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Teresa Leslie-Canty

Position: Jag-K Specialist
School: Topeka High School
School District: Topeka Public Schools USD 501
City, State: Topeka, KS

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Teresa Leslie-Canty was nominated by an anonymous student.

Ms. Canty is the teacher for the JAG-K (Jobs for America's Graduates - Kansas) program at her school. She has impacted the lives of countless JAG students. When you ask anyone about Ms. Canty, they will have nothing but positive things to say about her. She wants the best for her students and does her best to prepare them for their futures after high school. The JAG class has helped many students graduate. Ms. Canty not only helps prepare the kids, but she also talks about her struggles and what she went through so students can learn from her mistakes.

"I come from a broken home, and Ms. Canty has impacted my life in such a remarkable way," said her nominator. "I struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, and she has always been there for me. She looks out for her kids and always asks if they're okay, and if they're not, she talks to them and tries to help the best that she can."

Ms. Canty is full of school spirit and always tries to represent her school in the best way that she can. She takes her students on field trips to colleges to give them a head start on figuring out their career paths after high school. She also lets her students know about scholarships and encourages them to apply as early as they can. Recently, she had her students begin working on an essay that will help them apply for colleges and scholarships.

"I wanted to be an English teacher for a few years, but that dream started to fade away once I believed it was too hard to achieve," said her nominator. "I stopped believing in myself and made myself believe that college isn't the right thing for me. Once I was placed in Ms. Canty's JAG class, I started to believe in myself more and more because she believed in me and helped me realize my potential. She never once thought I was incapable of achieving my dreams."

"Ms. Canty is a LifeChanger in many ways," said her nominator. "She will still be a LifeChanger to me because she changed my life in so many ways that will last forever. I am so blessed to know her, and I am so glad to be a part of her JAG class."

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Kotis Atkinson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Canty is a phenomenal character who does her best to help everyone succeed. She isnt afraid to pull favors for students which got me into Kansas State University. On top of the opportunities she has presented for me she still checks up on me every now and the. Truly an above and beyond teacher.

Khalia Canty Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is my mother - so naturally I saw her as a heroine from early on. She was a single mother and we truly grew up together. Throughout my childhood, I watched my mother take her work completely beyond the classroom. There were times that young, single mothers would stay with us for a night for two - sometimes weeks. There were times I gave up my Christmas gifts for her students that weren’t as fortunate. I can’t count how many mornings we got up early to make it to Walmart before school so she could provide breakfast for kids who may not have had it. Even given students the shoes off her own feet AND MINE! I’ve seen her mentor and encourage victims of domestic violence. I’ve seen her attend funerals to mourn and console families when a student has passed. She’ll even follow up after to see if there’s anyway she can help. I’ve heard her answer calls from prison from former students that just needed a safe space to speak. I’ve listened to her counsel a troubled student at 3am, sometimes even get up to go check on them. I once watched her save two abandoned infants from hypothermia in a nearby park that she housed until the police came. It’s really hard to highlight each and every moment I’ve seen her be an exemplary teacher because her job has never concludes at the 3pm bell rings; it does no justice. Hearing students yell her name in the hallways, revere her, promise to protect her, and cry with her is where she shines. Their testimonials are her fuel. Even when frustrated, my mom loves her students and is a devoted educator at any level. She personifies what it means to be a teacher, down to her last dime, on her worst day - and does it with a smile!

Michaela W Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a gem. She is one of the most kind persons I have eve met. She cares so much about her students and wants every one of them to shine!

Tyler Waugh Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Canty for about 16 years. She inspires everyone around her to be the best version of themselves. Preaching kindness with accountability, Ms. Canty shoots from the hip, but also the heart. Congrats on this nomination. Very well deserved.

Jacky Posted over a year ago

Ms Canty is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! She’s full of love and laughter, always cheering someone up with her smile. She has made so many changes to people’s life. Thank you Ms Canty for all you do!

Quran Barton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is AWESOME and full of so much love and genuine energy! ??

Tamiah Coffee Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty has always been an inspiration to me and so many others throughout high school. I can’t think of many teachers or professors who care so much about their students that they are actually deserving of an award such as this or any of the many she’s one before. Ms. Canty, I believe, above anyone else, deserves this award. I can’t think of anyone else who would.

Shontai Mouton Posted over a year ago

Congrats sister/friend on your nomination! You have been such an inspiration to me, and obviously others, over the years it’s no surprise you’ve been nominated. May God bless you as you bless others.

Laura Carrier Posted over a year ago

My little sister wrote this, Ms. Canty has definitely changed her life, she believes in herself more than she ever has with the love Ms. Canty showed her since day one. I cant begin to thank her for all she has done for my little sister. If anyone deserves to win this, its Ms. Canty ??

Dr Zelia Wiley Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Canty for over 10 years of collaborating for student success. She is a leader who can connect with her students in all aspects of their educational journey. I believe Ms. Canty is a life changer because she loves all of her students in their quest to be productive citizens. More importantly, loves herself to make the experience mutually beneficial. Thank you. De. Z. Wiley

Wendy Ewing Posted over a year ago

I am very proud to share that Ms. Canty is my sister and I admire her for community contributions. Her passion and drive to help young adults learn, grow, and achieve is such an inspiration to me and others. When I see social media posts on how she has impacted a student's life and their career, I become overjoyed. Ms. Canty's desire is to push until something happens and to stand behind each student until they reach their goals. I love that she will give it to you straight from the hip with no sugar coating when she is sharing advice. I am relieved that when a student is going through trials and tribulations that they can come to Ms. Canty for guidance rather than acting out on the peer pressure they face daily. Also, after reading the student's comments shared on social media demonstrates how much they respect and look up to her. Ms. Canty, I am proud of your accomplishments, contributions and the life changer that you have become. Keep up the amazing work!

Fiana Posted over a year ago

You are such an inspiration to so many. I can’t wait until my son has the chance to have you as a teacher. Thank you for all that you do.

Teresa Switzer Posted over a year ago

Teresa Leslie-Canty is a great educator! She believes in the kids many times when they don't believe in themselves. She encourages students to have a dream to believe in. I am so glad she was nominated by a student, she deserves it.

Oshara Posted over a year ago

I am happy to nominate Ms. Canty . She loves working with the young people. She entreats everyone the way she be wants to be treated.

Dwayne Posted over a year ago

It brings tears to this grown man, hearing about this wonderful woman and her endeavors. I’ve known Ms. Canty since we were kids and to see her heart materialize into these actions of changing lives it truly a wonderful blessing.

