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Stacy Stapleton

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Jefferson Elementary School
School District: Cape Girardeau Public School #63
City, State: Cape Girardeau, MO

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Comments (6)

Bekah Garner Posted over a year ago

One of the best teachers I have ever had! I feel honored that I got the chance to learn from her and get to call her my former 3rd grade teacher. She cares so deeply about her students and is such a dedicated teacher. I cannot express enough how much she has impacted my education. I still remember those popcorn Thursday’s, playing survivor, and building rocket-ships. You really are an amazing teacher and truly deserve this, congratulations!!

Leigh M. Ragsdale Posted over a year ago

Stacy Stapleton is extremely difficult to define, she is like this magical creature that hasn't even been discovered yet. Her extensive wealth of knowledge coupled with her life experiences and conviction make her one of a kind. She is able to inspire the most disconnected child in a matter of moments and does it with grace and poise. She is never afraid of a challenge and you never know what you are going to experience within her classroom. From saving the sea turtles, to sewing reusable shopping bags, to creating fidget spinners, to her FAMOUS popcorn Thursdays, to yoga, and so much more, all of which are rooted in deep meaningful instruction, there isn't anything that Stacy can't do like a rockstar!!!!! I am blessed to work with her each day and she teaches me something new or challenges my thinking each time we speak. She is a life changer and world changer, and for sure has changed my life in a very short period of time. (I can't leave out that she is wildly hilarious too) :)

Sara Baker Posted over a year ago

Stacy, you are truly an amazing educator! I want to be in your room as you teach your students with your unique, engaging lessons! Your commitment and care for your students is inspiring. Thank you for your dedication to students.

April Posted over a year ago

You are an amazing teacher! I learned so much from you. Congratulations!!!

Jessica Posted over a year ago

Stacy, I have learned a lot from watching the way you love and inspire your students on a daily basis! No doubt you have made major impact on so many lives. Miss you! Congratulations!!! - Jessica Pederson

Allie Balsman Posted over a year ago

Proud to know this amazing teacher! Stacy, I couldn’t imagine anyone would be more deserving of this than you! You are a true world changer!