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Kim Green

Position: First/Second Grade Looping Teacher
School: McMahon Elementary School
School District: Lewiston Public Schools
City, State: Lewiston, ME

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Kim Green was nominated by an anonymous parent of two students.

"We have been blessed to have Mrs. Green in our lives for the past five years," said her nominator. "Mrs. Green has been our daughters’ looping grade 1/2 teacher at McMahon Elementary School. Even though our daughters are now in fourth and sixth grade, Mrs. Green remains very involved in their education. She is a dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond her job description each and every day."

Mrs. Green is passionate about teaching and learning. From the moment a student walks into her classroom, they are greeted with positive energy and excitement. She sets up an environment where learning is valued and good citizenship is expected. Mrs. Green excels at meeting her students' various needs in her classroom.

"When we visited her classroom, she was often juggling multiple activities in order to meet everyone's needs," said her nominator. "Every moment was a teachable moment. From having guest readers during community helper week to studying and carving pumpkins, her teaching style engages all students."

"One of the things that made such a difference in our daughters’ time with her is that Mrs. Green truly cares for her students," said her nominator. "It wasn’t uncommon for her to show up at a weekend sporting event to cheer on her students. She takes the time develop relationships with each student. She knows about them as learners and knows what they enjoy when they are not in school. During the summer months, she encourages students to write to her. My daughter was able to work on writing skills, but more importantly, she was thrilled when she opened the mailbox to find a letter from Mrs. Green."

"As parents, we appreciated her excellent communication skills," said her nominator. "It was not uncommon for her to email us a picture during the week or send a quick note home. Receiving a picture was a highlight as it was unexpected, but much appreciated. We would get emails throughout the year sharing a funny story, praising an accomplishment, or letting us know about a skinned knee. We recognize these emails take time, but they certainly kept the line of communication open."

"Even though Mrs. Green is no longer their primary teacher, our daughters are still very connected with her," said her nominator. "She recognized the importance of reading at home and understands not all students have someone to read with them. She recruited several former students to be reading buddies each morning to some of her students. Our daughters love taking this time to read with others, but they also love that they get a hug or a quick chat with Mrs. Green on a daily basis."

"This past summer, Mrs. Green reached out to me asking if our family would like to participate in the installation of a Little Free Library, where students can take a book if they share a book," said her nominator. "This is a project she and her husband built during their spare time.  Several of her students, past and present, showed up to school one August night to help put in the final screws and fill the library with books.  You see, she knows the value of education and the importance of reading.  She also recognizes that many of the students in our school community do not have the ability to get to the local public library when school isn't in session.  This little library is quite popular and heavily used.  This is just one more example of why Mrs. Green is a LifeChanger for so many students."

"We asked our girls two reasons why they think Mrs. Green is a great teacher," said her nominator. "Here are their responses: She has a fun sense of humor. She has raffles on Fridays. She makes learning a lot of fun and we did lots of activities and reader's theaters. She is happy."

"Mrs. Green is a gift to all of her students," her nominator concluded. "We are so grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for our girls. She is an amazing teacher and exceptional human being."

Comments (23)

Thomas Hood Posted over a year ago

I was principal at Thomas J. McMahon School when Kim joined the McMahon team. I am currently a teacher at McMahon School. Kim sets high expectations for all students. Kim expects all students can and will achieve. Kim is prepared and organized each and every day to meet the students' academic and social and emotional needs Kim's daily learning goals provides students with a clear understanding of what they will be expected to learn. Kim gives students ample opportunities to practice new skills. Kim meets individually with students and in small groups throughout the school day to ensure students are meeting their academic goals. Kim provides enrichment learning activities that reinforce the students' learning. Kim's classroom is organized in such a way as to minimize distractions. Kim clearly states the behavior expectations to the students and consistently reinforced the positive behaviors students exhibited throughout the school day. Kim develops strong relationships with her students and their parents. Kim is a caring teacher who expresses empathy towards students, parents and colleagues. Kim makes herself available to parents. Kim communicates frequently with parents through conferences, emails and frequent written reports home. Kim will call a parent to share something special or to share a concern. Kim is active on school-wide committees, participates in school activities, and demonstrates a commitment to the school community. Kim has a thorough understanding of the the subject matter she teaches. Kim constantly accesses professional development opportunities provided by the school department. Kim has been and continues to be a life-long learner. Kim is a true professional! Kim faces the challenges of being a teacher with a positive mindset each and every day. Kim has a clear understanding that her greatest responsibilities as a teacher are to ensure students have every opportunity to learn, to meet the students' social and emotional needs and foremost, to advocate for each and every student at McMahon School. Kim has been a LifeChanger at Thomas J. McMahon School for many years!

