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Aga Cook

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Camp Mohave Elementary School
School District: Mohave Valley Elementary School District #16
City, State: Fort Mohave, AZ

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Aga Cook was nominated by her principal, Rick Cottrell.

Ms. Cook is an example of what all teachers should be. She arrives early, leaves late, and plans extensively to meet the needs of every student. She routinely takes on the most challenging students and makes both emotional and academic gains with them. She keeps her classroom open at lunch for students who need a listening ear, and provides guidance outside a teacher's required duties to ensure all students are successful. However, Ms. Cook's dedication and commitment only begins with this.

Ms. Cook often hosts Saturday classes at school for families and students to engage in additional opportunities. In the past, more than 75% of her students have shown up for these events. Through games, fun, and snacks, Ms. Cook reteaches concepts that students have trouble grasping. She sends daily e-mails that inform parents on what is happening at school, how their child is doing, and any special celebrations that are coming up.

In addition to her students and parents, Cook builds the school community and makes an impact on students outside her class with her extensive research and follow-up. She will send articles, web sites, tools, and other ideas to school staff when applicable, to ensure all students have a chance to grow from the tools and information she has found. She even models ideas for colleagues in order for them to replicate the success she has had. 

Ms. Cook is the teacher that all parents, administrators, and students want. She is a teacher that cares about every detail in order to give each child a chance to reach their absolute potential. Her commitment to her family and helping the school, endless energy, and time spent perfecting the art of teaching are what makes her a true LifeChanger for everyone she work with!

Aga Cook in the News:
Camp Mohave teacher nominated for national education honor

Comments (35)

Rick Posted over a year ago

I have been fortunate enough to know Mrs. Cook as a coworker and also as a teacher to two of my children. I first worked with Aga as an instructional coach during the 2012-2013 school year. It was at that time, I was given the opportunity to see her as a professional. Every idea, teaching tool, correction, and suggestion was taken to heart. She then applied these in her own way to her teaching. As a result, she grew tremendously over the course of that school year. Time brought us back together during the 2015-2016 school year where I then observed a master teacher. It was this observation that brought me to place my personal children in her care for the last two school years. She challenges them, cares for them, and treats them as she would her own children. Mrs. Cook refuses to let them do anything but their best. Her efforts with them have taken them from solid students to outstanding students. Every day I am thankful that Mrs. Cook is a part of our school, but that pales in comparison the the thanks I have for Aga as a teacher of my children.

Kelleyvaught Posted over a year ago

I’m I’m a big fan of Mrs. Cook’s teeth teaching methods

Molly Nottingham Posted over a year ago

I worked with Aga before retiring. I was an instructional coach for the district at the time. She is dedicated and smart. Mohave Valley schools are lucky to have her talents!

Melissa Ranoldo Posted over a year ago

I work with mrs. cook. She is constantly giving me new ideas to make my teaching better

Crystal Shook Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook is my daughters teacher this year, and we love her. She is always just an email away whenever I need any help or any questions answered. I receive emails every night letting us know what homework is to be turned in the next day, and reminders of anything going on during the week. She is always smiling, and happy to help my daughter in any problems she may be having. She goes above and beyond more then a lot of teachers we had in the past. She deserves this:)

Lisa Ferrell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook has been a teacher at my son's school district for most of his elementary years. She has always had a friendly smile and kind words to us even though she was not his teacher. I have seen her at various events and she is always thinking of her students...even at the public library on a Saturday grading papers. Her dedication is more than most and she deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication to all families within the school district.

Cara Hayley Posted over a year ago

My son, Blayze has typically struggled to meet state goals in school. In fact he has normally "Fallen Far Below" the standards. So much that he had to repeat the 5th grade. Fortunately, he was assigned with Mrs. Cook for his 2nd go of it. Under her care and teaching, Blayze not only was able to improve his AZMerit scores to "Meets" in one area but also Mrs. Cook has built a strong foundation that is still benefiting Blayze in that he is maintaining A/B average now in the 6th grade. We appreciate her so much and hope she can get some well deserved recognition.

Sondra Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

My son is new to this school, I am very happy he was given Mrs.Cook as his 5th grade teacher. She is awesome always there for the children. I love how she keeps the parents informed with everything going on. She deserves this award!

Jenny folsom Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with mrs.cook. Going into her classroom was a great teaching opportunity for me as well as Coteaching along side with her. She treats her students as her own and will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of every single student that comes into her room. She is a dear forever friend.

David Walker Posted over a year ago

I was Aga’s teaching partner for two years at Mohave Elementary. She taught me so much about teaching during my first years of teaching. She always lead by her example by loving her students and putting her students needs first. She was innovative in her teaching by engaging them with manipulatives and technology. She deserves this award ??

