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BethAnn Miner

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Anthony Andrews School
School District: Bering Strait School District
City, State: St. Michael , AK

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Beth Ann Miner was nominated by her district's special education director, Jessica Towarak.

Ms. Miner is a special educator in the small village of St. Michael, AK, home to 450 people. She is a passionate educator and advocate for students who experience disabilities. She is constantly considering students' greatest needs and how she will help them grow to their fullest potential in the future. Ms. Miner is a positive member of the Special Education staff in the Bering Strait School District.

Ms. Miner works tirelessly and creatively to provide the best services for students in rural Alaska. One of her biggest passions is art integration. Yearly, she utilizes her leadership potential to present at the statewide Special Education conference to bring new ideas to Special Educators on how to utilize her artistic abilities to connect to instruction and provision of related services. She was selected as one of only 52 participants in the 2018 National Gallery of Art Teacher Institute on Storytelling and the Visual Arts held in Washington, D.C., in July of 2018. This six-day seminar brought together K-12 teachers from across the country to explore the connection of storytelling to learning, and the ways teachers can use art objects with storytelling activities in the classroom.

"Beth Ann Miner is a dedicated and competent special education professional, with the highest moral and ethical standards," said Towarak. "She is always seeking to improve programs and build capacity among her staff in St. Michael. She truly is impacting and affecting lives for the better!"

Comments (3)

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

BethAnn is one of the most innovative and creative educators I've had the pleasure of collaborating with. Her passion and effort to her meet her student's needs shine above her own. BethAnn deserves this award because of her perseverance and willingness to go above and beyond the expectations of our district. I whole-heartedly support this nomination!

Pauline Hunt Posted over a year ago

Beth Ann deserves this award. I live in the village of Saint Michael and have witnessed her efforts and dedication to our students. She is someone I look up to and have numerous times shared my Headstart daughters stories and her accomplishments. She gives me advice and I admire her for that. Quyanna{thank you}. Congratulations on your nomination by Jessie Towerak. You 100% deserve the award!! Saint Michael is very blessed to have you. ?

Jessica Marks Posted over a year ago

Since the moment Beth Ann landed in SMK, she has been dedicated to the village and the students in her care. She is always thinking of them, how to make their programming better, geared towards their futures. Her dedication to her students is and will continue to touch their lives. Thank you, Beth Ann!