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Wendi Christensen

Position: Administrative Assistant
School: Altara Elementary School
School District: Canyons School District
City, State: Sandy, UT

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Wendi Christensen was nominated by her principal, Nicole Svee Magann.

Ms. Christensen is an essential member of the school community at Altara Elementary School. She is vital to the well-being of her students. When students become anxious, they check-in with her, and she helps them feel strong enough to return to classes. She collaborates with parents and teachers to support the success of students. She creates a positive, flexible, and calm atmosphere that is reflected in the support staff she supervises.  

Ms. Christensen was a former PTA president and is married to a church leader in the community. Parents often go to her for comfort and support.

"Our patrons and district constantly compliment Altara on its positive and welcoming school atmosphere and Ms. Christensen is a huge factor in sustaining that environment. She is a model in all she does, and others look to her for guidance," Svee Magann said. "Last year, my husband passed away. Not only did she support me emotionally, but she organized the staff with their desire to contribute meals and flowers. She ran the school as I was in and out sporadically for a few weeks, and I never doubted that the school was in excellent hands. She is often the "go-to" person when I am out of the building," Svee Magann said. 

When a neighborhood situation caused the school to go on lock-down, Ms. Christensen was able to get things under control while Svee Magann frantically tried to handle things from outside the building. She ran things so well in the building that school went on calmly and effectively. Some students didn't even realize that they were in a lock down.

"She exhibits a high moral and ethical standard in all she does. She is not only a school model, but a leader in her faith, and she is watched and looked up to by a majority of our patrons. I truly admire the way that she handles all these roles with grace. She is truly indispensable to the positive, caring, and kind atmosphere that is Altara Elementary," Svee Magann said.

Comments (19)

Quinn Welch Posted over a year ago

Wendi has always been there for me and my family, you walk into the school and the first thing you see is her smiling face. I truly believe she loves helping others. She's such a positive role model for the kids AND for the parents. She's just an amazing human all around. Thank you Wendi for showing us a smile on even our hardest days!

Cindy Watts Posted over a year ago

Wendi is a positive influence in the lives of everyone lucky enough to meet her. She knows every student by name and genuinely cares about each one. She is kind and helpful to everyone and has become a great friend. You truly deserve this award, Wendi!

Jannifer Young Posted over a year ago

Yay, Wendi! I have loved getting to know you through LeeAnn, and then the wonderful surprise of Altara. You are always so friendly and caring when I enter the school. You truly care about my children and you make me feel appreciated, too. Way to go, Wendi!

Alisha Harrison Posted over a year ago

Everyone is so lucky to interact with Wendi here at Altara! Not only is she kind and thoughtful to the kids here (knowing almost all of them by name) but she is also the same way with faculty and staff. She handles the daily goings of crazy office life with ease and never seems to get frazzled by the chaos that can sometimes happen here. She genuinely cares about the students and families here and is concerned for them. Wendi is someone everyone knows they can go to for answers to big and small questions and she helps keep this school running amazingly well. She is absolutely the best!!!!

Coralee Van Wagoner Posted over a year ago

Wendi is a great school secretary. She is always helpful with whatever problem I bring to her. Questions are always answered or taken care of fast, if she needs to get back to us she always does. She also does it all with a smile on her face.

Kaitlin Henderson Posted over a year ago

Wendi is easy to get along with. She is very helpful and loves being around people. She is caring and willing to go out of her way to help others. Her personality is contagious and she’s super positive. She encourages and pushes the students to be their best.

Ruthanne Sobieski Posted over a year ago

Wendi is amazing. Every time I am in the office and a student comes in she addresses them by name in a caring and genuine voice. She is professional. She is kind. She is loving.

Heather Sullivan Posted over a year ago

To whom this may concern, My name is Heather Sullivan and I am a teacher at Altara Elementary where Wendi is our head secretary. I am honored to work with her. She is a great lady. She has a very caring heart. All of the time I see her go the extra mile to make students feel comfortable and important. She is incredibly honest. She does her job with fidelity and I know that she is carefully handling every budget in our school. She is a hard worker. Wendi is the driving force that keeps our school running. The students, faculty, parents, and PTA adore Wendi. She is very deserving of this award.

Carrie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Christensen was always ther for me when I worked there. She is sweet and very helpful to kids and parents.Christensen always there when the kids where hurting or very sick. Christensen so a very good leader and a co worker.

Jamie booth Posted over a year ago

Wendi is an amazing person. She has been such a positive person in my families life.

Marci Lassig Posted over a year ago

Where do I begin? Well I am her sister, so there's that, but that I means I know her better than anyone right? First off, I am just finding out about this at this very moment. She's very modest and would have probably never said a word about it. She would rather focus on others. I cried a few tears as I read this nomination because Nicole knows her pretty well. She's all of those things and more! She's always been there for me as a best friend and as a sister. I have always looked up to her and admired the way she handles life. She deserves this award because she is a Life Changer to anyone who knows her!

Chelsea Osborne Posted over a year ago

Wendy is always so helpful and kind!! She has been so kind to take care of my kids when they have needed help in the office, which makes me feel so comfortable knowing someone is looking out for them when I can't be there!

Rachel Waddell Posted over a year ago

Wendi is a welcoming presence at Altara. We are new to the school, but it is abvious that Wendi plays a big role in parent/ student/school relations.

Peggy Gibbons/ Altara Elementary Posted over a year ago

Wendi is wonderful to work with. She is positive and encourages those around her. Wendi is awesome with the faculty and students. She lights up a room with her smile. Wendi is a genuinely kind and caring person. Can't say enough good things about her. I'm so grateful for her friendship.

Kim luckau Posted over a year ago

She's real sweet all the time to all the kid's, and me to. Real kind genuine very patient always smiling seems truly happy to be there at work.

Katherine Smith Posted over a year ago

#LCOY. This wonderful woman is the head secretary at Altara Elementary and has been nominated for life changer of the year. She makes a difference in the life of every person she comes in contact with, from student, to parent, to faculty and staff. She truly makes the world a better place with her kindness, caring, and organization.

Amanda Breinholt Posted over a year ago

Wendi is always very helpful! She always has a smile on her face. She’s so sweet to all the students. She totally deserves this award!

Kristy Rennemeyer Posted over a year ago

She knows every child's name and is always kind to each one that comes into the office. She is always smiling too.

Susanna McCullough Posted over a year ago

WENDI is so nice and you can tell she loves her job.