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Seve Isaacs

Position: Theater Teacher
School: Canyon Ridge High School
School District: Twin Falls School District
City, State: Twin Falls, ID

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Seve Isaacs was nominated by his colleague, Kimberly Allen.

At Canyon Ridge High School in Twin Falls, Idaho, the students' voices are clear in illustrating that Mr. Isaacs is a LifeChanger in his building. Nearly every piece of evidence comes from an annual, school-wide student survey. When asked to name a teacher who has made a difference in their lives, dozens of students brought up Mr. Isaacs'  name for going above and beyond:

"Mr. Isaacs puts real life responsibility on students. He treats us like adults and gives us problem-solving tasks for the education we need."

"Mr. Isaacs teaches us as if we are actually working in the real world. His projects are student-led."

"Mr. Isaacs cares about his students in every aspect. He cares about our lives in and outside of school. He cares about our mental health. Mr. Isaacs wants us to be successful."

"Mr. Isaacs helped me understand my true dreams."

"Mr. Isaacs listens to me."

"Mr. Isaacs makes connections with all students, and that helps us want to do better."

"Mr. Isaacs encourages teamwork and team-building."

"Mr. Isaacs is really supportive and understanding."

"Mr. Isaacs has gone way beyond the role of teacher. He respects all students."

"Mr. Isaacs is passionate about what he teaches. His theater class has made me a more extroverted, friendly person. I am succeeding in other classes because of the skills I learned in his class."

"As the instructional coach, I see Mr. Isaacs working tireless hours with such an approachable, calm demeanor, all for the experiences and success of the students of Canyon Ridge High School," said Allen. "His theater program, as well as our Theater Club, attract many, many students who benefit from his influence and life-long impact. His classroom is a stellar example of teaching for 21st-century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking/problem-solving, and creativity, all enhanced by a love of using the arts to bring us together."

Comments (5)

Jaci calderon Posted over a year ago

Mr. Isaacs single handedly changed my life. i’ve never had a more supportive teacher in my whole life. he believes in all his students and always goes the extra mile to be there for them.

Sonja Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination, Seve! As a wonderful father and husband, plus an amazing role model to so many young minds, you deserve this honor. Keep on doing what you do. Your positive influence is limitless!!

Kayla Adema Posted over a year ago

I was going through a lot when I met Mr. Isaacs. Whether or not he knew it, he gave me a great support system in a time that I really needed it. He has always been an outstanding role model for me in so many aspects of my life. And while I've had a great many incredible teachers, Mr. Isaacs was, and absolutely still is, undeniably my favorite,

Char Nelson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Isaacs goes above and beyond to help his students. He makes all students feel welcome and accepted. He is passionate about his craft and is a positive influence in our school.

Wendie Munoz Posted over a year ago

This is a well-deserved honor, Seve! You are amazing!