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Brittany Thompson

Position: Fifth Grade ELA Teacher
School: Crossroads Elementary School
School District: Harrison County School District
City, State: Gulfport, MS

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Brittany Thompson was nominated by her colleague, Lisa Conley.

"LifeChanger. The word is its own definition," said Conley. "When speaking of transformative forces in education, Brittany Thompson, though young and with just a couple of years of experience, comes to mind."

Ms. Thompson  began teaching long before she attended coursework in any university. She started mentoring students in high school and knew she had found her calling. Her philosophy of education is that “every child needs a champion,” and she exemplifies this belief. That philosophy is deeply rooted in a faith that permeates her actions.

Ms. Thompson's mission work began when she was only 12. While most people her age were doing their best to make their way through middle school, Ms. Thompson was achieving that goal as well as helping others. Her former student/college pastor, Patrick Levine, of Lemoyne Baptist Church in St. Martin, Mississippi, was able to outline many of her humanitarian activities.

As a teen, Ms. Thompson served as a counselor at Lake Forest Ranch in economically-challenged Noxubee County. Back at home, she performed as a student leader for other youth in her church and led backyard bible clubs in economically-challenged neighborhoods. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Ms. Thompson assisted in housing construction and numerous other community projects. After a tornado devastated Leakesville, Mississippi in April 2011, Ms. Thompson was part of a team that helped reconstruct a demolished church. Following Hurricane Michael, which struck Florida in October 2018, Ms. Thompson was there, cleaning up property and rebuilding houses of the people whose lives had been devastated. For the last three years, twice a year, she has traveled to Piedras Negras, Mexico, to do Christian mission work. Beyond this, she has performed outreach to women in prison as a beacon of light and hope to people who desperately need it. She has served in special needs orphanages and coordinated project teams within the church, all in her teens and twenties.

While receiving her degree at William Carey University, Ms. Thompson maintained a 3.7 GPA and higher. She was on the President’s List and Dean’s List many times and graduated with honors. One of her professors, Dr. Lori Windham, stated that Ms. Thompson not only went above and beyond academically, but was warm and caring in her approach towards others. She did observations in Jackson County, and her student teaching was done at Crossroads Elementary School in Gulfport, Mississippi, with Mrs. Lori Hill as her mentor.

"Brittany Thomas was a born teacher," said Hill. "She will tell you that I taught her everything she knows, but Brittany actually taught me."

Ms. Thompson began teaching at Crossroads Elementary in October 2017 during a transitional time in her grade level, but she handled this and was successful. Despite the numerous economic and social challenges that are present in her school, with 91.8% of the population being free or reduced lunch recipients, her fifth grade team has helped their students earn the highest scores in the school. Ninety-percent of the fifth grade students at Crossroads Elementary are on Honor Roll.

When talking to her, Ms. Thompson stated that what keeps her in the classroom is knowing there are potential doctors, hairdressers, teachers, senators, mechanics, presidents, as well as future Harvard graduates under her guidance. She is a firm believer that circumstances do not define a person’s future. Everyone, regardless of their zip code, deserves an equal chance to realize their greatest potential.

Discipline is handled with grace, as she feels that teachers always have to potential to turn a situation around with understanding and a firm hand. She's mindful of the challenges her students face and balances them with the moral lessons they need to succeed in the outside world. She continues to keep up with her students after school by visiting athletic and personal events, and she follows them as they continue on to middle and high school.

“Ms. Thompson is always at work, thinking outside of the box for creative solutions to complex problems. She is a planner and is well-organized," said Milton Ray, Crossroads Elementary principal. "As a young teacher, she appears to perform as well as teachers with many more years of experience. Ms. Thompson is always willing to learn and improve herself to better serve her students. She is a constant encourager and motivator for her students and the faculty and staff at Crossroads. The students love her because she becomes a part of their personal lives through the very rich relationships that she forms with them. It's because of these relationships they are inspired to reach higher for themselves. Ms. Thompson’s students are willing to stay late after school to bring grades up, and they ask for make-up work because they believe in themselves through her influence. Ms. Thompson is a true team player, and is an integral part of Crossroads Elementary. She attends PTA meetings, helps as a sponsor for the Beta Club, serves on the Parent Involvement Committee, as well as participating in numerous extracurricular activities.”