Ananya Posted over a year ago

Me. Canty has always been a big help to not only our students, but our community! Without the encouragement from Ms. Canty the students that struggle with what they have going on, would not be where they are today! She never brings her outside problems inside where she works! Ms. Canty takes her time with students to help them solve their problems they have going on no matter if it’s inside school problems at home, and never put you down, never judges you for anything you bring to her! With that being said Ms.Canty is the one person you can always count on to make your day!

Debra Lynn Washington Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to my Beautiful Cousin Teresa! From the very time I met you, I knew you were special. We commend you for being such an outstanding individual in your community. We appreciate you for helping to organize our 2019 Tyler-Gracey Family Reunion. You are just a blessing to everyone you meet! May God continue to bless you and the good things you do!

Evan Robinson Posted over a year ago

The word that comes to mind when I think of Ms. Canty is faithfulness. Ms. Canty has been faithfully teaching, helping and encouraging students for many years. She has often been a steady presence in the lives of high school kids who deal with a lot of instability.

Kiana H Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty for me was the best part of high school . Her spirit carried you throughout the day . She was always positive through any and every situation that came. She loved her students and it showed. If you ever had a question on basic life skills Ms.Canty was the go to . She would take time out her day if needed just to talk and see if everything was good with you from your grades to job interviews or even just to check on your personal problems that may be distracting you from your full potential as a being. I'm blessed to have met Ms.Canty and I strongly believe she is the perfect candidate.

Angel Lang Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is an incredible person! She always has such a wonderful energy and mindset. She's one of the sweetest teachers I've ever had. Everytime I saw her she would say hello and honestly light up my day! Ms. Canty is a life changer because her goal is to see her students and those around her excel and succeed. The real life changing part is that she is determined and driven to make that goal a reality for everyone. I cant think of anyone better for this award!

Howard Bradley Posted over a year ago

One of the best teachers I know

Emily Jackson Posted over a year ago

I met Teresa while working at Highland Park eight years ago, and she blew me away with how passionate she was about helping students succeed no matter what they were going through at home. I am happy to say that she has only become more passionate over the years, and she continues to help students exceed their own expectations of what they're capable of achieving. Teresa Canty inspires me every day to be a better teacher and a more compassionate human being. I am so fortunate to have met her, and I consider it a privilege to have her as a friend.

Trey Bailey Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a great candid for this life changer of the year award, Ms. Canty has helped me become a better man in the years that I’ve known her From when I was her student until now, there’s no one I’d rather see achieve this award then her herself.

Marissa Mumford Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is one of my most favorite humans on this planet. She is one of the most caring individuals that I know. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of this award!

BRENDA MORALES Posted over a year ago

I’ve know Ms. Canty since I was in 9th grade. Never met someone who cares so much about the community and all her students. She helped so much in high-school. She helped me reach so many things I sometimes felt like giving up on. She was a great mentor to me! Love you Ms. Canty!

Darren Canady Posted over a year ago

Education is a fundamental right that shouldn’t be taken for granted, and has the ability to absolutely transform lives. I have rarely seen someone embody this reality as vividly and with as much passion as Teresa Leslie-Canty. Ms. Canty has literally put her emotional and physical well-being on the line for the sake of supporting her students. In a career that has spanned multiple facilities, positions, and administrations she has shown time and time again that the safety, development, and engagement of her students are the passions that guide her professionally and personally. I cannot imagine a more worthy recipient of this recognition!

Zayra Vasquez Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Canty is the most kind Human being that I’ve ever met . She Goes out of her way to help everyone !

RaMan Evans Posted over a year ago

I have known of Teresa for almost 40 years and known her personally for 30 years. She has always had a wonderful happy spirit no matter what. So when I found out a little over 20 years ago we were cousins I was insanely proud to actually be able to call her family. My son went to Topeka High and talked about how much he liked her. I still remember the look on his face, the smile, when I told him she’s your cousin. Her level of self awareness and hunger to matter in this world is awesome. It’s always a joy to hear the kids and the adults she has touched speak about Teresa. Her own kids are also a testament to who she is as a woman and a parent. She does her part to build confident caring people and there is absolutely nothing more that can be asked of a person. To have her in an environment with so many students from marginalized communities is a true blessing.

Dave boggs Posted over a year ago

This is a perfect award for you! Many talk about reaching and inspiring “all kids”. You actually do it. Good for you and the student(s) who nominated you!

Brooke Schroer Posted over a year ago

I first met Teresa as a coworker 8 years ago and she quickly became a mentor and friend. She is a dedicated, kind, brilliant and authentic individual that advocates for progress and justice. Her ability to connect with students and others who have had extreme life challenges exceeds that anyone I’ve known. Go with Teresa somewhere in public and it’s like being with a celebrity. Except the people approaching her are former students or other community members whose lives she has touched in some way. She truly embodies the notion of the title “life changer”. Her initials TLC are incredibly appropriate and she is so deserving of recognition for her lifetime of service and sacrifice.

Jerrionna Posted over a year ago

Teresa is a loving women and deserves this award she can make almost anybody's day with just her smile she has touched many people's lives and change them and for that we love her

Mike Harold Posted over a year ago

I nominate Ms. Teresa for this award because of her sincerity love compassion she shows and has for the students and co workers her friendship has been a blessing to honor and call her my friend love her.

Carolyn G Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Ms.canty since I was in the 8th grade , and I I will never forget her! She followed me through until my senior year and she literally changed my life and mind set! She is a very amazing soul!!

Tricia Skyles Posted over a year ago

Teresa is such a candid, open communicator. She’s straightforward and willing to have crucial conversations, but in such a way that you always leave the dialogue feeling like a better person. I’m proud to call her both a colleague and a friend.

Jason F. Robbs Posted over a year ago

I was a co-worker with Ms. Canty, but before that she was influential in my life as an educator for a little program in our community call Topeka Rites of Passage. In this program she and other role model of color taught us about the often over looked value our ancestry and how we as young people should hold ourselves to a high level of achievement for the sake of their blood running through our veins. She was always gleaming a light of positivity to me growing up in a community where we didn't always see others of our ethnicity always represented in the most positive ways. As a professional and a co-worker, she was always someone that I could look to for guidance, direction, and leadership. I was a new teacher and she took me under her wing with love and understanding. You truly deserve this honor Ms. Canty! I have watch you pour into sons and daughters that did not otherwise know what it meant to be loved and cared for like you have done! Love you!

SHELDON WOODS Posted over a year ago

You’re great, nothing else to it. ???????

Elijah Keith Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty deserves this award. She changes lives and also influence lives. Ms. Canty is the reason a lot of kids graduated high school. She takes care of people and it’s all real love, never fake. I can’t think of anyone else who is more deserving of this award then Ms. Canty.

Brittany Posted over a year ago

Teresa is a lovely human being, and I’m so blessed to be able to call her my aunt. Having known her my whole life I know how hard-working genuine she is. She is deserving of this award.

