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Kelly Eagan

Position: Building Secretary
School: McNair Elementary School
School District: Hazelwood School District
City, State: Hazelwood, MO

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Kelly Eagan was nominated by her principal, Jennifer Roper.

Ms. Eagan is the first face people see when they enter McNair Elementary School. She is joyful, helpful, and full of positivity. Ms. Eagan believes that customer service comes first and works to make sure every student, parent, community member, staff member, and visitor feels special. She is always there to assist anyone in need. 

Ms. Eagan is one of the most giving people one could meet. Whether she's catering lunches for staff or volunteering in the community, she is a true leader and role model for students. She even works with a leadership family of several K-5 students each month. As the building secretary, she could easily stick to answering phones and sending emails, but instead she invests in her school and community. She wants to be involved with students and families. You'll see her at school events such as the spring carnival, and she also represents her school at community functions. She'll walk new students or families around the building so they get to know the faculty.

She is honest, hard-working and gives selflessly each day to make someone else's day brighter. Outside of school, she works with a group of volunteers who raise money for families in need. Each year, the group raises tens of thousands of dollars that goes to new clothes and school supplies for kids in need. There is nothing off limits for her, and If there is a need, she is there.  

"The kindness she shows is a beacon of light at McNair, to all who work with her, and all who enter our school. I couldn't be more proud to consider her a LifeChanger," Roper said.

Comments (31)

Mackenzie Posted over a year ago

Kelly always makes your day brighter! She is kind, helpful, genuine, and cares for everyone! She is always going out of her way to make someone's day easier! Being a former student at McNair to now being in college I still have a lasting relationship with her! One of the many reasons McNair is a family! She is a blessing!

Angela Hoven Posted over a year ago

As a former parent and employee of McNair, you couldn't have nominated a better person for this honor. Kelly is amazing. Her genuine, caring, self makes anyone feel right at home when they enter that building! She does so much for the staff, students, and families of McNair. They are so blessed to have her!

Mr. Bill Posted over a year ago

You could not ask for a better person that is more deserving than this, my vote goes to Ms Kelly

Cheryl Heitzler Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Eagan is the glue that holds our school community together!! Whether it's a big project or a small project, you can always count on Mrs. Eagan to be there to tackle the project head on or lend a helping hand...smiling all the while. Mrs. Eagan is such a giving person...any given weekend you can find her volunteering for the numerous charities that are near and dear to her heart or spending time with her very large extended family. Kelly has a way of making everyone she comes in contact with feel special and important.

Katrina Brower Posted over a year ago

Just not to long ago Ms. Kelly shared her own breakfast of donuts with my daughter because somehow my daughter was left off the list for donuts with dad. She made my daughter feel special, and so much better that day. My daughter was so excited to tell me after school how she got to sit with Ms. Kelly and eat her breakfast with her in the office with nobody else. It made her day! Ms. Kelly is an amazing woman, and our family loves her so!

Wendy Bresnahan Posted over a year ago

No one deserves it more than Kelly Eagan. Her profile is just the tip of the iceberg of how she is a life changer in so many ways. She makes everyone she meets feel special.

Tracy Pruett Posted over a year ago

Kelly is a wonderful person that always thinks of others first.

Ann Farajallah Posted over a year ago

Kelly is one of the most giving people I know. She goes above and beyond for anyone in need. She is sure to brighten anyone's day that she comes in contact with. She has truly made an impact on my life.

Joe Eagan Posted over a year ago

I am incredibly Be blessed to be able to share Kelly with McNair, Florissant and the whole world. She is always thinking of everyone but herself. She truly sees the best In everyone she meets. She makes every one truly feel loved an important.Volunteering for countless events and committees such as Valley of Flowers, Ferdinand BBQ committee, Race to the Shrine! She is a true gem.

Shannon Posted over a year ago

Kelly is a very kind hearted person. Well known in the Hazelwood school district and Florissant/Hazelwood community for her giving nature. Volunteering her time and efforts to helping others.

Kevin Gibbs Posted over a year ago

She is truly a life changer not just at work.She cares about family an friends. Asking if there is anything she can do in times of need and meaning it.

Thomas Baird Posted over a year ago

She always goes out of her way to help everyone. Proud to be a bus driver out of McNair elementary

Nancy Farajallah Posted over a year ago

Kelly is truly the spoke of the wheel. She is always there to give whatever support is needed, whether it be at work, in the community or family, you can count on her to be the first to offer help. Kelly, you are a very special person and a great sister!

Nick Scott Posted over a year ago

Being new to McNair last year Mrs. Eagan made me feel welcome and part of the McNair family within minutes. She has now been secretary to both of my children always smiling and greeting them in the morning. She is by far the rock of our building supporting us ALL. Dr. Roper said it right. She is a beacon brightening our day. Thank you Mrs. Eagan for spreading your positivity.

