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David Bishop

Position: Custodian / Chess Club Coach
School: George B. Weatherbee School
School District: RSU 22
City, State: Hampden, ME

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David Bishop was nominated by his colleague, Carol Kiesman.

Mr. Bishop is definitely a LifeChanger in his community! He is not only superior in his everyday job of school custodian, but he steps out of that realm to coach and mentor young students through the game of chess. He spends countless volunteer hours coaching chess students on weekdays before school starts, and again on Saturdays for those students wishing to participate in the competitive level. 

Mr. Bishop has a proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students. Chess has many benefits: logical thinking, planning, being a good sport, and learning appropriate competition. Mr. Bishop encourages and instills these traits in his students. Students have more confidence in themselves as a result of participating in (and winning) tournaments due to Mr. Bishop's patience and encouragement. He is expanding a sense of community within his school, since chess is inclusive of grades K - 5. He is offering life-changing experiences through activities that instill a sense of belonging, a challenge, and a sense of pride.

Mr. Bishop demonstrates the ability to create a positive school atmosphere through his student custodian program and the chess teams. He helps the student custodial leaders develop hands-on skills, respect for physical property, and respect for non-instructional members of the school.  

Mr. Bishop demonstrates leadership within his school and district. He is employed as a custodian during the afternoon shift, yet he has developed a Monday morning recreational chess program for all interested students at McGraw and Weatherbee Elementary Schools, with a competition team putting in extra practice on Saturdays and online. This is a self-initiated program. He also rounded up volunteers and expanded the program to K-2 this year. This year, 66 students at Weatherbee School are enrolled in the chess program, about 20% of the student body. The McGraw School has a similar number of students involved.

Mr. Bishop definitely shows a record of excellent performance at the professional level. He’s friendly, trustworthy, hardworking, and attends to his professional duties strategically.  

Mr. Bishop shows a strong commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere. His tone of voice is always calm and nurturing. He is always holding high expectations for all, and he has the expectation of students teaching each other.  He certainly shows adherence to high moral and ethical standards. Mr. Bishop is very respectful of children, and he lives the "Weatherbee Way" - work hard, be respectful.

Comments (3)

Robin long Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination!!

Alan Bishop Posted over a year ago

Great to hear uncle David. We as Bishops strive to be great leaders and always helping others achieve there own goals. I love you, what a great achievement

Susan Gaines Posted over a year ago

Proud of you Brother David!!! You rock!! Susan