Amy Hatch Posted over a year ago

Kim is an amazing teacher & a wonderful woman. She deserves all the accolades!

Renee Moran Posted over a year ago

Kim Green is the kind of teacher who doesn't just teach academics she teaches kids how to be good humans and do right in the world. She does that while ALSO getting kids where they need to be academically. Kim is also an amazing coworker who supports her fellow teachers and grade level team. I had the pleasure of working on Kim's grade level team for a half of a year and the mentorship she provided helped me with my own teaching career. Kim is a life changer in every way.

Michelle Creps Posted over a year ago

Mrs Green is an enthusiastic teacher. She is passionate about doing what is right for the students. She is not only a strong advocate for her students but also advocates of educators in the school, district and state. I have the privilege of experiencing her incredible talents during our Book Buddy sessions. She understands the individual needs of our Pre-K students and helps to match them with supportive buddies. Mrs Green does this all with a smile on her face. She is not shy about dressing the part for special days or sharing her love of snow days. Thank you Mrs. Green for sharing your passion with everyone around you.

Susan Chapman Posted over a year ago

I have had the priviledge to work and collaborate with Mrs. Green for the last few years. She has provided so many valuable learning experiences for her students and as students move up into the grades, they return to thank Mrs. Green for the wonderful memories. Mrs. Green has high expectations for her students and this can be seen when her students move about in the school. She individualizes programming to meet student needs and provides different learning opportunities in order to address these needs. Mrs. Green keeps her students engaged and promotes a positive classroom climate. Mrs. Green brings learning to life! She is admired by staff and students for her humor and dedication to the teaching profession.

Valery A Golding Posted over a year ago

I have been fortunate to work with Mrs. Green! She has high expectations of her kids and helps them reach their potential. She is kind, funny and enthusiastic. I've learned so much from her. She is innovative and extremely creative. The kids in her classroom adore her and want to make her proud of them. She is always encouraging her students and they all have such a great time in her classroom! She is very deserving of this recognition!

Mr and Mrs Lydon Posted over a year ago

Mrs Hamel is the life changer of our last two years. She pours into her students each and every day. She finds fun and interesting ways to teach them the content they are there to learn. She ends up teaching them so much more then academics. Our son has grown his character and behavior so much since starting in her first grade class. She has focused on his positive attributes and elevated him for them. She gives the class so many incentives rather than focusing on punishment. That has really worked for Jack. She is funny and allows the classroom, while controlled, to be a place of laughter and light. The students respect her and look up to her. They celebrate her and worry about her if she has a sick day. She has become a part of our every day conversation in our household. My son has truly developed his love and skills for writing and reading in her class. Her raffles each Friday keep him focused on making the best of each day. What the students don’t see is that Mrs Green spends her hard earned money to by all the prizes for her raffle. She gives away multiple prizes each week that brighten these children’s lives. She doesn’t just give toys to everyone. She meets needs for students who don’t have them met at home, she gives away lunch with herself, and the principal. She makes spending more time with a teacher or principal a well sought after prize. This school is doing things right. Mrs Green is a shining example of that. Mrs Green sends me updates of progress, funny things my son said that day, or concerns she may have. We have open dialogue and she is open to my feedback on what works for him. I have always felt an open door when communicating with her. Mrs Green, you have made such a positive impact on our son and his education. We appreciate you so much, thank you for all you do. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead “Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” - Malala Yousfzai

Jack (age8) Posted over a year ago

Dear Mrs. Green, You are a life changer for so many reasons. You have really found a special way to make learning fun. Being in your classroom has taught me a lot but also helped me grow so much behaviorally. In your class we really focus on becoming a good friend and classmate. We really look forward to your Friday raffles, it helps motivate us to be good all week. Being in your class has really helped me with my reading and writing. I appreciate you. You are making a difference in so many kids lives. Love Jack

Kaitlynn Posted over a year ago

Mrs Green is absolutely amazing! She makes learning fun for the kids and is always so on top of their needs. My son excels at school because of Mrs Green. He comes home with wonderful stories of the classroom and we no longer argue about going to school everyday! ??

Emily Schmidt Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green was hands down the best teacher I could've ever asked for to teach my son for two school years in a row. She is admirably forgiving, caring and kind - all the attributes you would want someone helping to mold your children to be. All his teachers have been great but she has always had a special place in his heart and he would gladly have her as a teacher every year for the rest of his childhood, if he could. She changed his life by making school a positive, fun place to be and by being his biggest advocate when it came to him being successful and progressing. If anyone deserves a LifeChanger Award, it is Mrs. Green!

