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Ethan Martin

Position: Choir Teacher
School: Morton High School
School District: Scott County School District
City, State: Morton, MS

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Ethan Martin was nominated by an anonymous parent.

"I have a child in choir. They weren't very happy about taking choir because it wasn't the 'cool' thing to do," said the nominator. "They did not even sing in the choir in our small church. I was thinking that it would be easier than studying for a general music class. After being in choir for a short while, they love Mr. Martin's class. He requires respect and for students to do their best. They have performed at school events, and it is always outstanding. We have not had a choir program in our school for quite some time. He has done really well with our students. He always has positive things to say. He makes a point when we are out in public to speak and mention how glad he was to see us. I am so glad that he is employed at Morton High School!"

Comments (27)

Charlotte Beatty Posted over a year ago

Mr. Martin has made a huge impact on my child. He’s changed so much about the program since his arrival. His willingness to work with children who have little to no confidence in their abilities amaze me. Great job!! I look forward to the many new exciting things that I know he will bring. Thank you for all that you do!

Stephanie Goss Posted over a year ago

Mr. Martin has been so wonderful for our school! The students adore him. We, his colleagues, respect and admire his work ethic, enthusiasm, encouragement, and support. He definitely deserves this award!

Sarah Posted over a year ago

So proud to see Ethan being recognized for all that he does in his community and for his kids!

Linsey Smith Posted over a year ago

As Ethan’s former teacher, I am so proud of his accomplishments and dedication to his students. By implementing a show choir program, he’s given these kids the opportunity to learn and grow through performing arts. It’s remarkable what he’s done in such a short period of time! Very proud! ??

Sherri M. Wilkerson Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of the incredible job Ethan is doing at our high school ! He is the total package in Music Education . He is responsible for a nearly nonexistent program to blossom into something we can all be proud of . Ethan is a hidden treasure ! Please , Lord, bless him greatly !

Lea Denson Posted over a year ago

Morton is so blessed to have such a loving and dedicated teacher such as Mr Martin.

Becky latham-Dawson Posted over a year ago

I have known Ethan for a while now and I can honestly say that he is a honest and good man! Morton is so blessed to have his presence there! Any award that comes his way is very deserving!

Paula Carbaugh Posted over a year ago

Mr. Martin is so deserving of this award. He goes above and beyond for his students. He truly cares about his students and their futures. Music is his passion and he puts his heart and soul into each and every day.

Frances Bigby Posted over a year ago

I worked with Ethan and saw firsthand his love for, and dedication to, his students! He is indeed a lifechanger!

E. Foy Posted over a year ago

Ethan is very enthusiastic about his job and he definitely cares about his students! He wants to see them succeed and does his best to give them the skills they need to do that!!

Stacie Phillipson Posted over a year ago

We love Mr. Martin! He has brought out a side of my children that they didn’t know they had. Their performances are always great!

Erma Posted over a year ago

I believe Ethan Martin is the best nominees for this. He is a very outstanding young man. Go Ethan!!! B

Marsha Barnes Posted over a year ago

As a colleague of his and a veteran educator, I have seen firsthand just what type of impact he has made in his short time at MHS. I was a member of a vibrant choir program years ago at MHS, and I've often told Mr. Martin that he reminds me so much of our former director. His passion / dedication to his students is so refreshing and a joy to watch. He is so deserving of this honor!

Tara McCrory Posted over a year ago

Mr. Martin is always trying to find new things for our students to be involved in and give them more opportunities. I love everything he has done and the life lessons he tries to instill in them each day!

Bobbie Gaile Rogers Posted over a year ago

Ethan, Mr. Bill and I are so proud of you and all that you have done for the students at Morton. You have completely turned the choral department around for the better!!!! Scott County is blessed beyond measure to have You on staff. Ethan, you have such a passion for what you do and it is contagious!!!! Thank you for making a difference.

Sydney Posted over a year ago

Music provides a safe outlet for students to express their emotions, celebrate their successes and grieve their failures. Music serves as a motivator to students to give their best effort while rehearsing, performing or striving in any other aspect of their daily lives. I am thankful for Ethan’s dedication to music, but even more importantly, I am thankful for his dedication to his students.

Happy Choir Mom Posted over a year ago

Mr. Martin genuinely loves our kids! He encourages them to be better even outside his classroom.

Glendolyn Crowell Posted over a year ago

Mr Martin is only a second year teacher. I was part of the former administration that hired Mr Martin. In his first year, he worked really hard to recruit students to join the choir as the school had not participated in choir for a couple of years. Mr Martin quickly built a rapport with students and offered many students who were not involved in other extra curricular activities an opportunity to join the choir. Mr Martin even encouraged students who had previously been discipline problems to join the choir as a way to belong and to be a part of a positive group. The choir quickly grew. The first performance was a Christmas concert where the school auditorium was to capacity. In the spring, Mr Martin approached the administrative team about the possibility of starting a show choir. Permission was granted and Mr Martin worked diligently to get all of the necessary paperwork and approval from MHSAA to start the show choir. Over the summer I relocated to a different school district, but I gave kept followed the progress of the show choir and regular choir at Morton High. Mr Martin is doing great things for these students involved in choir. He is definitely deserving of this award.

Margaret Bowman Posted over a year ago

Go Ethan!

Marcia purvis Posted over a year ago

Mr. Martin continues to move the choirs and music programs forward at Morton High School and Bettye Mae Jack Middle School. He is an awesome teacher and great role model for students.

Janet Brown Posted over a year ago

Ethan is not only a talented young man but an outstanding person who had touched the lives of so many kids in our school! He has encouraged so many children to make a difference in their school and community. He has opened doors for them in ways they would not have had the opportunity to do so!!! I am so proud of him and I thank him for the sacrifice he had made to make a difference at BMJ and MHS!!!

DIanne Bufkin Posted over a year ago

Ethan is a very talented musician who always expects the best of himself and his students. I’ve never seen him without a smile and a kind word. The choirs have done an excellent job under him. Morton Schools are blessed to have him.

Nikole Hilson Posted over a year ago

Love the work you are doing with these kids! Proud to see such an awesome music program back in our community! Our kids desperately need this outlet that you are giving them.

Erin Hicks Posted over a year ago

Ethan has a special personality that has stood out since I first met him! He truly loves and cares for his students and that’s something that isn’t questioned. He gives not only his time and attention to his students during school hours, but also gives of his time and self after hours as well. Ethan truly deserves to be recognized! He is the type of teacher all parents pray their children will be taught by. I’m thankful to know Ethan!

Amelia Brashier Posted over a year ago

Ethan Martin is the best! He loves his students and his school! This is a picture of what teachers should look like- going above and beyond to make sure their students know they matter.

Lauren dent Posted over a year ago

Ethan is so deserving of this award!

Elizabeth Posted over a year ago

Ethan works harder than any teacher I know! He cares not only about the subject area taught but the students as a whole!