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Shannon Sommers

Position: Librarian
School: Chanute Elementary School
School District: USD 413 Chanute Public Schools
City, State: Chanute, KS

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Shannon Sommers' nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Ms. Sommers has made a big impact on the students and staff at all three buildings in USD 413. She nurtures all students with a positive attitude and demonstrates exemplary leadership at the school level. 

In her role, Ms. Sommers sees all 732 students throughout her class schedule.  She uses this opportunity to make a positive impact on each student. In her current position, she also oversees the libraries at the middle school and the high school.  This allows her to make an impact on all students and staff in USD 413 Chanute Public Schools. She approaches all of her job responsibilities with a positive attitude and a growth mindset.  She is always striving to make herself and USD 413 Chanute Public Schools better.

Ms. Sommers demonstrates exemplary leadership qualities.  She attends each grade level (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) PLC meeting throughout the week.  During these meetings, she is an active participant, providing ideas and feedback as needed.  During the 2019-2020 school year, she is also collaborating with the Title 1 teachers in her building to provide literacy professional development to the staff.  

"Shannon Sommers is a tremendous asset to the students and staff of Chanute Elementary School and to USD 413 Public Schools," said her nominator. "She has a unique ability to positively impact all students and staff of USD 413. She also demonstrates incredible leadership qualities.  Shannon is a true LifeChanger!"

Comments (7)

Karra Posted over a year ago

Shannon help our daughter learn to love books! Our daughter hated to read until Shannon helped her figure out reading can be fun and enjoyable. We are so thankful for her. Very well deserved!

Melanie Zorn Posted over a year ago

Shannon is truly a good, all around human being, which makes her a natural at her profession! If I had kids in the Chanute school district, I would breath easy in knowing she is taking my child to new heights! Way to go Shannon, I see you! ?? Congratulations girl, you deserve it!

Ashlie Jack Posted over a year ago

I am so very proud of you, Shannon. You are a wonderful person and teacher. You pour your heart and soul into making a difference for students. This is evident in the time you devote not only to your students but through the professional development work you do with the other teachers so they are making a positive difference with their students. You always go the extra mile!!

Laura Jack Posted over a year ago

Shannon is a very dedicated and organized person and teacher. She takes pride in making the library a welcoming place to learn and read.

Nancy castellucci Posted over a year ago

Shannon Sommars has made a positive impact on my grandson Moses. She has encouraged him to read and to believe in himself. She makes reading fun with her supportive attitude. I believe she has changed his life as he will read for life.

Patty Ann Sanborn Posted over a year ago

Shannon is amazing with the students!! My granddaughter loved her!!

Ginger Bastin Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Shannon for 20+ years. She is always a supporter, encouraged, helps anyone in need while never hesitating. Always positive, always happy. She’s a big deal!