Anissa Johnson Posted over a year ago

It is with tremendous pleasure I support Teresa Canty's nomination for LifeChanger of the Year. I've know Teresa for over 40 years and am so very proud of all she has accomplished in her personal and professional life. My heart is filled with joy when I read the impact she has had on so many young lives in our hometown, Topeka KS. As a child, I looked up to Teresa as a role model and and as an adult I can still say I want to be like Teresa when I grow up!

Mariah Brown Posted over a year ago

You're one of the best teachers I've ever met at HP you go Ms. Canty I'm rooting for you!!

Leah T Payne Posted over a year ago

Theresa is a phenomenal teacher, activist and a mother to all. She is a teacher who's passion for her job goes beyond just being good at her job and it reflects in her students. If anyone is deserving it is Ms Canty.

Jayda Posted over a year ago

Best teacher all the way. shes always there when someone needs help. shes always supportive even to people shes doesn't know. no matter what the situation is she always gives out good advice about it.

Erik Cork Posted over a year ago

My name is Erik Cork from Houston, Texas. I have had the distinct honor of knowing about the educational exploits & magical, life-changing impact of Teresa Canty for over two decades. Her committment to EXCELLENCE drips with every other sentence out of her mouth. Even in casual conversations, she lets it slip about what her current thoughts are regarding EMPOWERING her community - but especially the youth in Topeka, Kansas. I travel from coast-to-coast teaching literacy seminars to children, teachers & professional staff. I have YET to encounter an educator who is more serious about opportunities to uplift others, or more excited about the potential of her pupils than Ms. Canty. She EXUDES excitement & authenticity. Her fortunate young scholars FEEL her genuineness each time she smiles at them or embraces them in love. Ms. Canty sees HUMAN BEINGS & FUTURE LEADERS, not statistics & data disguised as children. Her lesson plans are full of compassion & heart. Ms. Canty is the walking embodiment of extraordinary care & concern for the teenagers she inspires DAILY. If Ms. Canty is eligible for an award or special recognition, then it should be DOUBLED simply because she is worthy of the investment of praise, thanks & special acknowledgment for the manner in which she transforms young lives & pours hope into their countenance, as well as their self-awareness and prospects for a future beyond Kansas onto global stages via technology & her amazing teaching style. I recommend Ms. Canty above anyone else I know in Kansas for any prestigious nominations on the grandest of stages in Topeka and beyond.

Leila Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty goes out of her way to help students and make sure they got things that they need.

Juanice Crowley Posted over a year ago

I knew Ms. Teresa Canty from middle school and high school. Many call her Mama Canty because of her love and devotion to her students. She cared about her students so much we looked to her as a bonus mom at school. She would pray with those who would ask. She cared so much about the mental state of all her students and always instilled positive affirmations in us. Kids don't normally respect substitute teachers but every student respected her. She had this strong yet calm presence that everyone could just feel she cared. She was a voice for her students when we didn't feel like we had one. She was a warm hug when needed. So many of us wouldn't have graduated if it wasn't for her being that positive push. There should be more teachers like her. I'm blessed to have been taught by her. She wanted nothing more than for us to be the best versions of ourselves. So if ever there was a Life changer she's it.

Malik green Posted over a year ago

One of the best impacts on my life! Whenever I was down or needed help, she was always right there for me. Smart, intelligent, and always sending powerful messages to people ??

Teresa Sowell Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty has an enduring passion for improving the lives of the youth in our community. Her efforts are commendable!

Dae’Breiana Coleman Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is a life changer in sooo many ways. I would have never made it through Topeka High without her. I thank her so much, no matter what the problem was she was always there for me and show me that she really cared about my success, and I truly thank you Ms. Canty !!! I’m So glad I met you, and have you in my life .! You Have really impacted my life so much !

Juanice Crowley Posted over a year ago

When I was a student in both Middle school and high school. We called Mrs.Teresa Canty, Mama Canty because she cared so much about our well being she was like a bonus mom at school. She would pray with those of us who would ask. She would go out of her way to make sure our mental state was in a good place and uplift us with positive affirmations. She is so much more than a educator she cares. Honestly there should be more teachers like her. If it wasn't for her always being a voice for her students most of wouldn't have pushed ourselves for greatness. Kids haven't always been respectful to substitute teachers but when she was a substitute everyone respected her she had a strong but calming presence. I feel blessed to have been able to learn under her.

Carole Williams Posted over a year ago

I have Known Teresa since we were in grade school. She has always been a bright, lively, funny, caring person. Teresa has the ability to connect with people in a manner that makes them feel important and special, its just how she is and I don't think she realizes how she makes others feel. I love her love for the children that she teaches. She unconsciously takes on roles that people need her to be whether it be mother, sister, or friend. Because of this she is able to impact the lives of others in a very beneficial way. I can remember having a teacher that recognized a need I had when I was in the 5th grade and she never spoke to me about it, she just took care of it and it changed the trajectory of my life. Teresa reminds me of that teacher, changing lives quietly and unintentionally just because of her care and concern for the students she teaches and people she encounters. Teresa is very deserving of this award.

John Nave Posted over a year ago

The one thing that I know about Ms.Canty is she is determined to see young men and women in Topeka High reach their true potential. She also supports our youth in the Topeka community, I've known her for a very long time and she has always had that determination to reach her own goals and that reflects in how she communicates to her students at Topeka High. She is very deserving of this award.

Marco Q Posted over a year ago

Ms.canty was one of the few teachers that I had in my high school years that really cared bout her kids so to have someone like that in my corner even if she was jus a teacher was dope cause it seemed like I had a lil back bone while I was at school or even outta school for that matter because even tho I don’t talk to no one ik that if I needed to holla with ms.canty I can jus hit her up anytime and she’d be there. She a real genuine person who still loves what she does n I always have love for her for that ??

Robbie Adams Posted over a year ago

Teresa is a life changer for so many kids. She goes above and beyond to make an impact in kids lives. She gives kids hope in their futures.

Arlana Bennett Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of a more deserving individual for this award. Teresa is a loyal, loving, compassionate mother/sister/friend and teacher. As a best friend she lends an ear, she is that one person who knows the nice things to say to make you feel loved, and less alone. With Teresa, you know that you are someone important to her and the world.

Tia Alejos Posted over a year ago

It has meant alot to me to have Ms. Canty at the school as a parent. I know that my boys will have a beautiful, black, energetic, positive woman that will look out for their best interests. Like having an inside Aunty. Lol I appreciate the love she puts into her work. Every student will remember her for caring if nothing else.