Randi Kay Alwardt Posted over a year ago

Kelly is truly amazing! She knows an answer to every question! She helps McNair run smoothly day in and day out!

Christina Benoodt Posted over a year ago

My kids have both attended McNair and Kelly is the positive presence we see every time we walk into that building. Her passion for what she does and her caring ways with my children have made our elementary school days full of comfort every day we drop them off. Even as a parent, Kelly always takes the time to ask how I am doing which makes McNair feel like a family!

Tracey naughton Posted over a year ago

Kelly radiants with positive energy and it spreads to everyone she comes in contact with! I never worried about anything with my kids at school because I knew she had things taken care of. She’s an amazing person!

Judy Heuring Posted over a year ago

Ms. Eagan is the most dedicated, helpful and caring person. She helped to organize and set-up food for my family after the death of my Mother. She stayed and helped during her visitation to make sure everything was alright. Then after the funeral she helped pack up the food and cleaned up. She helps students, teachers and staff members in numerous ways. One way is she always makes sure to greet us with a smile and her positive attitude. If you need anything she will help you or find out who can. She donates her time to our community by assisting at the carnival, Girls on the Run practice race, school garage sales and staff luncheons, which are her specialty. She is a true role model for showing others how to be kind to one another. Ms. Eagan is an ambassador for McNair School and her community.

JZ Posted over a year ago

We are blessed to have an amazing woman in our lives!

Debbie Nanney Posted over a year ago

Kelly is one amazing woman! She juggles so many hats throughout her day every day! Then goes home and gives tirelessly to her community. Well deserved accolade!

Monticelli Family Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kelly is an amazing person and an amazing asset to McNair. She is always the first person to greet me when I come in and when she does it's with a smile. I appreciate everything that she does for us, the parents and for the students and staff at Mcnair. Thank you, Ms. Kelly!!

Rachel Garcia Posted over a year ago

Ms. Eagan is one of a kind! She always has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. She shows genuine compassion for all McNair students, their families, and our community. She is a huge part of what makes McNair such a special place and she will always hold a special place in our hearts. We love you Ms. Kelly!

Wendy Toettcher Posted over a year ago

My kids have gone here for years and she is awesome! Always helpful and friendly!!!

Tricia Fitzgerald Posted over a year ago

Kelly is simply amazing!! She is always so helpful and so very sweet to everyone. She makes every student feel special. It's always a pleasure to walk into the office and have her there. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award!!!

Steve Woodridge Posted over a year ago

Kelly Eagan has been so helpful and so nice to our family since we contacted McNair about signing our daughter up for kindergarten. We love her so much! Anytime I call the school about anything, I know I’ll get what I need answered from Ms. Eagan. She is a Godsend!

Marguerite Mondello Posted over a year ago

Not only is Ms.Eagan devoted to the teachers and students but her commitment to her community is endless. She is involved in the Valley of Flowers and innumerable fund raisers.

Liz Tabaka Posted over a year ago

This woman is so wonderful, she could be the patron saint of McNair Elementary. She is not only unflinchingly professional under all circumstances, she is eternally positive and enthusiastic to teachers, students, and families. She is supremely savvy, but her skill-set encompasses not just administration (yes, the schools runs as it does because of her) but her kindness, empathy, and loving personality is the "soft spot" every child, family, and beleaguered staff member and principal so dearly need. She literally makes a difference in the community. What a "saint" she is!!!

Stephanie Nolan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Eagan is a warm welcoming person, and always greets you with a smile. She is always up beat and very helpful with what ever you may need. When asking my daughter (2nd grade) about her, she said "O' I really like her, she is a very nice woman!!" McNair is lucky to have her.

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

Kelly is the one person in the school that makes it feels like a small town school. I appreciate her for that. I also appreciate having a familiar face in the office still there from when my oldest boys were there 12 years ago. She deserves this award and I couldn't be more proud to be part of the McNair family.

Kelly Quirke Posted over a year ago

Kelly is the sweetest and most outgoing person. I have dealt with her for the 6 yrs my daughter was at McNair on a daily basis. I now have another daughter that started kindergarten and after seeing Kelly it makes me feel good to know that she is still there. Her smile is so contagious. She is thoughtful and caring to everyone’s situation. This is a well deserved award for an awesome person.

Andrea Hopkins Posted over a year ago

Love that she has been nominated. It's such a nice feeling walking in the school and seeing her right when you walk in, she's always smiling and in a good mood. Mrs. Eagan has answered so many questions for me before the school year even started, and helped me figure out what I needed to do to become a HSD volunteer. ??much love for this woman from a mcnair family. My vote goes to Mrs. Eagan