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Tiffani Pollard

Position: English/Journalism Teacher
School: West Harrison High School
School District: Harrison County School District
City, State: Gulfport, MS

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Tiffani Pollard was nominated by two anonymous students. The following profile contains text from both nominations.

Have you ever met a teacher who you gravitated towards? A teacher who makes you feel as if you've been lifted up by an angel? For many students, that teacher is Mrs. Pollard.

Mrs. Pollard has been a teacher for the past nine years, and she has shown just how passionate she is for teaching her students what they need to succeed. She's not only an excellent teacher, but she serves as a mother figure. The amount of care she has for students and their daily lives is uncanny. Her kindhearted aura is so potent around the school, that her students have deemed her "Mama Pollard." That's because for students who need that motherly love in their lives, she is always there to supply it.

At the same time, she is not afraid to discipline students. She gets the job done, no matter the repercussions. She keeps the students in line, and she keeps a balanced classroom.

Mrs. Pollard is very knowledgeable in her work and is consistent with information as she teaches English 4 and Yearbook. Her guidance and understanding of how her students learn is top notch. Additionally, she is regarded in her school as the top organizer in the county, and she also manages her school's Facebook account.  

"Through her, I've personally learned more about myself and how I can apply skills in technology towards my college major in Photography," said one of her nominators.

"She is a hardworking, intelligent woman with a great mind," said her other nominator. "I couldn't ask for a better English teacher. She brings this spirit into class where students can't be bored or fail."

Comments (21)

Brianna Posted over a year ago

No matter the situation she was always there with the best advice possible!

Kobe Hawthorne Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard is an amazing teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard is the best teacher in the Universe.

Abriel Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard is an amazing teacher. She is always here for everyone that needs to talk with her. She is very easygoing and outgoing. I love her so much!!!!!

Duane Lee Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Pollard deserves to be the teacher of the year,because of how shes cares for her students. She treats all of students as life her students are her own children and want the best for us.

Zimyria Posted over a year ago

No doubt the best English teacher on the Coast!

Jacie Bryant Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard is such hard worker. She really does care about her students and wants hem to succeed. I'm not going to lie I was kind of scared to have her as a teacher. She seemed really intimidating but she just wants her students to work hard. She cares about our future and wants us to be something.

Hunter Posted over a year ago


Rachel Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard is a very excellent teacher she goes out of her way to give her students a better person. She is like everyone's mother because of her caring nature that she has. Having her at West Harrison High School is the best decision that anybody has done. Mrs. Pollard has changed peoples lives day by day. Anybody would be lucky to have her as a teacher.

Blakesley Malley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard for the past 9 years has supported the entire student class through fundraisers, activities, and listening to what we wanted out of our years in high school. She's an inspiration to many students because of her kind words and caring actions. She has helped many students dealing with stressful or bad situations. Many of us students are thankful to have had her as a teacher.

Christy Bell Posted over a year ago

Ms Pollard is the most caring teacher i know.

jennifer cruz Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard is the best teacher ever!! :)

Bruce Posted over a year ago

She definitely deserves this. She has always been an inspiration to me and constantly makes my day better. I love coming into first block and seeing her, knowing that if there is a problem she can help me with it. I hope she wins this.

Brooke Posted over a year ago

congratulations Mrs. Pollard! Your one of the best teachers I've ever had. You're always here for me when I need you and I love being in your class.

gracey ann Posted over a year ago


zoe pollard Posted over a year ago

You definitely deserve this !!

Christian johnson Posted over a year ago

I have know Mama pollard since my freshman year of high school. I graduated in 2018. She has always been an inspiration to me and of course a mother figure. She truly believes in all of her students. I had journal broadcasts with miss pollard along with being a student council member that she was a sponsor of. When I felt like giving up, she was always there to give me some advice and help me pick myself up. They say she brings spirit to the classroom, when in reality. She brings it to the whole school. She is hardworking and amazing. We love you Momma Pollard??

Sharon Ladner Posted over a year ago

I'm am honored to call you my coworker and my friend. Teaching is a calling and you exemplify this everyday. Thank you for inspiring my own child and all the students in your path.

Laurie DeVecca Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pollard is a great supporter of our school band, and is like a second mom to all the kids in it. She is always there to give a hug or a word of encouragement when the kids are nervous or a little down. I wish kids everywhere could have a Ms. Pollard to give them a lift when the need it!

Trang Pham-Bui Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pollard works tirelessly to support her students and she truly goes above and beyond to help them succeed. She is so loved by her students, they call her 'Momma'. Mrs. Pollard puts together a powerful mock accident every year around prom season to drive home an important message about the dangers of distracted driving among teens. She recently produced a video for a national contest to help raise money to send the school marching band to the Rose Parade in California. Mrs. Pollard is a great example of a LifeChanger. #LCOY

Chelsea Reneau Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on getting nominated Mrs. Pollard. I was so thankful to have you as one of my teachers in High school. I learned so much from you, you are one of the four teachers 6 teachers from West Harrison I actually learned something from. I can’t begin to thank you enough . I hope this goes well for you keep being a great teacher. I miss you!!!