Lyndsey Varella Posted over a year ago

In the 15 years I’ve known Ms. Teresa Canty she has been such a positive impact on my life. She has been my teacher, mother, grief counselor, role model, loyal friend, and most importantly Life Changer. I can honestly say that I’m the strong independent woman of color I am today due to her direct influence in my life. Even years after her active role in my life she still reaches out to me in my times of need, she’s never not been there for me. I am truly grateful and blessed to know Ms. Canty. She’s the Life Changer every student deserves. I’m forever thankful for her.

Jalen B Posted over a year ago

She is literally the goat

Amy Posted over a year ago

I don’t know how to fully express how much Ms. Canty has impacted my life. I met Ms. Canty as an AmeriCorps member. She mentored me into the person I am today. Because of Ms. Canty’s love for me and all the people in her life I have become a teacher. Everyday I do my best to take thing gifts that she has given me in her mentoring to the classroom. Every person who knows her has a better life because she is in it. I am so honored and lucky to have her as my mentor and friend.

Kimberly Hillstock Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cantu is a force of nature. I have known her as a colleague and a friend. She is tenacious, brave, daring, funny, salty, sassy, kind, and inspirational. She changes lives of students and models for the rest of us what it means to "carry on." She makes people stronger for having known her and makes people safer from having been loved by her. A wonderful human. Can I get me a clone? Love, Ms Sonnich-Hillstock

Spenser Johnson Posted over a year ago

I was blessed with an education from Ms. Canty since middle school. I knew her as one of the coolest substitute teachers. She even had street cred with singing karaoke with her daughter (she was a youtube celebrity in Topeka). My fondest memories with Ms. Canty was in high school. She worked with a program that supported students in the classroom and community. She inspired the students to create a project about their life which would be a requirement for students in the home room time. I will never forget how she saved me from getting the stuffings beat out of me when I was acting up in class and upset a fellow classmate. She counseled us both to reconciliation and forgiveness. Ms. Canty is most deserving of this award. She is dedicated to providing support and care for all of her students regardless of age, race, income, or gender. Thank you Ms. Canty for your dedicated service to the educational community.

Marcus Fillyaw Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Miss Canty for almost 10 years now and there’s not a more deserving person of this reward. She truly cares for those students that she encounters and has gone out of her way an unimaginable amount of times to help those that need it and I continue to see that first hand every time I visit her. She recently invited me to speak in her classroom and the kids respect her and value her so much due to her interactions with and care for them!

ANON Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty, is the epitome of greatness! She is selfless, and extremely kind hearted! Ms. Canty, has impacted the lives of countless students and even adults, she is most deserving of this honor!

Angela Whitehead Posted over a year ago

She is such a great person and also positive role model. I honestly don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for her help, encouragement and listening ear through high school. She is one of a kind!!!! She deserves the world and more!!!

Clara Shearon Posted over a year ago

Teresa is an inspiration to all she encounters. She has been a resident of Topeka during her youth and used her experiences to catapult herself into the education field as a teacher because of her love to teacher others and watch them achieve their highest goals! I can't say enough about her leadership skills and love for her students wherever she meets them! She is one of my favorite teachers in Topeka!!! She deserves to be acknowledged for many accomplishments!!!!

Suzanne Sachs Posted over a year ago

Teresa Leslie-Camry would be well deserving of this LifeChanger of the Year Award, because she pours her heart into her life and the Life of others! Her students and Friends are truly her Family and she treats everyone as equal! I have known Teresa for over 30 years, even before her life calling was to be a teacher. We all knew even back then she was destined to be a Life Changer In and out of the Classroom. In a young persons life, they need a Teresa Leslie-Camry to stand behind and support them, and she is there for them. Thus, this Award would be well deserved!

Tyja Tibbs Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is so inspirational! I love her positive attitude and beautiful personality! She definitely deserves to win! ??

Harley Vinsonhaler Posted over a year ago

If there is anyone deserving of this award, it is Ms. Canty. From the first time I met her she has brought a shining light every time we cross paths. No matter the day or time she continues to bring positive vibes all day everyday. She is one that you know that loves her job and more importantly her students. She is supportive in every way shape and form, is always there for her students and will help them any way that she possibly can. If there is a student or person that doesn't know Ms. Canty, they are missing out!

Caleb Stephens Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a fixture in the community, and a champion of both character and Truth. It’s an honor and privilege to learn from and grow alongside her.

Isac Posted over a year ago

Ms.canty is a life changer in many different ways , coming from where I come from she was always understanding and always realized when something was wrong and always encouraged one to do better . No matter the circumstances she made sure we knew our worth and made us realize our potential. She deserves this award because she has impacted many lives not just mine to go above and beyond .

Ian McLean Posted over a year ago

I've known Teresa for nearly 20 years. She's like a mother to me. I don't know all the terms and conditions of the lifechanger award, but she's been a lifechanger for me! <3

Di Webb Posted over a year ago

Teresa is such a dedicated, compassionate and caring spirit. She truly cares about her students and enjoys being able to help them spread their wings to fly. She definitely is a life changer because she has and continues to bring positive changes around those whom she teaches.

Ciarra Kendrick-Jackson Posted over a year ago

So, I met Ms. Canty when I was in the 6th grade. She started a group called Circle of Women with a couple of her friends.She continued the group all the way through my senior year at Topeka HighSchool. I'm 31 years old now and I still talk about how much I learned and appreciated that group and how much fun we had. She has always been a presence in my life and the lives of those around her. It was life changing for me to see successful women that had brown skin like me! She is passionate in all that she does and she givers everything she has. My life would definitely not be the same had I not had an encounter with her. Thank you Ms. Canty for the imprint you left on my life. #ForeverGrateful

Britt Posted over a year ago

She deserves the world off of the strength of her spirit alone, hope this small comment reflects the support that she’s given myself and my community.

Jonte porter Posted over a year ago

Best teacher/person hands down

Kevin Carter Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Teresa Canty for nearly 40 years. She’s always been very spirited and driven. I know that she brings that with her as a teacher and her students get someone who is trying her best to make a positive impact on their lives.

Lazone Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a true gem in our community, schools and is respected by her peers & students. Teresa has always gone above and beyond her role as a teacher; helping to console students during times of grief, helping to secure them things they need to succeed and providing them with a safe, vibrant and nurturing classroom environment. Topeka is fortunate to have teachers like Ms. Canty in our community!!

Alexis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty was hands down my favorite teacher during high school. I was always excited for her class. She wants the best for each and everyone of her students. Even out of high school she still checks on her students and makes sure they are ok and doing good in life. She deserves this award!

