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Rebecca Gerloff

Position: Science Teacher
School: Wild Rose Middle/High School
School District: Wild Rose School Distict
City, State: Wild Rose, WI

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Rebecca Gerloff was nominated by her colleague, Elizabeth Dohr.

Ms. Gerloff has been an employee in her district since 2003. She has not only been a favorite teacher among her students, but a role model, leader, and positive community member. Ms. Gerloff is the type of person who students feel comfortable talking to about private and sensitive issues that may be going on in their lives. 

Ms. Gerloff has also been the leader of the local FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) for the past 10 years. This is a peer-led group which is held before or after school. Ms. Gerloff was asked to be the adult advisor so the group could meet at school. 

Ms. Gerloff has acted as Key Club advisor and class advisor to thousand of young adults and students who have gone through the district.  Every year, she has gone above and beyond helping her students plan, organize, and carry out a variety of community service events (i.e. Blood Drives, Food Drives, Penny Harvest).

"I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Gerloff for the past 15 years and feel she is an exemplary example of leadership, building positive relationships with students, and teaching her curriculum in a professional manner," said Dohr. "She grew up in our rural small town on a family farm. Many of the values she was raised with are what she still holds dear in her heart and are perfect examples of providing a positive, healthy and supportive atmosphere for her students and our school."

Comments (21)

Rene Dorsett Posted over a year ago

Mrs G is a kind compassionate teacher who is really tuned into her students. She makes learning an adventure and her students cant wait to get to her class. Each of my 5 children couldn't wait to be able to take her classes. She is an outstanding asset to our school and community. Thank you Mrs. G

Olivia J Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is an amazing teacher with the best attitude everyday. Every class I took with her I enjoyed, as did my peers. Wild Rose is lucky to have a teacher so dedicated to educating its students and helping out with clubs on the side. You are so deserving of this award!!!

Nevaeh P Posted over a year ago

Ms.Gerloff is one of the most amazing and selfless people I know. She gives her all to her students and has helped me personally so much. She had really changed my life in every aspect and I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

Lyndsey Posted over a year ago

Ms. G is one of the most influential people I've ever met. I'm firmly convinced she believes every student she's ever had is like a child to her, and she is more than willing to be supportive and caring like a mother. Ms. G gives all of her kids someone to go to for absolutely anything. She is also very ambitious in giving her kids as many opportunities as she can. She sees so much value in every single person, and in wanting to give them new opportunities and experiences, she's trying to help them reach and realize their fullest potential. Because of her willingness, selflessness, and love for her kids, Ms. G is more than deserving of this award.

Emily Posted over a year ago

There is no one as truly deserving of this award as Mrs. Gerloff. Ms. G is the most selfless person I have ever met. She has every student's best interests in mind, both in and out of the classroom. When the class doesn't fully understand the topic they are learning, they feel comfortable telling Mrs. Gerloff, who then reteaches it to make sure they understand. Whenever it is needed, you can always find a safe space and judgement free listening ear with Mrs. Gerloff. I never would have made it through high school without her. Ms. G, thank you for the impact you've had on not only my life, but the entirety of Wild Rose. As someone has previously said, you've helped me in more ways than you'll ever know.

Cassie I. Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gerloff inspired me to be a strong female leader, my love for science while I was in school and continues to inspire me to be my best me as an adult. Thank you!

Amber Van Handel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gerloff has been an invaluable asset not only to the school district, but in my life. She is such an amazing human being, so caring, and loving. She deserves to be recognized for her amazing sense of empathy, courage, love, and strength!

Sierra Parker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gerloff has an amazing impact on anyone she meets. When she first became my teacher she was willing to step out of her way in order to help me, along with any of her other students. There is nothing but great things to say about Ms.G. She has nothing but greatness in her future.

Karli Hansen Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gerloff is very worthy of this award. She goes out of her way to make sure all of her students understand the material she is teaching. She is extremely personable with all her students and many students feel comfortable confiding in her about personal situations. She is more than deserving of this award.

Bonnie Jenkinson Posted over a year ago

So deserving!! Ms. G has gone above and beyond helping those she comes in contact with both professionally and personally. Just a kind word, a little time or a simple smile. Her daily inspiration is bringing many walks of life together and connecting them in a profound way.

Amy Lambrecht Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is very deserving of this award. She not only inspires the students she teaches, but also strives to inspire others in the community. She is always writing inspirational messages to help others see the positive in life and their situation.

Megan Dorsett Anderson Posted over a year ago

Ms. G has always been there for me whether it be in high school when I was deciding what to do with my future or when I just needed someone to chat with. I will never forget the four years of lunch chats in her classroom. She so selflessly gave up her lunch period to sit and talk with students about whatever they needed. She deserves this so much. I am so glad to have had such an amazing teacher and woman to look up too. Mrs G you inspire me everyday and I’m so blessed to know you

Tara Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is an amazing mother, teacher, and friend. She is always so thoughtful and kind. She is a great asset to our school and community. She is someone I look up to.

Ian Duff Posted over a year ago

Rebecca Gerloff continues to be an inspiration for many people around her. She goes out of her way to make the lives of her students better, and continues to check up on them even after thay graduate. She is passionate every minute about what she does in and out of the classroom. Words fail to describe how much she means to everyone. She was, and always will be, one of my favorite teachers because of her enthusiasm, dedication, discipline and ability. Thank you Mrs. Gerloff. You've helped me in more ways you will ever know.

Mikayla Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is truly one of the strongest and most caring people I know. She has changed so many students lives in a positive way, whether they realize it in the moment or a few years later down the road! Not only does she influence students, but co workers and community members are also inspired by her as well. She cares about each person as a human.

Karin Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gerloff is an amazing person and teacher. She allows students to explore science and learn through their successes and failures. She cares for the entire student - mind, body, and soul. She is very deserving of this award.

Marcia Riendeau Posted over a year ago

Rebecca Sorenson-Gerloff is such a positive influence in our community, especially with her students. They confide in her because they understand she genuinely cares about them, and not just in high school, but they come back and thank her for her believing in them long after graduation. She is making a difference sharing love and kindness and inspiring great science!

Kenzie Heinemann Posted over a year ago

You most definitely deserve this award! You have a very positive impact on all of your students, colleagues, and friends. You know exactly what to say no matter the situation. Thank you for being a role model, amazing teacher, and most importantly someone I could come to and many other students could come to during hard times. You changed my life for the better and have been there for me throughout my years of high school. Honestly, I cannot thank you enough! You deserve this! :)

Jane Fink Posted over a year ago

She Is so deserving of this award. I have the joy of being able to work with her. She is more than a Teacher she is every bodies friend. We need more Teachers like you!!!

Nicole Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is an amazing person and teacher! She goes all out for her students and definitely deserves an aware. Rebecca, you have such a long lasting impact on our students and you TRUELY are a life-changer.

Debbie Miller Posted over a year ago

OMG!!! You soooo deserve this award. You are kind to everyone, no matter who they are! I wish more teachers in our school were like you!! Wild Rose is truly blessed to have you work with our children. You DO CHANGE LIVES in a positive way. We reap what we sow!!!