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Levi Herrin

Position: Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher
School: Ware County Middle School
School District: Ware County School District
City, State: Waycross, GA

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Levi Herrin was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Many times in life, individuals come along who make such a major impact that they are never forgotten. Mr. Herrin is one of those individuals. He goes above and beyond for his students and is always willing to do what it takes to impact student success and achievement. 

Mr. Herrin has worked with the Ware County School System for 17 years in a variety of positions. He is currently serving as a sixth grade Language Arts teacher at Ware County Middle School. In the time he has been at Ware Middle, he has already proven himself to be an asset to the school. He has willingly taken on the roles of gifted coordinator and Academic Quizbowl coach, and he has also worked with the athletic department. 

Mr. Herrin is often one of the first people on campus each and every morning. He always greets students with a smile and is always kind and considerate to his colleagues. He has worked tirelessly to build up his students and let them know they are cared for. Mr. Herrin has built his classroom on mutual respect and building relationships with his students. He can often be heard asking students about their home and family lives and calling family members by name. The students never doubt that they are cared for when they are in Mr. Herrin's classroom. 

He has further built a co-teaching partnership that many co-teaching teams strive for, but never achieve. He treats his co-teacher as an equal and vital part of the classroom and is quick to give her credit when lessons go well and students are successful. Teachers often struggle in this type of classroom setting, but Mr. Herrin has taken it and made it a successful partnership.

He gives 110% to his students, and he works hard to make sure they can all understand the material being presented in his classroom. 

"Mr. Herrin has made an impact on me, his students, and his colleagues. He has made a difference that will be felt in Ware County for years to come," said his nominator.

Comments (3)

Kyle Shoupe Posted over a year ago

Levi is an awesome guy. An amazing friend. I see him having a positive impact on all he comes in contact with. Truly deserving of this award. Many blessings my friend and brother.

Adam C. Posted over a year ago

Levi is a great picture of what a teacher should be! He is very dedicated to his work - making sure that his students are cared for and that they are learning and growing. He works really hard to support his team and is very dependable!

Joe Posted over a year ago

Levi has been a support to me as well! Kind, Caring, filled with Joy!