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Shelby Lindley

Position: Literacy Interventionist/PBIS Coordinator
School: Barre Town Middle and Elementary School
School District: Barre Unified Union School District
City, State: Barre, VT

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Shelby Lindley was nominated by her colleague, Lauralea Curavoo.

Ms. Lindley is the driving force behind the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) school team at Barre Town this year. She regularly goes out of her way, staying after school and arriving early to make sure the PBIS team and her students have what they need to be as successful as possible at school. Ms. Lindley not only keeps the PBIS team on track and focused on what's good for kids, but she creates deep, meaningful relationships with students. She is able to successfully work with some of the most challenging students and positively affect their behavior during the school day. Students request to see her during the day because she is a safe and caring adult who can help them refocus and have a successful day.

Ms. Lindley is one of several teachers who does CICO (Check-In/Check-Out) with students at the start and end of their day. This program is showing high success for the students who struggle the most in her school.  Her contribution to the PBIS team and her students is invaluable, and her colleagues are lucky to have her!

Comments (3)

Kim Whitcomb Posted over a year ago

I have watched you pour your passion for children into the work you do. You are truly dedicated to the children and your profession. I love when we are out and all of the kids know you. They think you are a rock star (but we knew that). You have changed the lives of so many children in our community. I am very proud of you sis!

Libby Lane Posted over a year ago

From the day I arrived at Barre Town school, Shelby has been a huge impact in my life. My first day here, she gave me her phone number and sat down with me during her own free time to help me and get me comfortable with the school. Over the past three years, she has not only been a caring colleague , but she has become a great friend who cares deeply for everyone. She is one of the happiest and supportive people I know. If you know Shelby, then you know she is a natural with any child. She has been so supportive and a safe person a variety of children. I have a student tell me how much they adore her every day. I could never thank her enough for everything she has done for the community here at BTMES. Congrats Shelbs!

Merrin Rousseau Posted over a year ago

This is so well-deserved. You are a light to everyone who knows you. You make lives better for your students, colleagues, family, and friends. I am honored to know you. Thank you for all of the care and love you share.