Angela lee Posted over a year ago

Ms Canty was a big part of my sons life...she always kept him focused in school and where he needed to be...when justice was killed in 2017 she checked on me and the other kids...she even came to support us through the court process...the dedication she gives to her students in and out of the classroom comes from the takes a special person to be genuine and compassionate to others who really need help because not just anyone can do it

Edith Jacklyn Rangel Posted over a year ago

Miss Candy has been one of my huge supporter since I was in high school at Highland Park high school and then also a big supporter for me at Topeka High School when I went back she is an amazing person she’s an amazing teacher and she’s an amazing mom. She goes Above and beyond for her students she is the kind of person that will find a solution to your problem and make you feel like there’s nothing wrong and everything is going to be OK Miss Candy deserve this honor because like I said she never gives up on her students or anyone that needs help for that matter. I love you miss can’t an I know you deserve that prize and honor. A1 always love Jackie!!!

Annette Kenoly Posted over a year ago

In all the years I’ve known her, Teresa Canty has been an advocate for her students. She is very deserving of this nomination.

Uciph McDaniel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is definitely my life charger of the year, her class changed my life completely. She helped me a apply for scholarships, FAFSA, jobs, colleges etc. And a huge thing that sticks out about her is how much she cares about others, especially her students and other teens/kids. You cant find another person in this world as passionate as Ms. Canty about seeing young people succeed.

Tonyce Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is more than a teacher. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all students no matter if she knows them or not. It doesn’t stop in high school, to this day she still checks-in. I think the most important thing was that she didn’t present college as the only option for our future. All she wanted was for us to be successful and productive in some way. She is more than deserving of this award.

Linda Weidner Posted over a year ago

As a former assistant to Ms. Canty in her classroom, I can personally attest to her ability to change lives! Students who had given up on school and themselves found acceptance, hope, and encouragement from her. She supports student success, calls out mis-behaviors, and gives them tools to build a better life. Ms. Canty is one of the best!

Kenneth Phelps Posted over a year ago

Literally one of the best teachers in the world. Ms.Canty goes above and beyond for you. She will make you feel like your learning from your mom cuz she’s jus that in tune with you. She has so many students and still can give you the attention you need. She was always laughing and in a GREAT mood. She is definitely a life changer and TPS are blessed to have such a caring and amazing teacher!!!

Rhiannon Anderson Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is a great teacher! She great at listening, she takes everyone’s feelings to heart, she’s very understanding, and lastly she’s passionate about what she does. I feel no one is more deserving than Ms.Canty. She’s the only person that I know who is willing to go the extra mile for her students.

Anne Hawkins Posted over a year ago

Teresa changes lives of even very young students--my daughter was 3 when Ms. Canty was her Parents-As-Teachers mentor teacher. Teresa gave the same enthusiasm, passion, care and laughter to teaching a toddler and her parents, as she does teaching high school students and other adults. We were SO very blessed to have Teresa in our lives when her student was 3 years old. I'm very blessed that she's remained a friend and source of wisdom, teaching inspiration, and life knowledge now, 17 years later. Teresa changes lives every day!

Mario King Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a great teacher I am 4 years out of high school, but her teaching style, and respect for each student still sticks with me to this day.

Jamie.James Posted over a year ago

Teresa brings out the very best in you ! She shows up for herself and most importantly shows up for her students.

Kenneth Posted over a year ago

I took Ms. Canty’s college course and her positive outlook made a difference compared to an average professor. She went above and beyond to know all her students. My favorite memory is when Ms. Canty invited two major recording artist to speak to our class about their trials and tribulations!

Lexy B Posted over a year ago

While in high school I struggled with many things & Ms. Canty was the one I & many other students went too for talks or even just a little advise. Ms. Can’t has changed my life is so many ways! She saw the potential I didn’t see in myself & when I was faced with a life changing decision & went talked to her about it & thought out all the pros & cons of the situation & came up with a decision that right now I am living & I couldn’t imagine my life now any other way.. I thank MS. Canty for her undying support, love & realness with her students! She’s a great teacher & so much more ??

Premiere Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty, full of wisdom and life. Has always made students feel special and not like a another number. I was able to learn a lot of powerful things from her ,when she worked at Highland Park. Overall she is a gem and is one of the best ever to impact students.

Jaimein Berry Posted over a year ago

Honestly I don’t even know where to start, Ms. Canty (aka mama canty) has been a huge factor in my push to be successful in my life from elementary to middle to high school she’s more than a teach than a sub, more than staff she’s family and through all these years she’s always did her best to help anyway she can! From Gettin on to me when I’m not doing what I’m suppose never harsh never rude it was always all out of love! Like a mom and all the way to pulling some strings and getting me on the step team and gettin me in here tutoring classes back in elementary school because she wanted the absolute best for me she always wants the best for so I feel that it’s time she is repaid for everything she’s done for everyone! And this right here is a perfect opportunity(not gonna lie she deserves more than this much more but you gotta start somewhere right) Love you mama canty ?? Gov bless!

Jayceon Johnson Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is one of the most positive uplifting teachers and mentors I’ve ever come across. She pushes all of her students and other kids that weren’t even in her classes to do great. Even after being graduated she still checks up on us and helps out whenever she can. I would say that if it weren’t for her a lot of us wouldn’t be where we are today. She is an amazing person teacher and woman with the heart and soul of an Angel.

Tionna German Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is particularly great because she doesn’t give up on any student even when they’ve given up on themselves. A student could be disrespectful and be sent to the principal one day and the next Ms. Canty would welcome them back with open arms and a smile. She’s truly incredible in the way that she always offers a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, and a snack from her fridge. Anyone walking the Topeka High hallways is lucky to have come across her as she impacts each student she touches. Topeka High is truly lucky to have this incredible woman!

Jazmin Jenkins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is not only one of the very best teachers, but an even better human being. She is genuine in everything she does. She loves wholeheartedly, she’s very passionate in her teaching, and she genuinely cares for everyone she encounters. She’ll leave you with a smile and the desire to be the best version of yourself. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Tristin Leonard Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is great. I always loved going to her class. She was always very real with people, and never steered people wrong. She has helped many students get the push that they needed to get thru and graduate or reach their goals, and I believe that withouth Ms. Canty there would be a few students that would have went down the wrong path. We appreciate her, and hope she keeps being a great role model for years to come.

Shandra Baker Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty has Helped through some of the toughest times when I was in High school. If it wasn’t for her I would of dropped out and done nothing with my life. She is the best person ever. She loves and cares for everyone that walks into her life.

Antonio Cazares Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is really caring, she always has a smile on her face and greets her students with well respect.

Antonio Posted over a year ago

As a student I Antonio Cazares Ms.Canty is a really caring,loving, teacher and if you need help with anything she is the teacher to go. Ms.Canty teaches us really good and if we dont understand it she breaks it down to us so we can better understand it and she wants all her students to pass.