Ms. Thompson was the Teacher of the Month at Crossroads Elementary in May 2018 and was Teacher of the Year at Crossroads for 2019. She is a member of the Mississippi Professional Educators Organization.

Comments (63)

Patty Gray Posted over a year ago

Brittany is the best teacher. She became a teacher not only to teach the children academics but about life also. She has a smile that brightens your day and heart made out of gold. Everyone that comes in contact with her feels her love, and happiness.

Darlene Dunkin Emile Posted over a year ago

Brittany was a student at William Carey when I worked in the Education Department. She was an excellent student and full of joy and excitement over learning and being the best she could be. I am proud of her not only as a teacher but as a person who lives to make a difference

Phyllis Skinner Posted over a year ago

As educators we al know teachers who have the education but not the passion for teaching and kids. Brittany has long shown her passion for children in her personal life and activities, so it comes as no surprise that she displays that same passion and commitment to educating and mentoring a high and every student. She is one of those rare teachers who knows she is called to be a teacher.

Brigette Myers Posted over a year ago

Brittany can light up a room!! She has a heart for children and such a positive attitude!

Abe Hodges Posted over a year ago

Brittany is an incredible young woman! She loves life and she loves to live it for Jesus. She seeks to honor the Lord in all she does and her call to education/teaching is no different. She gives ?? percent at everything she does! I could go on and on like so many others already have, but in my estimation she has always gone above and beyond at everything she attempts. From serving in a mentor role as a college student to serving the Lord Jesus on a mission trip in a foreign land she always sought to honor, respect and consider others more important than she considers herself. We need more Brittany Thompsons in the world making a difference in the workplace, community and church.

Lauryn Ladner Posted over a year ago

Brittany is not only an amazing coworker, she happens to also be one of my best friends. She has such a heart of gold and goes above and beyond to be the best for her students and all students at Crossroads Elementary. You can find her at all hours at the school working hard to make sure her students succeed and have fun while learning. Life Changer describes Brittany in every aspect of her life. I am so blessed to have her in my life and to call her my friend!

Kyle Sparks Posted over a year ago

Brittany is a one of a kind lady. She pours her soul into whatever God gives her to do. I’m not at all shocked by her nomination to LifeChanger of the Year. She has always followed Jesus in the life changing business, mentoring kids & youth, loving others, and constantly giving to the community.

Christopher Williams Posted over a year ago

Brittany, I’m so proud of the work that you’re doing to reshape the educational experience for the children of MS! Your dedication to this profession is what’s needed to help our State become recognize as an educational powerhouse! Keep allowing God to use you the way that He is doing, and I can assure you that the best is yet to come! I’m so proud of you!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Kristy Hill Posted over a year ago

I taught Brittany in 7th grade Pre-Algebra. I also had the joy of watching her grow up in church. When something isn’t easy for her she fights for it with prayer, dedication, and hard work. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help others and serve where needed. She has a heart for children and showing Christ to them. She is always looking for ways to brighten their day and help them learn to navigate through life. She is one of those teachers that a student will remember for life. She is definitely a life changer!

Whitney Moore Posted over a year ago

I got to know Brittany while helping with Vacation Bible School at our church. She was such an inspiration, not only to the children, but to us moms watching her teach song and dance, participating in the short plays and leading prayer. I then got to watch her lead our whole congregation in worship while she stepped in as interim music minister. Her smiling face as she strummed the guitar and sang our hymns was a testimony of her love for God. Every time I am around Brittany, I feel happiness and love. I believe her students feel the same way! They know they can trust her, her integrity is solid, and she believes in them. She inspires people, all of ages! To be more, to want more, to give more. I am so proud of Brittany’s accomplishments and so glad that she is getting the recognition she deserves by being nominated for this prestigious honor! Life changer...what a fitting award!

Amanda Lizana Posted over a year ago

My son is a student of Ms. Thompson's class this 2019-2020 school year. He came home one day earlier this school year RAVING about his reading teacher Ms. Thompson as well as Mr. Howard his homeroom teacher. My son was excited about how FUN learning was for him with the influence of both teachers. Ms. Thompson's fun-loving personality shows through as she shares jokes with the students to actively engage them in learning. She also personally invests in the livelihood of her students as she does her best to attend as many of her students' extracurricular activites as she can as we've invited her to taekwondo tournaments and church craft fair where my son was selling marshmallow pops. It really is encouraging to know that we have a teacher like Ms. Thompson at Crossroads Elementary who is willing to go above and beyond the school day to show how much she cares for her students.

