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Rebecca Johnson

Position: Data Manager
School: Perry Harrison School
School District: Chatham County Schools
City, State: Pittsboro, NC

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Rebecca Johnson's nominator wishes to remain anonymous.

Perry Harrison School has over 700 students, and Mrs. Johnson knows every single one of them by name. Her position is the school's data manager, but she wears many hats. She often acts as a nurse and brings medications to students who need them. She helps parents with information on buses and after school care, and she attends after school events, even though she has two children of her own.  

Ms. Johnson helps teachers with a myriad of tasks such as laminating items needed for the classroom and making sure their grade book is set up correctly.  She supplies snacks for students who could not afford a snack or left theirs at home. Additionally, she is the first voice most people hear when they call the school.

Comments (24)

Vicky Leary Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to a you. I know it is well-deserved.

Ellen Reich Posted over a year ago

Rebecca has been my daughter's cheer coach for many years. My daughter started in elementary school and is now captain of her high school cheer squad. Rebecca was instrumental in encouraging my daughter to continue with cheer when she did not make the Jr high squad in 7th and 8th grade. My daughter wanted to quit but Rebecca continued to encourage her while she cheered for a football team not associated with the school system My daughter continued her desire to cheer for school and made the cheer squad freshman year and now has cheered for her high school for four years and is captain her senior year This recommendation has nothing to do with Rebecca's day to day job. I just want you to know that even in her volunteer roles Rebecca gives 100% and cares for each individual. Go Rebecca!!

Cameron Vernon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Johnson has been a cheer coach and mentor for the young ladies at Northwood High School for numerous years. She comes to practices,games, and events with an infectious smile. She brings a positive attitude daily and it rubs off on her cheer squad. As an Athletic Director I know that we can always count on her and that our students are being taken care of. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Johnson in our athletic program and there is nobody more worthy of this award.

Ginger Light Posted over a year ago

Rebecca wears many hats here at Perry Harrison School.She's the nurse, the listener, the problem solver, the data clerk, the message runner, the front desk greeter, and a friend. The list goes on. Rebecca is always willing to help us teachers when we need it. She is always trying to solve problems for us (and we have a lot of them). As a teacher I go to her for everything, even though I know what I'm about to ask her she doesn't do. She always gets me the answer or points me in the right direction. I love seeing her smiling face or hearing her cheerful voice on the phone. She turns a bad day into a good one. Rebecca, thank you for all you do!!!! We would be lost without you.

Kimberly Vickers Posted over a year ago

Ms. Johnson is truly a representative of what makes our school a school family. She begins everyday by greeting every student, staff member or visitor with a smile and helping them with whatever need may arise. She carries that same positive attitude throughout the day until she has seen that the last person that needs her help has been taken care of no matter how many things may come her way. It is obvious that Ms. Johnson is one of the most dedicated and caring people that will support and assist students, parents, visitors, and staff everyday.

Donna Stevenson Posted over a year ago

Rebecca not only has numerous responsibilities at Perry Harrison but she does them all with a smile! Rebecca goes over and beyond the expectations of a data manager, and does so with such positivity! I owe her a great deal of appreciation for all she does to make my day run smoothly!

John Heath Posted over a year ago

Ms. Johnson exemplifies positivity, professionalism, and patience. As she oversees the registration process for new students, she is often the first person with whom new students and families interact. In this role, she is always very welcoming, answering any questions and addressing any concerns those new families may have. She takes great care to get to know all of the families served by the school. Ms. Johnson stays until the work is complete. She has gone above and beyond by bringing clothing to school for those students that may need it, as well as planning the annual student dance. In addition to her work at Harrison Elementary, she also serves as a cheerleading coach at Northwood High School, which Harrison Elementary ultimately feeds into. Harrison Elementary is very fortunate to have someone of Ms. Johnson’s dedication and commitment! We are thankful for all that she contributes to the greater school community.

Rachael Norris, School Social Worker Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is a jack of all trades, and master of many! She knows all of the Perry Harrison families by name, and goes above her duties as a data manager. She sees each child as a whole, with many moving parts. She works closely with the school social worker when enrolling families with unique situations. Rebecca is an integral member of the Perry Harrison team!

Debbie Minor Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is amazing! She helps me daily with data needs like the birthday list every month, students enrolling and leaving, how to use just about anything and so much more. She has been great from day one and I don't want to contemplate a day without her!