Denise Rene' Atwater-Vallon Posted over a year ago

I am very glad of this opportunity to give Ms. Aga Cook a personal reference. I have known Aga for a number of years and can truthfully say I have never met a more likeable, intelligent and ambitious young woman. I believe a brilliant career is ahead for Ms. Cook. Aga gets along exceedingly well with people and will go the extra mile in order to draw her students out. She has an inquisitive and analytical mind--that rubs off on her students to want to find answers to things. Ms. Cook has tact and good humor plus enthusiasm and the persistence and willingness to work hard and long. As a retired teacher and principal I believe that Aga Cook has what education needs today in order to prepare her students for the world of tomorrow.

Shari Thompson Posted over a year ago

I met Aga the first year she taught at Fort Mohave Elementary School, 2012-2013. She impressed me with her hard work ethic and complete dedication to the learning of her students. She is the "real deal". It wasn't just the endless days she spent planning, and problem solving, but the extended concern for parental involvement needed to insure the most effective environment for each child to grow and learn in! She was constantly setting goals and tracking progress as she worked for each student to find success and build on continued successes. Aga was never looking for recognition, but rather to see the smiles of accomplishment on the faces of her students and their families.

Tonya Monroe Posted over a year ago

Mrs Cook was absolutely amazing. I have a son with autism and he had an amazing year with her. My daughter also came a long way with her math and reading. Mrs Cooks patience and teaching style are like no other!!!! She deserves more than just this award!!!

Patricia Purcell Posted over a year ago

It has been my pleasure to work with Mrs. Cook for many years. She consistently dedicates hours of her energy, both on and off campus, to ensure that ALL of her students have the best possible opportunities to succeed. She has truly CHANGED LIVES throughtout the years!!!

Brandee Dubois Posted over a year ago

It was my pleasure to be in the NAU teaching cohort with Aga Cook. She went above and beyond to complete her assignments and learn her craft. We were often partners on projects and she was always cooperative and professional. It did not surprise me to hear of her being nominated for this award. She is an amazing mother to her children and still finds the time to also reach out to her students. You can tell that she loves kids and she loves teaching. As a fellow teacher, it makes my heart happy to know that Mrs. Cook is definitely changing the lives of children in our community.

Darline Arteaga Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cook has grown and improved so much throughout the years I have worked with her. I still remember the first year I had the pleasure of working in her room progress monitoring. Coming into a different country,learning a new language, and striving through every day obstacles with students is only a small piece of her overall growth I have experienced working with her. I admire,respect,and definitely nominate Ms. Cook for this award. She is considerate,patient,compassionate,hardworking,positive,and humble in every area of being a teacher. Ms. Cook is a great example of what many teachers should be like now and always. Please consider Ms.Cook for the Life Changer award, she deserves every bit of it.

Alyssa Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook helped me after school when I needed help reading. She had me stay over two times a week. She is a very nice teacher and was nice to stay after school for one on one tutoring with me.

Laura Singer Posted over a year ago

I was an aide in Mrs. Cooks class last year. She is a wonderful teacher, she cares about her kids and she really makes an extra effort to help the kids when needed. She takes lots of time preparing her lessons and it really shows. She is very deserving of this award!!!!

Stephanie Connaughty Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook is deserving of the LifeChanger award for her heart and dedication to all her students! My daughter had Mrs. Cook last year and she excelled leaps and bounds with her guidance, especially in math and reading. Beyond academics she is very nurturing, provides encouragement, and helps her students build confidence in themselves. Her passion for teaching is noticed and she is worthy of this award.

Costella Brown Posted over a year ago

My granddaughter was a former student of Mrs. Cook. I agree everything said by the principal pertaining to Mrs. Cook. She is dedicated teacher and definitely goes the extra mile for her students and is more than willing to work with the parents to help them understand what the student is doing in class. . I admire her very much. I agree she is a life changer for those students fortunate to have her as a teacher.

Jason StJohn Posted over a year ago

My daughter Matea StJohn had Ms.Cook for 5th grade, to this day she still talks about her favorite teacher. I think many adults always have that one or two teachers in their past that leave lasting impressions. They'll never forget their names, or the lessons they taught. Ms Cook is that teacher for my daughter. Through both the manner she taught her curriculum, and they way she connects personally with her students, she's the teacher that leaves positive and lasting impressions on her students. I couldn't imagine a more deserving person for any award than Ms Cook.