Steve Lance Posted over a year ago

To Brittany teaching is not a job. It is a calling. She loves her students passionately. I have known her for ten years and she has the purest heart of anyone I know.

PC Posted over a year ago

Brittany is loving, giving and very compassionate. She puts 100% into everything she does and she is much loved and respected by many!

Michele Mills Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thompson is truly a caring teacher. She is always motivating and supporting her students. She also is a great person to work with and is an amazing teacher!

Angelia Adkins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thompson is a very caring and understanding teacher. If I had not read the other comments I wouldn’t have known that she was a new teacher. She shows interest in her students on and off campus. Me. Thompson recently attended one of Othell’s basketball games and she also supported 5th Grade at the Math Competition. She was there encouraging the children as well as giving hugs when they felt like they didn’t do well. My son is currently being taught by Ms. Thompson and I am grateful God allowed him to be in a classroom with a teacher who truly cares about his well being. He is also in the Beta Club where she is an Advisor. Ms. Thompson is truly a LifeChanger as well as a LifeSaver for me. It is a pleasure for me to post a comment on her behalf. Best Wishes Ms. Thompson! You Rock!

Rich Malone Posted over a year ago

Brittany worked for several years on our summer camp staff. I have about 70 staff members each summer and I have been the camp director for 27 years. I can’t think of a single one of those members of my summer leadership teams that loved kids and invested in them better than Britt. She truly gets kids and she sacrificially pours into them. Brittany consistently goes far above and beyond the expected responsibilities. And we expect a lot from our camp counselors. She will make an impact on kids’ lives in whatever setting she is given to love them and guide them. She is on my short list of the all time greats to serve and love children at Lake Forest Ranch.

Tracey Neaves Posted over a year ago

Congrats Brittany. You have a heart for your students like no one I've ever met. Since high school yearbook and in my class you have always done your absolute best, giving 110% to everything you do. I have no doubt that you have the same passion for your teaching, classroom, and your "kids" now as you did then, probably more. They knew what they were doing when they nominated you for this honor. Teaching isn't something that you do, it's who you are and anyone that knows you knows that is the truth. God's plan for you to be a teacher is evident in the skills He has given you and the Christ-like compassion you show your students every day. May you continue to bless the kids you have in your care and I know they will bless you in return.

Chris Yarborough Posted over a year ago

She’s an awesome person foremost and fantastic teacher because of that! She truly cares for the children in her care and was created for the education profession. She will go to great places in this field.

Joette Renick Posted over a year ago

My goodness— I have known Brittany for so many years. My husband pastored her home church for 40 years, and she was ready to tackle anything and everything at a young age. She was like a sponge trying to soak up all she could to make her life count for God’s glory. She went the extra miles and studied extra hard to excel. I remember her nervously learning to play the guitar and lead our church in music. She wasn’t afraid to attempt big things. Her willingness to jump in has made her stand apart from others who make up excuses while she is setting the world on fire!!! I’m so proud of who she has become—-A Leader!!! She is very deserving of this honor.

Katrina Dixon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thomas is a very dedicated teacher that truly loves her students. She is a teacher that goes above and beyond for her students. Her students are lucky to have her!!

Jennifer Hilton Posted over a year ago

Brittany Thompson has been a LIfe Changer for every student she comes in contact with. Her students know she loves them unconditionally and truly cares about them as students and their lives outside the classroom. She cries with them, celebrates with them and motivates them to be better students and individuals. She is a champion for the children of Crossroads not just her students but she is also a champion of her fellow teachers and Coworkers. Her attitude and compassion for others is contagious. She is truly a remarkable human being and teacher. She is truly gifted with a talent for teaching. She is definitely a deserving recipient of this award.

