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Helen Storer

Position: First/Second Grade Special Education Teacher
School: Rumford Elementary School
School District: RSU 10 Western Foothills
City, State: Rumford, ME

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Helen Storer was nominated by her colleague, Mary Gallant.

"Helen is always there for her kids," said Gallant. "I have seen her miss her lunch so she could help a student out. She has also stayed after school just to make sure she has all the necessary things for her students to succeed, and her commute is incredibly long. I have always seen her be so patient with her kids. She is very stern, but silly when she needs to be! If a student gets a 100% on their behavioral chart and shows it to her, she will stop in her tracks and 'pass out on the floor.' The kids get such a kick out of it! She always lends an ear to students and staff. She has helped me through some tough times at work and has lifted my spirits with positive comments. I don't know if there is anyone at our school who doesn't get along with her. She brings a smile to everyone."

Comments (4)

Lynne Ramsey Posted over a year ago

I first met Helen when I had an autistic child in my classroom. Helen gave 100 percent and never lost her patience. I'll always be grateful for her help that year.

Vicki Amoroso Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Helen when I was a special education teacher at Rumford Elementary. She was always firm, but fair with her students. She has worked with some very challenging students--always with love and with the goal of making them successful in their academic goals as well as in their social lives. She was always willing to learn new ways to reach her students and had great ideas of her own. Best of luck, Helen! You deserve this honor!

Debbie Smith Posted over a year ago

Helen is an amazing teacher, mother and friend. She is always there when you need her. She is very compassionate and dedicated to her special needs students and just as compassionate and dedicated to her own sons.

Barb Radmore Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mrs. Storer for many years. She was a dream colleague- always supportive, always ready to help, and always fun. Her compassion and dedication to the students is outstanding. She goes above and beyond every day for her coworkers and students.