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Abigail Wood

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: T.W. Kelly Dirigo Middle School
School District: RSU 56
City, State: Dixfield, ME

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Abigail Wood was nominated by Melanie Prescott, the parent of a student.

"My son has been attending TW Kelly for three years, and in those years, I have seen Abby active in nearly every capacity and every role," said Prescott. "I always believed that being present makes all the difference in the world. My son had never had real exposure to social studies prior to middle school, yet since entering, he has averaged a 97 for three years in row. It's up to him to maintain the grades, but when you like the way material is taught and your teacher is engaging, it makes learning better for everyone."

In addition to teaching social studies, Ms. Wood is a huge part of the Gear Up program and the leadership conferences. She wants to make her school a more engaging, interesting place to be. Students want to work with her to make it better for everyone and attend conferences on the weekends and during summer to help represent their school. 

Ms. Wood has been trained so she can facilitate a gifted and talented program within her school. Despite funding challenges, she recognizes that the district and the students deserve to be met where they are at, and challenging the overachievers will encourage them to work hard and succeed later in life.

"I see Abby at all hours of the day and night at school," said Prescott. "She chaperones dances and field trips on her own time and for the benefit of the children in the district. She also works with the Advanced Placement math students on their B days to support their math instruction."

In a district where there are many financial struggles, it's wonderful to have a teacher like Ms. Wood who keeps coming back, working hard and always going the extra mile to reach all students. She supports them, believes in them and works with them so they believe in themselves. She is always challenging them to be the best version of themselves.  Ms. Wood helps out, no matter what the need is or who's asking. 

"Abby is present and active in these kids' lives," said Prescott. "She leads them to success by being an diligent, hardworking example."

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Barbara Trentacosta Posted over a year ago

You go, girl! I have no doubt that you deserve expansive accolades for your compassionate, informed teaching. You’re going all the way to the top, Abbie!