Sonya Sharp Posted over a year ago

Brittany is such a joy to work with. She's always smiling and so full of spunk. She loves her students and they love her. Congratulations Ms. Thompson

Katherine Jellum Posted over a year ago

I have known Brittany for many years, and she has always had a genuine heart for serving others. I was the director of the Big/Little mentoring program at her high school, where Brittany was one of the Big Sister mentors. She was so dedicated and committed to being a positive influence on her littles that I made Brittany the Big Sister to my own daughter when she needed someone to help lift her up. Over the years since then, Brittany has shown time and again how dedicated she is to helping others through gifts of her her time and compassion. I cannot think of a better candidate for this recognition!

Lori Hill Posted over a year ago

Brittany Thompson has a huge heart for children. She comes to work early and leaves late everyday. She works hard to deliver lesson for students to enjoy and relate to. She attends extracurricular activities for current and former students. Even though I was her student teacher, she came into the classroom amazing and connected with the kids so quickly. She taught me so much about relating to kids and being a hard worker. I love to visit her classroom and get ideas from her. She doesn’t want any recognition because she is so humble. She will instead give the kids all the glory for their efforts. She is an amazing teacher!

Jeni Hornbeck Posted over a year ago

I have known Brittany since she was a child, and she has always had a sweet and loving spirit. As she has grown into a young woman, I have watched her share that loving spirit with others around her every chance she gets. I have seen her teach children with such care and excitement. She is definitely deserving of a life changer award, because she changes every life she touches!

Sherrie Treigle Posted over a year ago

So enthusiastic and ready to help anyone!!!

Lynn Zimmerman Posted over a year ago

Brittany’s beautiful light radiated even at a time when many of my students were struggling to find purpose and acceptance. It was heartwarming to see her embrace the academic challenges of high school science with excitement and confidence, but I was equally impressed with the compassion and attentiveness she gave to her classmates. Her cheerful disposition and insight into the needs of others made her such an asset and a joy to have in class. What a blessing it is seeing her excel in our profession and shine into the lives of her students! Brittany, you are a treasure...and I’m so proud of you!

Sandra Williams Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on all your awards. I will always remember what a strong dedicated student you were. As a student, yearbook staff helper and Christian friend to many I will always remember you. I am so proud of the dedication you exhibit in such a new teacher. I never doubted you always thought you would be a star??????

Cindy Honeycutt Posted over a year ago

I am thrilled that Brittney is a finalist for this award. This is my second comment on her behalf. She has worked to help others all her life. She has mentored and worked with Younger children and teens at her church before she graduated high school. Any school would be honored to have her on their faculty. She is an asset wherever she is with children school, VBS, camp, or missionary trips. Please consider awarding this great honor to someone so deserving. Cindy Honeycutt, retired Assistant Principal.

Brian Napp Posted over a year ago

Brittany is the definition of selfless and that is what makes her a great educator and leader. It is never about her. She gives selflessly of her heart and energy to everything she involves herself in. That openness and full out caring nature is what allows her to make life changing impacts on those she encounters. She embodies the very nature of the statement "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." She shows that she cares and it is very real and not manufactured and that is what breaks down the walls and the masks that children and adults alike put on and it is because those barriers are broken down that she can reach people and bring positive change to their world. She is a life changer.

Lorri Nowacki Posted over a year ago

Brittany Thompson has been a great teacher to the young children in the church with teaching them the Bible. She is sweet, smart, caring and I feel a teacher who is making a difference with the caring and love she shows her students! She is definitely a life changer extraordinary!

Jennifer Hoffman Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure of calling Ms. Thompson a coworker and a friend. Ms. Thompson truly “lives and breathes” teaching. She would do anything for not only the students in her class, but also for any student at her school. She has truly changed the lives of many people that she has encountered, including the children that she has taught. I know that she has made a lasting impact on each and every one of her students. She is very deserving of this award.

Robin Kinkade Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Thompson for several years. She has a passion for young people that is so contagious. It doesn’t take long to realize that teaching is the calling on her life. She is so enthusiastic in her love for people, and it inspires me to stay the course in my own life.

Nekiel W Bass Posted over a year ago

Such a great teacher and puts her all into helping the kids Thanks Ms Thomason ??????

Kristipher Calloway Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thompson has been my teacher for two years and has been the best teacher ever. I want her to win this award because she loves to help us, her students, she loves to have fun with us. She is kind, always thinks about her students and other teachers. I love Ms. Thompson very much and will always remember her. Kris Calloway

Hannah Gantt Posted over a year ago

Brittany is an amazing person! She truly loves her students! She is a dedicated teacher!