Christina Doyle Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Johnson is a person we all hope to know. She is knowledgeable about everything Perry Harrison, she helps solve every challenge no matter what she is working on, and as much as she knows and helps the staff she does it ten-fold for every child at PHS. There's no one more qualified to earn such a fantastic honor as Rebecca Johnson.

Ann Laros Posted over a year ago

I have been so impressed with Mrs. Johnson and her positive attitude as well as helpful demeanor. She not only works hard at her job in Perry Harrison, but also dedicates A LOT of her after school time to the JV cheerleaders at Northwood. The cheerleaders are lucky to have her too! She definitely deserves this award!

Rhonda Batten Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is always positive, caring, and ready to help with so many tasks. Each and every time I have needed something she is right there with an immediate response no matter how busy she may be. I appreciate everything she does on a daily basis for the students, staff, parents, and community of Perry Harrison Elementary.

Melissa Hodge Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is one of the most kind, organized, helpful people I have ever met. From the moment we return to the building she is welcoming and even though she is endlessly busy she always takes the time to help teachers out whether it is printing, helping change the laminating, getting all of the class lists completed, answering questions. You name it she does it. During Kindergarten assessments she has name tags ready for the new faces, missing files ready for the parents to complete, and greets each and every parent and child that enters our doors. By that time she usually already knows each of the kids names/faces! If a teachers needs something she gets it or does it, always with a smile on her face. She helps the school run like a well oiled machine.

Maura McKeon Posted over a year ago

Rebecca goes above and beyond each day to make sure her students and staff have what they need. She always has a smile on her face and always seems to be one step ahead of the game. Our school continues to grow and Rebecca knows all of our students and families. We are all lucky to have her on our team!

Nancy Lepine Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is easy to communicate with and she is always professional. Rebecca treats both staff and students with respect and is always willing to "go the extra mile". We are lucky to have her here at Perry Harrison!

Susan Brannum Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is amazing. If I could clone her for anything or everything in this world, she would make it great!!! I work in the front office with her. She knows all 700 students in the school, parents, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents etc. etc. She learns everything so quickly and rarely makes a mistake !!!! She handles everything in a professional but kind and caring manner. This is very busy place, but Rebecca never seems rattled or bothered by any issue that arises. She also has a great family which represents her very well. Mother, Daughter, Daughter in Law, Wife, School Administration Staff-wonderful in every way and everyday!!!

Jennifer Hawkins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Johnson is a great person. She always tries to great you with a smile and help you even if she is extremely busy. Perry Harrison runs smoothly greatly in part to Mrs. Johnson. She deserves this nomination.

Diana Bowling Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is an amazing source of knowledge, helpfulness and service to our entire school! When I go to her for advice, I come away with new ideas and ways to do my job better. Our school, from students to staff, have all benefitted greatly from having Rebecca on our TEAM!!

Debbie Via Posted over a year ago

In addition to knowing every child, parent, grandparent and staff member by name, Rebecca truly knows us all. She has a smile and a kind word for every single person she sees throughout her very busy day. No matter how busy she gets, she always has time to help or answer questions with patience and caring. If I ever need to know anything about one of my students, she is my go to person! She is a shining example of everything you dream your school staff to be!!!

Ashley Bologna Posted over a year ago

I know I would not survive one week without Rebecca! Rebecca is always one step ahead of the game and ready to drop what she is doing to help a PHS staff member. THANK YOU REBECCA!!

Leann Munoz Posted over a year ago

Ms. Johnson does MANY things at Perry Harrison on a daily basis to help make it a great day for everyone including students, parents, administration and teachers. She is always a step ahead of everyone and is amazing at what she does every day. She goes beyond what is required on a daily basis. Her thoughtfulness and positive attitude make her a joy to work with - we are blessed to have her at PHS.

Abbey Will Posted over a year ago

Ms. Johnson has always been warm and welcoming. As a first year teacher, it is always nice to begin your day on a happy note. She is very gracious to our school and we are fortunate to have her on PHS staff!

Erin Boecke Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Johnson makes my life easier on a daily basis. She always gets needed information to me immediately with a smile.

Mrs. Prickett Posted over a year ago

Rebecca is awesome at what she does. She has never let us down when it comes to big or small tasks. If I have a question she is always happy to answer or go out of her way to help! It is truly amazing how fast she learned the students names and their quirks. She really is one-of-a-kind!!