Amber Eliason Posted over a year ago

There are so many adjectives that describe Mrs. Green and her teaching style: loving, engaging, hardworking, creative, innovative, consistent, high expectations, fun and many more! Kids who have had the incredible opportunity to work and learn with Mrs. Green develop a deep love of learning and that right there....can change a life. We are so proud of you, Mrs. Green!

LC (age 9) Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green is so fun! She does interactive learning all of the time. I had her for grades 1 and 2. She made learning fun. She gives the best hugs. She always checks on us to make sure we are still learning even though we don't have her as a teacher anymore. She lets me help out with her students and read to them once a week.

KTC (age 11) Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green is so funny, she never yells! She made learning fun and was always kind. She rarely missed days off from school. She once dressed up as Viola Swamp. She had raffles on Fridays. She is honest. I am now in the 6th grade, I had her in the 2nd grade and I still visit her every Tuesday. She's the best!

Ramona Scamman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green is an excellent teacher. She has so much positive energy. She is dedicated and devoted to her students. It is a blessing to have her as one of our teachers at McMahon School. She goes out of her way to make learning fun and enjoyable. She cares about each and every one of her students.

Linda Nickerson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green is a blessing to our school and to the teaching profession. She has so much enthusiasm and dedication for our students that it is contagious to everyone around her.

MaryAnn Lopes Posted over a year ago

When I started at McMahon two years ago I was immediately struck by Mrs. Green's classroom style. She is firm but with so much love for each student. Within her boundaries her students thrive knowing that they can take chances in her classroom with the knowledge her guidance will be there for them throughout all their learning experiences. Whenever I would go into her classroom there was always something going on, active, hands on engagement and learning with respectful, loving feedback given. Her room's atmosphere is absolutely vibrant with the tone being positive and caring, I could not think more highly of Mrs. Green if I tried.

david green Posted over a year ago

Being Mrs. Green's husband, you could say that I may be a little biased. Biased or not, I can tell you about the care and effort that Mrs. Green puts in to her students. She works tirelessly, including nights and weekends. She is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage the students. She frequently presents hands on learning opportunities for her students. A few examples are pumpkin carving in the fall, planting flowers for Mother's Day, having fish as pets. One year, she and some of her students grew potatoes in one of the gardens at school, then harvested them, and brought them to the cafeteria staff to make potato chips with. Things like these really engage the students and enable learning to take place. Another recent example of her gong above and beyond was when she reached out to family and friends of ours to help sponsor a "book a month" program for each of the students in her class. Because Mrs. Green cares, goes the extra mile, and believes that students that have access to books will become better readers, each of her students will have a new book to keep every month of the school year. We also built a little free library for her school playground to promote access to books for all of the children at her school. Mrs. Green also creates and fosters a real community environment in her class. She is consistent with her expectations, and the kids really seem to respond to that. I am so proud of the work that my wife does every day.

Meagan Sullivan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green has been such a blessing in our lives the past 2 years! She has taught our daughter so much & she comes home happy and ready to continue learning every day. Thanks to Mrs. Green our daughter is excelling in several areas! She is kind and understanding, and approachable!

Colette Martha Posted over a year ago

As a colleague of Kim Green's I am always learning from her. She sets high standards and holds her students to them. She communicates daily with families and always sees the child as a whole person, with abilities and gifts. Kim Green's priorities are in the right place, for her students' academic and social-emotional learning. I believe she deserves this award.

Erin Posted over a year ago

This teacher gets it!!!! She loves her job and loves her students!!!! The minute you walk into her room you can feel the excitement, the love, the learning. She is one of the best things that has happened in our daughters' education!!! She makes connections with students that go above and beyond. She continues to follow them after they leave her room. She is one of the best!!! She truly deserves this award!

Kaiden Posted over a year ago

For first and second grade, I had Mrs. Green as a teacher. She helped me improve in alot of subjects and mainly reading. She made me want to go school. She made everything fun, even the most boring stuff you can do in school she made it exciting. Please pick her. Kaiden Frost, age 9

Anita Rousseau Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green was our grandson's teacher for first and second grade. These are two years that our family will never forget. Her love, respect and honor for her students and their families illuminated her classroom every single day beginning with her beautiful smile. She is a very special, and truly gifted educator. She uses humor and playfulness to win her students over and then she inspires them to try their very best. Every day our grandson came home believing he could become anything. Because of her, he still does. I loved visiting her class for any reason because she has a way of making you feel comfortable, like your talking to a friend you've known forever. We love her, miss her and will always be grateful to her. Please pick Kim Green for your LifeChanger Award...she truly deserves it!

Bri Daigle Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Green is such an amazing educator. She is passionate about creating and maintaining a safe and comfortable learning environment for her first and second grade students. She makes learning fun, while still motivating them to reach high academic achievements. Mrs. Green would be a wonderful recipient for this award.