Katrina Parks Posted over a year ago

My son has been blessed to have Ms. Thompson as his 5th grade teacher. As a new student, Ms. Thompson has helped him to feel welcomed, provides constant encouragement, and promotes positive behavior for him as well as his classmates. She has high expectations for each of her students, and they work very hard to reach these expectations. Because of Ms. Thompson, my son is eager to go to school daily and has formed a true love for learning. She has a genuine desire to help children and her love for them is evident in her actions and words.

Kailey ponds Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tompson is my teacher and she is a great person. She has helped me when I needed it she helped me pass the fourth grade and has always been there for me.

Kristi Ashton Posted over a year ago

My son has been blessed to have Ms. Thompson for 4th and 5th grade as well as Beta club. She has really been a bleesing! She is an amazing person who loves her students above and beyond. She has encouraged so much growth in my son over these last two years and showed him his true potential. She is truly a genuinely amazing person with a heart of gold.

Amanda Ponds Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thompson is an amazing teacher and person. She helps her students achieve things that they never thought were possible. She has attended non school related events to encourage her students to reach for the stars. All of the students at Crossroads are better because of her being there for them. I do not know of a more deserving teacher. Thank you so much for being the light that our kids need! Good luck!

Ajasiz Melancon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thompson is a joy to work with! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face! She is always so positive and will help you in anyway she can! She is definitely worthy of this award and is great with not only the students in her class but every student on our campus!

Colby Frazer Posted over a year ago

Ms Thompson is well deserving of this nomination. She is one of the most sweetest and compassionate people you could ever come encounter with. This was my sons first year at CRE. She has helped him grow so much this year and he has became a more confident person about himself and the things he can do and I’m forever greatly appreciated of it.

Joana Lopez Posted over a year ago

LifeChanger is the name of this program, and I really belive Brittany has changed so many lives. Why am I saying this? I know her since a while ago, I have had the opportunity of working with her in mission trips in Mexico, I've seen her playing with the kids, interacting with them, and the way she can handle it, even though the kids in Mexico don't speak the same language as she does, she always has a smile in her face, and know what to do everytime, she's a caring person, and I can see how much she loves the kids and want to make a better version of them, I really admire her and I think she deserves this award. I'm sure she has changed lives in America and even in Mexico.

Lisa Conley Posted over a year ago

Continue shining your have so much to offer!

Cynthia Boothe Posted over a year ago

My grandson had the pleasure of being one of her students in the fourth grade at Crossroads Elementary. When he moved to fifth the next year he was so disappointed that he wasn’t in her class (she moved to the fifth grade). He was proud to be in Beta Club with her and strives to continue Beta Club because of her. Thank you for all you do.

Rhonda Coppola Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thomas is my co-worker and we sponsor Beta Club together as well. She is that teacher who truly loves her school and loves her students with everything in her soul. She wants them to succeed not for the scores but for themselves.She puts her students before herself. I honestly believe that she would take a bullet for a stranger. She is a great person with a golden heart and a passion for teaching. Her attitude for teaching and learning never dies. She is the sunshine at Crossroads Elementary and I am so proud to say that I work with such an inspiring person.

Misty Howell Posted over a year ago

Brittany had opportunity to work in any school district and she chose a school that had low test scores, socioeconomic, etc. sitting at lunch with Brittany, while she was in school, I asked her why? I thought she’d work where most of our friends and family either teach or attend. Brittany said she was going where she was needed. Brittany stepped out of her comfort zone, followed Gods plan and has made a difference in her students life. Through hard work, dedication, disciple (tough love), and compassion, Brittany is making a difference in the lives of her students.

Kelly Smith Posted over a year ago

Congrats Brittany! You made a lasting impression with Hannah and Becca when you would babysit. They still talk about how you spent time with them and all the fun they had. We knew then you would make an awesome teacher.

Sheri Wallis Posted over a year ago

Brittany Thompson is truly dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and youth. She believes that every child has potential to achieve any goal they set. She is a wonderful mentor and teacher. Taking the time outside of her job to counsel at camps and attend mission trips. Teaching is more than a job for Brittany, it’s her life journey. She is making a difference in this world!