Carlos Esquibel Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is hands down the best teacher in Topeka high. She plays numerous roles, teacher, mentor, mother-like figure. And is a big inspiration to the kids of Topeka high. Much love for Ms.Canty

Amaja Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty Is The best teacher EVER!

Danika Girdner Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is quite literally the life of ANY party, the light in any darkness, the voice for any and all who feel or are silenced, and an advocate for all. There’s not another person I could say is more fitting for this nomination.

Mary Guerra Posted over a year ago

Teresa is full of knowledge, insight, and wisdom and makes it a point to have a positive and profound impact on her students' lives. She walks into her classroom with renewed energy to teach students life skills, career skills, and most importantly, resiliency. She uses Project Based Learning to allow students leadership and ownership of their hands-on learning. She models positive habits for her students and makes each day count for students to feel engaged and empowered. She continues to find ways to connect students to opportunity and prepares them for reaching their successful positive outcomes!

Sharisse Verser Posted over a year ago

I have 2 daughters that currently attend Topeka High School. One of girls is on the step team and has Ms. Canty as her sponsor. She has had nothing but good things to say about her. She is very helpful and has made a positive impact on her life.

Nicole Purce Posted over a year ago

Ms Canty is a life changer because of her smile. It’s so exhilarating! As one comes into the realms of her aura~~her smile is reassuring that greatness is accepted and expected. Exactly what our future needs! Confidence as well as the ability to back it up and Ms Canty helps bring out that in everyone. Thank You Beautiful for being beautiful!

Carla Caywood Posted over a year ago

Although I don’t personally know Ms. Canty. I know the students at Topeka High, including my sons enjoy seeing her and her vibrant personality shine everyday. She has a smile that will light up the room. Not only does she understand the struggle with teens these days, she’s been through her own struggles in life, as we all do. She has a special connection with the students, athletes, staff and parents. She is always available, dependable and all around a great asset to the Topeka High community. Additionally, she knows how important it is to connect with students and understand our culture in all walks of life. Most importantly she is able to put herself in the place of those students who find learning hard and have struggles. She can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges.

Angelica Alcala Posted over a year ago

Such an asset to Topeka High and Topeka Public Schools.

Maccia Bouton Posted over a year ago

I came from a broken unstable home but Ms.Canty seen more than the misbehaved kid no teacher could ever really stand.. She would always fill me up with positive things & always reminded me that my smile was so pretty as her words “ your smile can light up this whole room” I never once had a bad time with Ms.Canty I watched her support each student showing no favoritism no hate no judgement .. She’s been in my life since 6th grade I’m 23 and we still talk to each other... I have no other teacher who still reaches out to me. She will always be my favorite teacher... EVER !!! There was a time in my life I wanted to end everything.. With her wise words and comforting hugs she saved me from probably ruining my whole life at the time. To Ms.Canty I love you forever and thank you for taking the time out to really work with me... You seen hope in me when nobody else did. Thank you for changing my life... ??

Arturo Lassiter Posted over a year ago

Ms. Can’t was one of my 2 daughters favorite teacher! She is an encourager, influencer, leader, educator, nurturer , etc. to ALL of her students @ Topeka High School! I’m glad she is nominated, because she is deserving of this award!!! Arturo Lassiter Global Entrepreneur

Tom Rogers Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a wonderful person and teacher. I was privileged to work with her and see that she has such a positive impact on her students. She is fierce in her desire to teach her "kids" the best, to be the best. Everyone I know thinks she is great!

Car Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is one teacher that cares and loves her students. She has been there for every one of her students including myself. She reminds you that giving up is not an option. She wants to see any & everyone succeed no matter what. She once drove to Kansas City to bring me work so I wouldn’t get behind. Honestly I don’t know where I would be without her today. I love you momma!

Martin Dudley Posted over a year ago

Ms Canty is a devoted and unselfish service to the welfare to her student in the Jab program. She a educator that is very active in and out the school programs. Knowing her personally watching her interact with student and building there confidence by assisting them in there goal's also note that student's some time needing assistant with problem out the class room is unselfishly generously given. Educator some time not appreciate for all the mind's they have to influence and allow the student not to be inhibited. Ms Canty as a educator champion these goal a few years ago she was selected as teacher of the year by her contemporary by being Optimistic for student welfare.

Zalicia Lucas Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is more than just a teacher. She is like a mother to me and every other student here at Topeka High. She genuinely cares about her students and goes above and beyond to help us with our life struggles. She brightens up everyone’s day in her classes, while helping us prepare for life after high school. I am honored to have been in her class my sophomore, junior, and now senior year. Thank you Ms.Canty for all you have done for me and other students here at Topeka High. We love and appreciate you!!

karly baird Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is hands down the best teacher at Topeka High School. She is the most real and understanding teachers I have ever had. She genially cares for all of her students and will do anything to get them on the right path in their lives. She even checks up on her students that graduated. She's so positive and makes sure everyone feels wanted and appreciated.

Tanuelle Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is more than a teacher to her students, she genuinely cares about us and our life after leaving her class. She always wants the best for us & I can always count on her to be there for me.

Katrina Lassiter Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Canty is one of the most influential teachers i’ve ever came across. She cares for each and every student; even students who don’t take her class. She checks up on her graduated students moving forward in life. She is so positive and makes sure that everyone knows they have a purpose in the world! Im so thankful for Mrs. Canty!

Cameron B Posted over a year ago

Through personal experience and watching others interact with her, Ms. Canty has an impeccable ability to take her students out of the stressful environment of high school, even if it’s just for a single hourly class period. Every day I saw her, she always gave me inspirational advice to help me academically or personally and of course, always made me laugh!

Amaya Rayton Posted over a year ago

There’s no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t have graduated with out the encouragement she gave me. The time out of her days she would take to talk to me and put me on the correct path.

Marlene Rangel Posted over a year ago

I’ve known ms Canty since the 6th grade she’s a die hard favorite teacher of mine. Not only can she teach you but she helps you understand. She’s not just a teacher she’s a public figure. She’s someone to look up to. I met her as a substitute now she’s a teacher with her own classroom.

Brittany Strayhorn Posted over a year ago

This is the type of educator that turns into family. While in high school I’ve witnessed her pay application fees for kids who couldn’t afford it, give rides to kids who don’t have a way to school, and encourage many who have never heard otherwise that they can be great in the world. She just wants to give her students the resources they need to do whatever it is that they aspire. We need more people like her in our schools .

