenced both novice and seasoned teachers to be better at their craft. I cannot think of someone who has positively influenced the life of children more than Kim.