Carol Foxworth Posted over a year ago

Brittany has a heart of gold and is very deserving of this nomination! I have had the privilege to work with her on several mission trips to Mexico. She has a amazing gift to show love to everyone around her - both adults and children. Her smile and laughter is contagious. She is willing to give up the comforts of home to share love and hope to 100’s of children, many in impoverished conditions. Even though we see each other only twice a year, I am privileged to call her my friend.

Brittany Brewer Posted over a year ago

Brittany is so deserving of this nomination and award. She is such a blessing to her students and everyone who meets her. Her caring spirit, dedication and determination are poured out to her students everyday. I am blessed to call her a colleague and friend.

Libby Butt Posted over a year ago

So proud of you Brittany! When you decided you wanted to be a teacher, you put your heart and soul into it! Your no 1 priority is the kids you come in contact with each day! You show each one that they are important! May God’s Grace and Love be with you each day! Proud to be your MAMA! Love you!

Katie Yarbrough Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Thompson for a long time. She has taught two of my children(one of them 2 years, 4th and 5th grade). She goes above and beyond for her students! She helped my daughter get her confidence back after struggling with school for a year. I cant think of anyone else that is deserving of this award! I am so blessed to call her my friend, co worker, and teacher to my kids. You are amazing, Ms. Thompson! Good luck to you my sweet friend!

Robin Yarbrough Posted over a year ago

You are so deserving of this honor. We have known you for a long time and we have watched you blossom into a beautiful and vibrant young woman who is a blessing to all you meet. You are an amazing teacher who inspires your students to reach their full potential. You encourage all no matter the age. Prayers and blessings for you!!!

Cheryl Ford Posted over a year ago

Burtney, you are SOOO deserving of this wonderful honor!! We have known you for a long time and you have always been such an inspiration to anyone you cross paths with! We are very blessed to know you.I KNOW that as a teacher, you have changed so many lives for the better!!!! Love and God bless!!!

Connie Thompson Posted over a year ago

Brittany we are so very proud of you. I never thought you would go from thinking you would be a nurse to a teacher. But watching you with children of all ages whether it was camp, VBS, coming to my school to read books, schools, etc you are amazing with children. You show them you care about them, teach them, and most importantly that you love them regardless of what they are going through or where they come from. I’m proud to call you a teacher , friend, but most importantly our daughter. You definitely have your calling and God Bless you in the years to come. Keep up the awesome work and we love you.

April and Patrick Levine Posted over a year ago

Brittany Thompson is so deserving of this honor. We have watched her grow from a young timid child to a confident beautiful loving young woman. She is always mentoring other young girls and brings light to any place she goes. She brings smiles and encouragement to everyone that she meets. Brittany has an eagerness to change her community and works hard at loving others even when it isn’t easy. If anyone fits the description of life changer, it is definitely Brittany!

Cindy Honeycutt Posted over a year ago

I was Assistant Principal when Brittney was in 4th and 5th grade. She came to my office often, her Mother and I were friends. She has always been very kind and compassionate toward others. I am so proud of her progress and career path. She deserves this nomination and the win.

Katrina Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thompson goes the extra 100 miles for her students. I’m so blessed to have her as my daughter’s teacher! Day, night, weekends, holidays, she’s always there to help and she genuinely cares about her students success.Ms. Thompson is definitely a life changer!!!! One student at a time, one person at a time... She loves everyone and we love her!!!

Linda Stoner Posted over a year ago

Congratulation, what an honor, so happy for you!

April Hebert Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor and privilege to watch this young lady discipleship many young men and women over the years. She has changed so many lives and will continue to change the world 1 child at a time

Terri Engledow Posted over a year ago

This is outstanding. Brittany is a fantastic teacher. She is in this for the kids. She wants to be the light and the good that some of these kids don’t see at home. There are not many like her. So proud of you Brittany Thompson! Well deserved.

Kristin Ward Posted over a year ago

I had the horror of attending college with this beautiful soul. My first year teaching, she came in as a teacher as she was getting her degree. She was and is a phenomenal teacher and mentor and puts absolutely everything she has into her kids! I literally couldn’t pick a better person to win this amazing honor! Good luck to my sweet friend!