Tyress Graham Posted over a year ago

Best teacher you’ll ever meet and also the only teacher that made me wanna go to school

G'jakyla Rayton Posted over a year ago

I've known this woman for so long. Your not going to meet a more kind hearted, determined, funny, outgoing, and loving person out here. There is so much I can say, but one thing she has never done is give up. She lights up a room when she enters. She has made a positive impact on not just my life but others. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

Julie Ford Posted over a year ago

Enthusiastic, Caring and fun are three words that describe Ms.Canty. I know she lives what she does and her students. She is a loyal Trojan having graduated where she works. She is giving her students hope and life skills. Dr. Julie Ford, Former Superintendent of Topeka Public Schools

Ciji Locust Posted over a year ago

Teresa Canty is an amazing woman she is a great asset to the community and to young people I have known her for over 30 years and in the years I’ve known her she has always gone above and beyond to make sure that young people succeed in life Teresa Canty is a women of integrity a women with a heart full of love and passion for young people and not just young people all people she is and outstanding mentor for Jag if she was not a part of it a lot of our children would give up but because she cares and sees giving up is not a option she encourages and provides resources to help our children succeed . Teresa Canty is also a big supporter of our group which is called The Mamas Movement this was developed when Justice Mitchell was Murdered it is a movement that supports moms that have lost children to gun violence she has supported from day one so I say all that to say this she is such an amazing women no words can express the true loving women that she is I thank and praise God for her as a friend and spiritual sister she deserves to be a Life Changer because she has changed many lives

T’Salla James Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty, I am so honored to know you and have personally experienced your life changing skills. I have never seen someone work so hard to keep students on the right path. You are a miracle worker because your heart and soul is so invested in the people you work with. No one else is more deserving of this award than you.

Tyrell Everett Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty, Is one of the most prestigious teachers at Topeka High School. I have had the opportunity to be mentored and groom by one of the best teachers at Topeka High School and she has proven that every year. I am fortunate enough to be able to write about her and the impact she has made in my life. Without Ms. Canty, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. She helped me along with a bunch of the teachers but she kept me in line and grateful for her.

Raul Posted over a year ago

Awesome person. Very inspiring! Has helped with a lot! Very supportive! She deserves this!

Kiana Chandler Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a great person with an amazing personality. She is one of the best mentors i could ask for. She keeps things real, and tried to lead everyone she encounter with in the right direction. She has love for her students that is very rare. She’s had a big impact on my life. I thank you so much for helping me be successful, and pushing me to be extraordinary.

Rob Hays Posted over a year ago

Our District Motto is to "Engage, Inspire, and Prepare" and I believe Ms. Canty epitomizes that motto. Ms. Canty has an uncanny ability to develop strong, positive relationships that creates as sense of trust. Therefore, students are willing to engage in what she is providing them. Ms. Canty is a role-model of enthusiasm, perseverance, and determination. Thus, she is able to inspire students to believe in themselves and develop a vision for their future. Finally, Ms. Canty helps students maintain personal high expectations and accountability. As a result, students are better prepared to confront the tasks at hand along with future challenges. We are very happy to have Theresa Canty on our team!

Kinell Benton Posted over a year ago

I had known of Ms. Canty my freshman year of high school, and I seen what a wonderful impact she makes on all of her students. She's head of the Step Team, and I seen many of those who were quiet all of the time, become outstanding individuals. When I hit my sophomore year was our official introduction to one and another, just right off the bat she was welcoming, caring, and very motivating. My Junior and Senior year (current) she help set my focus on JAGK, which set soo many goals, and achieved soo many achievements. She treats everyone as family, and help troubled individuals get right on track. This is why I think Ms. Canty makes an incredible nominee for life changer of the year!

Trenton James Posted over a year ago

Getting closer to the college i want to attend next fall has been so much easier thanks to Ms.Canty

Jasmine Wilson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! She does the best she can to get us on the right track for our future.

Jeff Gustin Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty has been a mentor to me over the past three years that I have been a JAG-K instructor. Her ideas, and ideals have helped me greatly become a good JAG instructor. Thank you for all you do for the students at Topeka High.

Laura Lyons Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a leader every where that she goes! She does great things for students at Topeka High!

Lux Sands Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs.Canty this year and she’s only had a positive impact on my life and education!

Kylie Roman Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing person who makes anyone she sees happy. Instead of getting upset with people who get an attitude with her she will ask whats wrong and try to help as much as she can. She is not a selfish woman but an inspiration and a good leader. She's very nice and treats all her students as her children.

Zya smith Posted over a year ago

Canty is the only teacher that I will remember for a lifetime. She was my JAG Teacher, Team sponsor, and an overall mentor. She carried me through very tough times in High school. I could talk to her about anything and she’d give me real unfiltered advise. If I called Mrs.Canty today, 3 years after graduating HS, she’d be there. It wouldn’t matter if it was an emergency, I needed a favor or just to talk. I could go on and on about her. She’s incredible.

Wiltaven Posted over a year ago

I haven't had you as a teacher, but I know you are an amazing woman. I love and appreciate all the dedication that you put in to our school and step team. You are a fierce lady and I, look up to you a lot.

NaSharra Thomas Posted over a year ago

First off by saying Mrs.Canty is a amazing teacher. The first time I meet her was when my sisters was trying out for the step team 2 years ago and I got to get to know her and she is truly a amazing women, teaches you to be kind,helpful,and to have courage. A lady with good style, hair, voice and personality can’t think of any better women that was a good teacher and gave motherly advice. Love ya mrs.canty

Eman Adams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty has always been very inspirational to me. She's helped the step team a whole bunch and has been an amazing leader! We love her very much!

Chrishayla Adams Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Canty has been my biggest supporter she push me to do things that push me out of my comfort zone, but also help me be successful and I am grateful for a teacher like her. She deserves to win this award because she goes above and beyond for her students.

Kaitlin Olson Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty is so inspiring. She has helped me through so much. I've only been a student in her class for the last year but she has impacted me so much already! Ms.Canty is the sweetest, most generous woman I know. Her life could be falling apart and she would still put her students first. She makes class fun but I've also learned so much. Im so great ful for her. She is so supportive, and always listening ear. She is more than just a teacher.. She has inspired me and many other students. She is my role model. Honestly I don't even know what I would do without her in my life. I appreciate her for absolutely everything she has done for me.

Sanetra Jackson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Candy is a VERY kind hearted woman who truly cares about the kids!!

Susan Patrick Posted over a year ago

I've known Teresa for many years. She's incredibly caring and attentive to her students. Teresa's nomination is the perfect example of how much her students enjoy and appreciate her. She works hard to make sure each student she has knows their value and appreciates their own talents and skills and potential. She is loved by many and would be an excellent representative of the Life Changer of the Year award.

Angela Lewis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is a true champion for our students. She helps them create a vision for themselves and challenges them to persevere. I know she believes in EVERY student who comes to her classroom door and she will go to extraordinary lengths to help them build confidence and reach their goals.

