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Earl Washington

Position: Eighth Grade History Teacher
School: KIPP Strive Academy
School District: KIPP Public Charter Schools
City, State: Atlanta , GA

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Ernest Washington received four nominations from students and other members of his community. The following profile contains text from each of these nominations.

Mr. Washington is a LifeChanger! As an educator, he provides individual and group assistance with curriculum, instruction, classroom management, professional development and mentoring. He’s extremely dedicated to his work. At times, he’ll go home and talk about how he sees some of his students progressing. He helps students understand what’s being taught and develop their own creativity. His goal is to discover the treasure hidden inside each student.

Mr. Washington is very passionate about teaching. At the end of the day, he leaves the middle school building and goes to the lower elementary building to help with the younger children. He does a multitude of things, such as working with special education students. He has his own teaching style which helps students with development and motivation.

“I have had the pleasure of learning about different teaching techniques from him,” said Chantel Boisseau, Mr. Washington’s spouse. “As a preschool teacher I can get a better understanding and insight. Earl gave me some good advice to bring into my classroom."

Mr. Washington is the type of teacher who goes beyond simply being a teacher. He has real relationships with his students and loves them like they were his own children, whether or not they’re in his class.

“I met Mr. Washington when I was in sixth grade, and my older sister was taking his class,” said an anonymous student. “I often go to Mr. Washington to get help with overcoming personal challenges. He never stops listening. That's his specialty. Nobody can ever tell him to stop listening because he will keep listening. If the children need a shoulder to lean on, he's the one. 

Mr. Washington always stands up for what he believes in and what he thinks should be amended. If he sees a problem, he will address it with confidence. One of the greatest things about Mr. Washington is his warm hugs. His hugs tell students to be the best they can be. He tells students not to let anything or anyone get in their way, not to let someone else's actions and words bring them down, and not to let others dictate how they should feel.

When students feel a certain way about their community, Mr. Washington quotes Mahatma Gandhi and says, "Be the change you wish to see in the world!" This changes the student's point of view of their world. The students think about their problems in a context outside of themselves and brainstorm solutions to the problems.

“Mr. Washington always knows when I'm mad, and he tries to help me calm down,” said an anonymous student. “He treats me as if I'm his niece. He always shows me what’s right from wrong.”

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Washington also coaches track, volleyball and basketball. He has been doing this for many years, and he really enjoys helping kids develop their athletic abilities. He is also a military leader and an entrepreneur.

“To know he's a teacher here at KIPP Strive Academy is a true blessing,” said Yvette Manuel, the parent of a student. “We need to have more teachers like him who will go the extra mile for students. He is the next Joe Clark!”

Comments (5)

Monica Stinson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Washington is a very energetic teacher. His interaction with the scholars is outstanding AND they respect him. He's a positive role model and mentor not only to his scholar but to his peers as well. He pushes the scholars to their limit and show them that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. I'm so proud to call him my co-worker!

Elaine Ushry Posted over a year ago

If there were more men not to just say teachers like Mr. Washington, just think how much better our young people would be. They would have a role model to look up to. Someone to help them understand that they have a choice. That they can do above and beyond the stars if that's what they want. Mr. Washington is the kind of teacher that help a student come out of their comfort zone and strive for better. Strive to be the very best person that they can be. The love he shows not only to his students but his co-workers is genuine. Not only will he go the extra mile for a student but a co-worker also. I have truly enjoyed being a co-worker.

Ricky Kimbrough Posted over a year ago

Mr Washington is the man. I’m not a teacher but my mom is now a retired H.S. English teacher who taught me in 12th grade. I tell her about him constantly and we both agree that he is teaching his students about more than just books and education. Life beyond academics is very important. He knows how to relate above and beyond the classroom. Individual success is what my friend teaches. I’m so proud to be around and watch him work his wisdom. I love working at KIPP and what we stand for in our community. We have awesome teachers, OPS, and community involvement. WHOOP THERE IT IS ??????

Micheal Bray Posted over a year ago

Earl, Beyond ecstatic to see the fruits of your daily labor being recognized! You don't do it for show, accolades, or admiration; you do it because you're genuinely compelled to instill change. A phenomenal opportunity to be recognized by a tremendously remarkable man. With your abundance of life experiences and wisdom, any scholar who has had the opportunity to be influenced by your service is indeed a favored individual. Keep up the great work!

Ronald Miller Posted over a year ago

Mr. Washington. It has been a real pleasure working alongside you these past 3 years. You have had a real impact on both the scholars and the entire school culture. Your interactions with the scholars have made me take a different approach to not only our scholars, but my kids as well. You attention to detail and leadership is second to none. I pray you are still in education when my daughter becomes an 8th grader in 4 years. Thank you for all that you do. You are a special leader.