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Lisa Sanborn

Position: Secretary
School: T.W. Kelly Dirigo Middle School
School District: RSU 56
City, State: Dixfield, ME

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Lisa Sanborn was nominated by her colleague, Stacey Gilbert.

A good secretary is the true "boss" of a school. Ms. Sanborn exemplifies this beyond words.

"I have been teaching for 20 years, but have only had the privilege of working with Lisa for two of those years," said Gilbert. "In this time, I have seen what a huge impact she has on our school, the staff and students. She is the first person you see when coming to our school, and she always greets everyone with a warm smile and friendly hello. Some students arrive at school and see her before going to the cafeteria just to say good morning. As a staff member, my morning doesn't feel complete unless I stop in to say hello to her."

Ms. Sanborn runs her school like a well oiled machine. She is on top of planning, organizing, preparing whatever is needed for staff meetings, assessments, fundraisers, and anything that needs to be done. She has often done it before other teachers can think about it. Even with a full plate in the office, she is willing to stop and assist you with whatever you need and doesn't seem to be stressed by it. 

Ms. Sanborn is not only friendly, organized, and helpful, but a shining light for some of the most challenging students. She greets each student who is on the check in/check out behavior program in the morning to wish them a good day. She meets with them at the end of the day to see how things went. Often times, some students request to see her if they are having difficulty managing themselves in class. She makes students feel safe, loved and valued!

"I couldn't imagine where our school, staff and students would be without Lisa," said Gilbert. "She brings so much positive energy to our school and helps makes everything and everyone run smoothy. She deserves so much acknowledgement. Lisa is a LifeChanger!"

Comments (4)

Judy Posted over a year ago

Lisa you are the backbone of the school. Always smiling and pleasant to everyone, so glad you are with us. Keep the house running as smoothly as you do, The saying couldn't get along without you is so true in your case.

Heidi Chartier Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t agree more! Lisa is absolutely amazing, I sure do miss working with her!

Tricia Fletcher Posted over a year ago

Lisa is definitely the! She is there for whatever comes and doesn’t even bat an eyelash when the going gets tough! I had the opportunity to get to know her when I was an 8th grade class advisor and she made everything about my job easier! Congratulations Lisa! Well deserved!

Jennie cushman Posted over a year ago

I am not at all surprised to read this. This is the way Lisa does everything at home or at work. She is a beautiful, compassionate woman. She deserves this praise and I am so very proud of her. Congratulations for receiving this nomination.