Mrs. Calaunan (Parent) Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook dedication to her students are exemplary. She communicates with parents on a regular basis and makes sure students are achieving their fullest potential. She provides sufficient materials and differentiate her instructions based on the ability level of her students. She develops her students the sense of responsibility and independence. Mrs. Cook is indeed an excellent teacher!

Angela Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook is one of the most amazing teachers I have worked with. She always goes above and beyond for her students! She was my son's fifth grade teacher and I feel so fortunate for that; he was more than ready for sixth grade and loved going to school everyday! Mrs. Cook definitely has earned and deserves this award!

Ryan Hill Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook was my 5th grade teacher. She made subjects easy and fun to learn. She helped me and everyone with work they didn’t understand to the point they are masters at it. She goes beyond what other teachers I had to teach students. She is the reason how I am in all Honors classes in High School. She is an outstanding teacher that anyone wants to have.

Lindy Buffett Posted over a year ago

My daughter was struggling with reading when she was in 1st grade. Mrs. Cook was a 5th grade teacher and she had my son as a student. She knew my daughter was struggling in reading and offered to tutor my daughter twice a week after school for about 6 weeks. She helped my daughter and was willing to stay after school twice a week. My daughter ended up enjoying reading. She was also my son's 5th grade teacher and she was comited to her students and my son enjoyed having her as his teacher. She is an awesome teacher!

Kathy A Cook Posted over a year ago

My daughter-in-law, Aga Cook is the most dedicated teacher I have ever known. She gives freely of her time each year to guide her students in a positive direction academically and socially, and to build on their self-esteem. She has the support of her family to give her personal time to students in need of extra attention. I am so proud of her perseverance to make each students school year a positive experience. I know there are many dedicated teachers (two of my children are teachers) and they should all be commended for their commitments to their students, nevertheless, I believe Mrs. Cook is very worthy of this nomination.

Alice Dundee Posted over a year ago

I can't think of any teacher who deserves the lifechanger award more than Ms. Cook. This state, and this country, needs many more dedicated teachers just like Ms. Cook, she not only teaches her students whats required, but engages with her students, inside and out of the classroom, and is there for each individual student in need of extra help. Ms. Cook also communicates with the students families, and plans Saturday activities to bring it all together. Thank you, Alice Dundee

Sheila Wyatt Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook is truly a dedicated professional. Due to all of the effort she puts in, as stated above by her principal, I have witnessed the changes in her students. They become more confident and successful, both academically and socially. They know that they have a teacher that really cares about them.

Gloria Anderson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cook is a very kind and loving individual. She is beautiful inside and out. She is very deserving of this award and more. I am proud to say that I know her and that I can call her my friend.

Michael Cook Posted over a year ago

I know first hand that my wife Aga gets up every morning at 4 am. to .grade papers and often stays up until midnight working on lesson plans. She is a perfectionist in her teaching and strives to create lessons that will optimize the learning experience for each and every student in her class. Aga makes it a priority to contact parents about all significant dates and information pertaining to her student's weekly activities. She is always open to new methods of teaching as well as collaboration with her colleagues. I could not be more proud of my wife for all she does to provide a solid education for her students.

"Nana". Evonne Robertson Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure to volunteer with Ms. Cook for a year in her classroom. She is one of the most dedicated and understanding teachers I have worked with as a volunteer. She is empathetic with her students, she cares for their well-being. She is patient, makes learning pleasurable and interesting. She is well organized and plans her daily classroom schedule to maximize efficiency study time. As a volunteer, I found her a pleasure to work for and with her.

Julie Bare Posted over a year ago

As a retired school administrator, I had the pleasure of visiting Mrs. Cook's classroom during her first two years of teaching. Her sensibility and sensitivity towards students as individuals was apparent from Day One. She maintained her calm, pleasant demeanor, but was straightforward and determined to engage students in lessons and activities. It was evident she would be very successful - and it seems with several years of experience, she is! Haven't seen her in five years, but am pleased to find that her school recognizes her intrinsic professionalism, and has nominated her for this recognition.

Monica Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

My daughter had Mrs.Cook last year. My daughter and I fell in Love with her! She's an amazing Teacher! So dedicated to her students. My little Carmen misses her!??

Janet Duquette Posted over a year ago

Ms Cook is everything Mr Cottrell says she is and then some.... My grandson just loves her as his teacher... Many thanks to her for all that she has done and will continue to do with him during the rest of this school year.. She is that teacher that every student and parents would want their child to have as their teacher... Many thanks .

Jamie Posted over a year ago

I have my second child in her class this year. I have always been impressed with all the extra time and effort she puts into her teaching. With having 2 kids of her own she still finds the time to give mine the time, attention and recognition. She is a very structured and expects the kids to work to their potential. Both my boys enjoy her as a teacher