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Rosemary Babcock

Position: Para-Educator for Primary Special Needs
School: Swasey Central School
School District: Brentwood SAU 16
City, State: Brentwood, NH

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Rosemary Babcock was nominated by her colleague, Lisa Swasey

Imagine that you are sitting in class and all your peers can read, but not you. Your teacher calls on you to take your turn reading out loud, but you can't read the words. Words are letters; random letters. There is no pattern to them, so you cry because you are embarrassed, and feel as if you will never learn to read. Then along comes Mrs. Babcock.

When Mrs. Babcock smiles, she makes people feel comfortable. She starts by warming up student's brains with Brain Gym exercises and quick speech-language games to get them primed for reading. She helps her students learn their letters and sounds, having them race the clock while practicing. Mrs. Babcock uses a host of reading materials that specifically target a child's weaknesses, and she lets them play games for extra practice. Her patience and encouragement help students become more confident in their ability to read, and puts them on the right track to succeed.

This happens year after year at Swasey Central School. Mrs. Babcock is a remarkable paraeducator. She stands above the rest because she is able to reach children and teach them to read and compute when no one else can. She is remarkable because she not only knows the meaning of individualized education, but she utilizes all of her training, pulling strategies and lessons that address the students' learning styles and unique way of thinking.

Mrs. Babcock is very knowledgeable, and other teachers often approach her for advice and strategies to use while working with their students. She has co-authored an article about cluster card (numberless playing cards) activities to help children develop number sense, and it is distributed to the staff at Swasey Central School to use as a reference tool.

Mrs. Babcock is a leader without a title and she models respect for the other staff in the building, reminding them that student information should be confidential.

"What amazes me about this wonderful woman, is that she is so perceptive of both student and staff feelings, behaviors, moods, and models how we should treat others," Swasey said. "She willingly pitches in and contributes to all school duties and functions. Although she does not have a special title, she is someone that we all look to for suggestions, a smile, or a boost of confidence."


Rosemary Babcock in the News:
Swasey Para-educator Nominated for LifeChanger of the Year

Comments (11)

Lisa Swasey Posted over a year ago

I wish you could see the progress that Rosemary's students are making. She is so good with our dyslexic students, picking up on individual nuances that the children demonstrate. She has an amazing memory which provides her with a host of remedial activities which she chooses to address the nuances and deficits of each child.

Abby Woodward Posted over a year ago

One of the best teachers at Swasey! Rosemerry is a great all around person. She goes above and beyond everyday to help students learn.

Wilhelmina Bradley Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Babcock is a dedicated teacher/paraprofessional. She's always kind and respectful to students and adults alike. Rosemary cares very deeply for the education of students at Swasey Central School. She teaches children skills that will last a lifetime!

Kathy Desmarais Posted over a year ago

In a room in the primary wing of Swasey School big things are happening! Rosemary Babcock is not just working with children. She is sharing her passion for learning. Rosemary is warm, patient, and encouraging. She brings out the best in students by recognizing what they DO know and supporting them as they work toward their goals. Rosemary uses many tools- rods, cards, pictures, posters, stories, and movment to help her students learn. But the most valuable thing she offers her students is her belief in them. We are so fortunate to have her at Swasey School.

Sue Mayo Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is the person we all want to help our kids learn to read or understand math. She is patient, kind, friendly, and makes learning concrete for those that need it. I want to be her when I grow up! She is inspiring to me and to everyone else here. I trust her completely!

Marilyn Morehead Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is simply a truly remarkable person who relates easily to everyone. As the town librarian for many years, I was well aware of Rosemary's love of reading. The Swasey students are very fortunate to have her guidance on their reading journey.

Noreen Fantasia Posted over a year ago

This is the most wonderful and most deserving words I've ever read. My sister Rosemary is an amazing, dedicated educator and Swazey is so very lucky to have her as part of their team. She has personally helped and guided me with my own son. She is my role model. Thank you for giving her this honor an honor that is so deserved.

Diane Alden Posted over a year ago

Rosemary loves what she is doing. She has great passion and enthusiasm for teaching. She makes learning FUN and she has a smile for every student that walks through her door. She motivates her students that struggle, she engages them and builds confidence. Students look forward to seeing her every day..and so do I. The effect of a good educator on a child's life is monumental. Rosemary IS that educator.

Marie Posted over a year ago

Way to go Rosemary. You're an inspiration to us all!

Julie Marshall Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is an amazing teacher, colleague and professional! She approaches her job with enthusiasm and patience. She accepts students where they are and celebrates every step forward a child makes. She is a cheerleader, role model, comfort and support for the children who struggle with learning, but more importantly confidence and self esteem. She teaches children to work hard and love who they are. The many children she has touched over the years were given a wonderful gift of her .patience and acceptance.

Julie Proctor Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is an assestt to our Swasey School community. Her kindness, caring, and postitive energy is contagious. The students are always very eager to go with Mrs. Babcock! She lets both students and staff know, through her actions, how much she cares about them. Her sense of humor gets me through many difficult days! We are so lucky to have such a gifted educator working with us.