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Mary Tisi

Position: Community Outreach and Registrar
School: Jackson Hole High School
School District: Teton County School District
City, State: Jackson, WY

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Mary Tisi was nominated by her superintendent, Gillian Chapman.

Although Ms. Tisi's official title at Jackson Hole High School is Community Outreach and Registrar, there is no better title for her than LifeChanger. She knows each of the 765 students at Jackson Hole High School by name.  She celebrates their academic successes, numbers of baskets scored in the game, tackles on the field, recent birthdays, and anything else she can use to establish a connection with each student.  When a student makes a poor choice or is struggling with the challenges of being a teen, Ms. Tisi is there to pick them up, encourage them and stand by their side. She is the type of person everyone wishes was their mom.  

Ms. Tisi is no stranger to raising kids, as she raised two fine young men who attended Jackson Hole High School.  She knows first hand the challenges of growing up in a resort town, the pressures that teens face, and the dreams of their futures. She is always present and makes people feel like they are the only ones she cares about.  

Ms. Tisi coordinates all community events at Jackson Hole High School.  She brings in community members and connects her school to the community in positive ways.  One of her creations is the JHHS Veterans Day celebration, where more than 100 local veterans and their families are invited to have a steak meal with student hosts. Then, they are honored in an all-school assembly for their service.  Speakers are selected, and each veteran has the opportunity to introduce themselves and talk about their service. Standing ovations throughout the assembly rarely leave a dry eye, and as Veterans exit the auditorium, students line the hallways cheering and clapping for them.  Students, families and veterans are connected to a greater purpose, and Ms. Tisi brings it all together with her expert coordination and eye for detail.  

Every year, the community raises funds for more than 100 different scholarships and nearly $900,000 to provide scholarships for seniors. Ms. Tisi coordinates the applications and encourages every senior to apply for at least one scholarship. She guides them through the application process, interviews, and finally, the awards evening, where it takes approximately three hours and 20 minutes to hand out nearly one million dollars. It's an amazing night, and students leave more financially capable of handling college, but the most important aspect of the night is that students know they have an entire community backing them and supporting them as they move on to college. This is truly priceless.

Last summer, Ms. Tisi spent her time off in the company of students as they traveled throughout Europe.  As a co-sponsor, she trekked along with students as they explored cities whose vast history shaped our world and culture.  She did not miss an opportunity to develop relationships with students, even though it meant missing time with her family.  

Ms. Tisi has a heart that radiates goodness, a smile to light up the room, and the ability to turn any negative into a positive.  While she is small in stature, her New York accent and rapid-fire speech keeps everyone marching to her pace. She is the kind of person who adults and students alike will gravitate towards. They know confidences can be shared with her, and that she will follow through and support them, no matter what.

Comments (21)

Tyeise Wetzel Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mary! No one is more deserving of this honor than you! Your love, care, attention to detail and passion for what you do affects everyone at JHHS and we are all the better for the part you play here. You amaze me with your ability to put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter the situation. Thanks for all you do and for putting up with all of f us!

James Rooks Posted over a year ago

Mary Tisi is one of the most dedicated, passionate and personable employees within Teton County school district number 1. She does not approach her registrar job as a clerical or office endeavor, but more of a life changing mission on behalf of our 9th through 12th grade students. Mary seems to be on a mission to build lifelong relationships with all of our students & staff. Simply put, Mary loves our students. The students think of her more as a Mother figure, cheerleader & friends. Her office is almost always packed with students. Mary is happy, funny & supportive. She changes the lives of hundreds of students every day. It is impossible to put into words all that she has done...and continues to do for our school & community.

Mel Orchard Posted over a year ago

Mary Tisi is simply one of the best, most loving, most giving of people I have ever known. In every thing she does, she models service and empathy...I can't imagine a better candidate for this award!!!!

Lisa Husband Posted over a year ago

Way to go Mary! I Couldn't think of someone more deserving of this award!

Ramiro Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

There has not been a single day that I pass by her desk where she doesn’t say “hi” to me. She is always so positive and radiate happiness all around her. It’s an honor to be a student and a friend of Mrs. Tisi’s.

Jeffrey B. Daugherty Posted over a year ago

Mary's impact on the lives Teton County students is second only to the pencil and the textbook combined.

Mallory Reisbeck Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tisi is easily my favorite adult in the building when I am at school. She helps me with everything and is an amazing woman. I never fail to stop in and see her when I can because of how helpful and kind she is. She is constantly encouraging me and helping me build my future. I truly love spending time with her and she is always offering candy to get student through the day. I can easily say that she has changed my life throughout high school. When I came to her interested in the Air Force she encouraged me and helped me find resources. Although I don’t know the other nominees, I know that she definitely deserves this award.