Cynthia Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is not only passionate about her job and VERY single student she comes across. But she is also passionate about their family! She very good at giving you that push to do better, and being an emotional supposed person. You can tell she loves what she does and the people she meets all the time. She always has a beautiful smile on her face no matter what! We all know that you have done some wonderful things and can’t wait to see more of you!

Pam Ensley Posted over a year ago

In the four years I taught with Ms. Canty, I observed her passion and ability to form relationships with students in an inner city middle school. Her engaging personality caught the attention of students first, and then that teacher/student bond developed as Teresa would connect with the students asking about their activities or checking in with them about daily life. Even though I’m retired, I still keep track of Teresa and the impact she has on students at the largest high school in the city of Topeka. What a great teacher, encourager, role model, and advocate for students who need an adult with these qualities in their lives! She truly loves her students as they do her. She’s the real deal, and her students are fortunate to have her in their lives.

Mikell Posted over a year ago

She is a wonderful teacher, mentor, friend, and helping hand. She’s a great person to listen to your problems and she always puts your first. Love you Ms.Canty

Dannielle Keeling Posted over a year ago

You ever woke up and felt a bad day. You get dressed and you walk thru a building and you see that one person who can just turn your vibe up. That is Ms.Canty rather your life is crumbling or your having the happiest day of your life. She is the one you know you can share it all with. She will lift you up when your down and celebrate your accomplishments with you. I truly love your spirit. The love you share with us as kids til the day we grow up you never forget us just like we never forget you. Your truly amazing you deserve the world.

Polli Kenn Posted over a year ago

I had the honor and privilege of working with Teresa in a Topeka High School, and the difference she made not only in the life of the students, but in her colleagues, was remarkable. Her generosity, her wisdom, and her heart continues to inspire me to extend myself. The words of the students she's worked with say it all for me - we're all changed for the better for having known her.

Anelisa Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

When I was 14 years old, Ms.Canty came into my life and saved me! I come from a Single Parent home and she helped not only me but my sisters. She was there in the middle of the night if I needed her. She would come get me if I needed someone. She put me in a situation to graduate high school and college! I would not be who I am, where I am if I did not have this Bonus Mother in my life!

Darren canty Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty aka my other mom is such an amazing teacher. A lot of teacher are at the schools just to collect a paycheck, but with you ms. Canty we see the genuine love and we appreciate you so much! I’m glad you were so motivating and caring through my time a topeka high! Love and miss you.

Trevor James Posted over a year ago

In my nearly 20 years of working in the Education field it is very rare to come across someone like Ms. Canty. The heart and passion that she displays on a daily basis is unmatched. Her reputation is on the level of something you would see in a movie. Every student that knows Ms. Canty knows that she is always available to them and if they can call on or depend on anyone it is Ms. Canty. I've known Ms. Canty for going on four years now. I've heard stories of her heart and dedication to her craft for many years. The tireless hours and time she puts into everything that she does will shine for many years to come. I personally believe that what she does goes beyond the confines of the school in which she works. I've heard some of her former students (male and female) tell me that they want to be like her and go about life with the same dedication in which Ms. Canty does. This isn't something that can be learned in college. It's something that you're born with. In the various schools I've worked in throughout my career I always manage to run into a student that knows Ms. Canty and they always have a story to tell that nearly brings a tear to your eye or makes me want to try that much harder at my job. Her impact goes well beyond what she does for her students in and out of the classroom setting. As someone who has worked with Ms. Canty, she is also a positive influence on her coworkers as well. It's very rare that I can find someone that I look up to and admire but Ms. Canty has made my list and I'm very thankful for her.

Nicole Sims Posted over a year ago

Ms Canty has always loved her students and supported them. This is so well deserved.

Timothy Smith Posted over a year ago

Ms. Teresa Canty is the type of professional and educator that embodies both passion and skill, mixed with tremendous heart, and spirit of compassion for students and families. Whether it’s giving kids rides to school during winter months, and back and forth for extra-curricular activities, volunteering time outside the classroom to visit students at their homes for extra encouragement and mentoring, using her own resources to fill in the gap for struggling families, formulating dynamic lesson plans that encompass practical knowledge, mother wit, and life skills, along with the JAG curriculum, her heart to hearts with students, and at times tough love to get kids back on track, or her special ability to make a kid feel valued when their close to giving up, Teresa is a servant leader of the highest class. I had the honor of working alongside her for 1 year and the professional experience for me was transformational. Knowing Teresa I know she would definitely say that an award such as this isn’t why she does what she does, which is so true, but I also believe it’s special people like Teresa who serve her school and community with distinction and deserve to be recognized for the generational impact her efforts have made in the live of countless children and families. Teresa deserves the Life Changer recognition because she has dedicated her adult life to being a beacon of light to her students and have inspired them all to aspire to that which at first they didn’t believe possible.

Shelia Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! That is so awesome that a student thinks so highly of you. That is a great honor itself! The anonymous person is such a great writer! I think this person maybe be a great author one of these days because of you. They have great writing skills! ????

Tyler Krentz Posted over a year ago

Canty is one of the most giving and loving teachers I have ever had the opportunity to meet. She has made an impact in so many kids’ lives. She is a blessing and most certainly a life changer.

Akkean Johnson Posted over a year ago

Ms.Canty has a unique gift of reaching these students in ways other educators haven’t. The children are honest with her and they trust her, which allows her to make changes in them that help guide them through life. I’m not exactly sure what wins competitions like this, but if it has anything to do with the moral structure she helps build in our youth today, our Ms. Canty takes the front line.

Kyia Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is the greatest mentor and teacher I could have ever asked for. She genuinely loves her students and pours so much knowledge, love, and confidence into their lives. If it wasn’t for her truly caring for me I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Morgan Doby-Avila Posted over a year ago

Teresa Canty....She is one of BEST, and MOST CARING educators in Topeka and she genuinely cares about students! She sometimes gives too much of her heart and soul and would probably almost give her last breath to help a child. If the world was full of educators like this it would guarantee more successful students! (I was one of these kids so I can speak from personal experience and a lot of other girls who are now amazing and productive grown women) Thanks Canty for all you do and for your part in our success!!

Carlos Kelly Posted over a year ago

Ms. Canty is one of the best people I know in the education field at Topeka High. Ms. Canty always goes beyond the expectations of students and faculty when it comes to the well being of others. Jobs for America's Graduates and Topeka High School are all very lucky to have such a vital person working for the interest of their students.

Maria Steinbrock Posted over a year ago

One of the better people I know in education and at Topeka High. She LOVES and CARES ABOUT our kids. She knows they are our future and they need to know THEY MATTER. She doesn’t play though. She shows tough love she needed. She is a bright light in an area many simply don’t care and are there for the paycheck; not the kids.