Valerie May Posted over a year ago

Mary deserves this nomination so much! She truly cares about the students and staff of JHHS as well as the whole community of Jackson Hole. I work with Mary in the office and see her interact with and compliment every single person who walks through the door. She works long hours outside of school too for her Veteran's Day extravaganza and the many other tasks she takes on. She recognizes each staff member's Birthday with a cupcake and never fails to have something nice to say to each and every person she comes across! Congratulations on your nomination, Mary!

Henry Tuchscherer Posted over a year ago

Mary is an amazing woman. She brings an energy and zest to work every single day. She makes the lives our students and teachers better with her positivity and never fading smile. She gives back to our community by working tirelessly to help our children!

Emmie Gocke Posted over a year ago

The world needs more people like Mrs. Tisi. She bestows her kindness on every person she meets, without hesitation or judgment. She is one of those rare people who truly believes every human being has the power to do something remarkable, and has the special talent of making people realize this about themselves. Congratulations and thank you.

Paula Crisp Posted over a year ago

I love you Mary! You have been the perfect role model and I sincerely from the bottom of my heart appreciate all of the love that you have given to Zoe! You deserve this xo

Quinn Holland Posted over a year ago

I don’t have to read the profile for Mrs. Tisi to have my vote. Not only has she made a huge impact in the Jackson Hole community she has done so without asking for anything in return. She is genuinely selfless and if everyone who interacts with her leaves just as happy as I do I can’t imagine how much she has changed the world. Having been best friends with her son for years I can attest to this. Few people’s kindness and positivity rival that of Mary Tisi and she deserves to be awarded for the wonderful person she is!

Libby Crews Wood Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to Mary! She has her thumb on the pulse of Jackson Hole High School and is working tirelessly to insure that each and every one of its students is healthy — academically and socially. She is a true student advocate!

Carolyn Little Posted over a year ago

I can think of no one more deserving of this award! Mary Tisi IS a life changer! She is a beacon of kindness and helpfulness for students and parents alike at JHHS! We love you Mary!

Debbie Sanford Posted over a year ago

Mary is an amazing gift to the students of Teton County! I know Mary as my son is good friends with both her boys. She truly loves the work that she does and connecting with the students. We need more people like her in the lives of our young people! Congratulations Mary- so we’ll deserved!

Jerry Henderson Posted over a year ago

As senior at Jackson Hole High School, I can confidently say that stopping in to see Ms. Tisi changes the course of any day for the better. She is a terrifically hard worker who shows endless support and love to the JHHS student body and staff. I am extremely excited for her nomination because she deserves recognition. Regardless of every amazing thing she does, I could not thank Ms. Tisi enough for her smile and kind words alone.

Betty Collins Posted over a year ago

Thank you Mary for bringing such great thoughts, into formation. I'm so very proud to know you (even through one degree of separation)! You're a gem! I look forward to meeting you soon!??

Virginia Buchanan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tisi is a treasure - she plays a critical role in the lives of so many. That she chooses to do it with excellence and a loving spirit makes all the difference in the world. God bless her and others like her for their selfless dedication.

Nancy Shibuya Posted over a year ago

Mary Started caring about kids AND teachers in our district when her sons were attending the elementary school where I teach. She was always involved in all of the school and grade level activities! After her sons moved on to middle school and high school, she became a substitute in our district. How lucky JHHS was when she was hired there full-time. Her amazing energy and love for the students is something to behold. She is truly a gem! I am SO pleased that Mary has been nominated for this award.

Jackson Tisi Posted over a year ago

So proud of you Mom! This is so well deserved. Anyone that knows my Mom, knows how big of an impact she has had on the community of Jackson Hole long before she was working at the high school. I was really fortunate growing up, having a parent that cared so much about not only me but the health and well being of the community and people I was surrounded with. Mary Tisi has left nothing but a positive impact on the community and has spent over a decade making the town a better place through leading by example. There are so many young people and students who I've met that have told me the deep impact my Mom has had on their life in the school system in Teton County. Years of volunteering and caring for people made her the perfect person for the job she has now at the high school. Since she's been at the school the impact and change she has brought with her speaks for herself. I'm confident students will carry her positive impact on them through the rest of their lives.

Daniel Tisi Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mom! For everybody who read this profile, I would just like to add how much she cares about the kids of Jackson Hole High School and the community around us. I have seen the hours of extra work she puts in, whether it's taking students on college tours across Wyoming, organizing a veterans day event to recognize the heroes within our community, or learning Spanish on her own time to break down the language barrier that exists within our schools. Your work does not go unnoticed, and I am extremely proud of you! You make the students of JHHS feel like anything is possible, and that is perhaps the most important of all.